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i will return Paul Walker

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i will return Paul Walker

  • Paul - Smoking Popes
    "With all the simple times behind me I can fail without regret If I have to try then I will never Be able to forget Bottoms down And out of reasons to hang around And when the sun is over Hong Kong I can"
  • I Will Return - Skylar Grey
    "When you close your eyes, You can see the day rewind, All the laughs and stupid fights, You and I we roll like thunder in the skies. Just like a party breaks at dawn, It never stops for long. I will return,"
  • I Will Return - Gamma Ray
    "I'll be back I know that you know That they'll never care About the spirit of our freedom In a world that's meant to share And you know that I know It's time for rebirth When it's cold and full of darkness and"
  • I Will Return - Dominici
    "On Wall Street the players all practice the art of the deal In L.A. the freeway puts drivers to sleep at the wheel The hum of the jet planes that rattle the windows below These people have so much to learn,"
  • Midnight Walker - Norther
    "I am here again when the day is done I'm back again to steal your life and I won't go away Tonight's the night to die you can try to run but you will die The end end is near look at me you'll feel"
  • Tightrope walker - Clan Of Xymox
  • Tightrope Walker - Xymox
    "Slow days falling, one by one It is an endless cycle All things around me are holding their breath It is speechless, I wonder I build up walls of thoughts to keep this pain out It is so hard to imagine"
  • Shadow Walker - Mekong Delta
    "He was thinking it out and started writing it down the crazy thoughts in his head He was on a roll to find his self control but it was taking it's toll instead Meanwhile outside as the normal crowd did"
  • Doom Walker - Bobaflex
    "Warning, warning the planet earth is under attack run for your fucking lives Verse Now, now begins the invasion Stay in attack formation Blast every human in your sights Rape this planet"
  • Sleep walker - Flyleaf
    "My spirit is willing but my flesh is weakMy eyelids grow heavy and I might just fall asleepWalking around in my sleepRunning into walls I cannot seeFalling and scraping up my faceIgnoring the softest spoken"
  • Skin Walker - W.A.S.P.
    "Show me once more, I cannot hide Cause I am here now but I'm lost inside Voices I hear but cannot see Cause I will never be free No good, darkened through, I walk this line Skin walk my darkness,"
  • White Walker - Mastodon
    "Will them White Walkers? Will them all dead? Linker … winter He's rebels … Hide away your children Then hide away yourself Dig deep into mountain Dig far beyond the sky They come down They come down"
  • Sleep walker - ICP
    "Welcome everyoneNate it's good to see you backPeople we have a new member todayI'd like you to meet himHe's gonna stand up and tell usWhat's going on with him andWhat he wants to change about himselfIf"
  • Return - Place Of Skulls
    "Last night I lay dreaming Of days and nights gone by My heart was drowning Underneath a bridge of sighs. Return to Me, Return to Me my child Return to Me Return to Me my child I wept within a vision"
  • Return - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Wonder where that plane is leading to Wonder where that boat will ever stop Wonder if this path I am treading Will disappear and let me drop Down to a hell that's surely waiting Down to the hell I know"
  • Walker - Lady Pank
    "Korytarzem Gdynia - GdańskPromenadą Gwiazd idzie człowiekI nie pytaj go kim jestWydra to czy pies - co ma w głowieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie dziwi goI tak idzie sobieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie"
  • Return - Phil Joel
    "It feels like we just started It all begins today To be a victor Not a victim unguarded Nothing 'round here Looks quite the same Though the scars remain You have been so good to me And I will return You"
  • You will return - Mutton Birds
    "It's a big flat land And it's right next door Strong strong coffee Pimps and whores The heat comes down Like a hundred suns Girls with tans Cops with guns Oh Susannah Don't you cry for me Just come on"
  • They Will Return - Kalmah
    "Rhythm of wings in the sky so high Music in my ears I can't wait to see I' m hiding in the grass death in my hands Surprise is my only defence My private war against wilderness Human mastermind versus"
  • Pirates Will Return - Visions Of Atlantis
    "I have chased a million signs But felt it deep inside The truth was right in front of my eyes Fate is my own to create And power's all it takes I had to set the sails by myself And I sing my song at"

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