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i will waiting

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i will waiting

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i will waiting
  • Supernatural I Will Be Waiting
    "When darkness falls From golden skies And moments float Into the night When hours last While others pass When sunlight warms Your broken heart When happiness Is just a dream And all you've had Is gone When"
  • Natalise I Will Be Waiting
    "Missing you Thinking of the times we shared The secrets we bared And the love between Something I've never seen or felt before Things have broken since then And we have not spoken Can't we go back to yesterday? Till"
  • Place Vendome I Will Be Waiting
    "Yes, I can be such a humble man Can I make you understand You're a part of me that I must set free when the moment comes So what's the use of playing give and take When neither one of us can win? It's"
  • Gun I Will Be Waiting
    "Woman it's a wild life slow down Heaven is just a kiss away, bright lights Shining from above, cover me with love Angel, angel, she's falling from above I need you like I need a drug I want you to be"
  • Kelly Sweet I Will Be Waiting
    "when it hurts too much to pretend and when words flow inside your head you cant say what you really mean its not that easy if we never let each other know let the light shine in upon our souls we can"
  • Lisa Stansfield I Will Be Waiting
    "(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris) Tell me what you need to give Let me know if I should lead you on Take time to understand The magic in you Don't be frightened of the truth 'Cos the truth can only"
  • Porcupine Tree Waiting
    "Waiting... to be born again Wanting... the saddest kind of pain Waiting for the day when I will crawl away Nothing is what I feel Waiting... for the drugs to make it real Waiting... for the day when"
  • Kevin Gilbert Waiting
    "I'm waiting for the apple, I'm waiting for the fall I'm waiting for a renaissance to electrify us all I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me news of friends I'm waiting through the middle just to see"
  • Sugarbomb Waiting
    "Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring And I hope it will be you Hope it will be you Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting"
  • James Young Waiting
    "Waiting For my life to begin Can't you see the shape I'm in? Is it ever gonna start So that I can play my part? Can't hold on another day Will I always be just waiting? Anyway I cannot lose It's up to"
  • Xentrix Waiting
    "Just one short life No second chance To make of ourselves what we can The moving hands again advance & mould me into what I am Waiting, waiting Well understood but not controlled Forever here anonymous Whats"
  • Buddhuza Waiting
    "She said she was coming by the end of goddamn year, And I was waiting for this moment, I waited for this moment to arrive. Said she was staying for another bloody year, Still I was waiting for this moment, I"
  • Shakespear's Sister Waiting
    "And when you go away Don't let the red glow burn my eyes And if you make me pay to keep you Name your price And I'm just waiting I'm waiting And I'm just waiting You think you miss me I always made you"
  • Eric Carmen Waiting
    "(eric carmen) Once I could find my way But that was yesterday Believe me, it's not easy I am waiting Another day goes by You ask me why I cry Believe me, it's not easy I've been waiting all my life I"
  • Sugar Ray Waiting
    "Waiting for the night to start Waiting for the night to change your ways There are days missing in my week again And there's not a cloud in the sky But my view from the Hollywood Roosevelt Makes me feel"
  • Edyta Górniak Waiting
    "All my life I am waiting For something I can't find Every morning I wake up Tomorrow on your mind In decemver you ponder What april has in store Always waiting and waiting And wondering what for Thinking"
  • Strife Waiting
    "Reach back and release the power held in each The tools of knowledge we have received Our youth removed stripped of verity But a voice is crying out and we'll take it back... We'll take it back Take back"
  • Lunik Waiting
    "Trembling movements of his body Smoking all day, all day long Civilisation he doesn't like it But the strength to fight has gone Then he's talking of the future Of a better nicer world And his eyes begin"
  • Smaxone Waiting
    "Embraced by hate I see you going Down a path Of your own Nothing to control Or hold, youre alone I hear you talking to yourself like There's noone else in the world You can't be something you're not And"
  • Amatris Waiting...
    "Bound by endless sadness Bound by grief and violence Waiting for the end Waiting for salvation A shadow's standing above me And a voice's whispering to me Can you feel the breath of death? Can"

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