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i will no fall

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i will no fall

  • Rain will fall - I Mother Earth
    "Lookin' At the world go Trying to understand Electric wind blowin' like A demon fan Or a symphony of hatred Blowin angst Off an immaculate stage How tranquil is an ocean Before a storm Like a silent play"
  • Rain Will Fall - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "well, I'm sitting in my window watching all the teenes cruising in the street showing their minies and they shake what they've got up and down like a ball but I know they'll stop shaking when the rain"
  • Stars Will Fall - Aaron Shust
    "When there's no breath in my lungs to scream And there's no strength left inside of me When there's no light that my eyes can see I will say Your name, I will say Your name And stars will fall like rain All"
  • Cities Will Fall - Elysian Fields
    "Born of your rib was my first catacomb Back raging inside you I finally felt home How could I prepare for the final feedback Now I'm scanning the heavens and ballin the jack We traded our secrets, melted"
  • Sky Will Fall - The Bluetones
    "You refuse to leave the house. Not chancing stepping out. The air seems so unclean. Away from judging eyes, that seem to pierce the night. Youd rather not be seen. Well Im the same as you, I like to stay"
  • Raindrops Will Fall - Tamyra Gray
    "There's a time for every star to shine and a place for ever-ry dream to see the light when you have everything you dont need another reason to be something nooooo hold on and look to your faith can't"
  • Rain Will Fall - Silverstein
    "It was just another day Cars were driving by and people lined the streets We were walking side by side But there was something on my mind And I couldn't bear to walk another step with this inside The"
  • Fall - Brandy
    "Fall, fall, fall fall, fall, fall Fa-fa-fall I wanna lose myself with love Let you have me completely If I give you all my trust Can I just, let me go, let me not, be afraid To let you find my way Cuze"
  • Fall - The Psychedelic Furs
    "you will have a dress of white you will have a ring of gold you will have a paper snow we'll fall see the wall the wall is black we will have a heart attack we will be alone and we'll fall we'll fall we'll"
  • Fall - The Saturdays
    "I gave you all you desiredAll that you neededBoy I providedI let you into my head into my bedAnd that's a privilegeI had your back in the answersYou took the dollarsI took the chancesDefended battled and"
  • Fall - Suzy Bogguss
    "Said I wouldn't but here I am about to Follow my heart off these cliffs again Leave good sense and caution On the ledge behind me I just want to feel that rushing wind Stop all this double guessing After"
  • Fall - Lita Ford
    "(Ford/Holiday,Carter, Dennison) Words are spoken, swallowed in vain Slowly, Im choking I cough it up, cough it up, cough it up again Familiar, familiar Laughing, laughing at the man who Never had"
  • We Will Fall Together - Streetlight Manifesto
    "I once knew a guy, obsessed with the afterlife Oh what a terrible day that was, he realized he'd wasted all his time Time was ticking by, and he'd been left behind And as the clock tick-tocked his heart"
  • The Curtain Will Fall - At Vance
    "I can see right thru your evil eyes I never knew that you're the devil in disguise The game you've played as far beyond the rules we've made Now that we're thru all your excuses are too late Getting closer"
  • And Ashes Will Fall - Deadstar Assembly
    "Pushing everything away Existence hollow and vague I'm nothing that I used to be As you witness this unraveling If I could only let you in If I could only let you in to Follow me Follow me down Comfort"
  • The Cradle Will Fall - Skyclad
    "A species in its infancy--a living idiosyncrasy, This 'naked ape' believes itself divine. Assured of its supremacy--it dreams of immortality, The first words that it speaks--"This world is mine." But the"
  • Will She Just Fall Down - 'Til Tuesday
    "I'd like to take her home But no one walks where she does She goes into the cold Wearing two unmatched gloves Is it that (a change of scene is all she needs) Maybe it's (something she works out alone) And"
  • Will she just fall down - Aimee Mann
    "I'd like to take her home But no one walks where she does She goes into the cold Wearing two unmatched gloves chorus: Is it that (a change of scene is all she needs) Maybe it's (something she works out"
  • I will not fall for you - Taproot
    "Well I hear a voice of faithResonate a belief in choice with no way to escapeIt's a play to weaken the sense of joy ans bury usSeparates the good of evilPlacing shame on helpless peoplestabbing hate infectious"
  • Teardrops Will Fall - John Mellencamp
    "(Dickey Doo / Marion Smith) I read your letter and tears filled my eyes All of your promises fading, was nothing but lies So I turned your photograph over, face to the wall And when I dim the lights"

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