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i will walk together in the future not promised

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i will walk together in the future not promised

  • Promised - Walkabouts
    "Promise me my soul to keep. And promise me you'll never sleep. And promise me that when it's over, We will drink the whole world sober. Promise me that lines get drawn. Point no point to wish me"
  • Not Promised Tomorrow - Sunz Of Man
    "[ Hell Razah ] Your not promised tommorrow ( You know what Im sayin ) We are livin by the bottle ( The pages of life turn every day ) Be careful what you follow ( Word up, check this one ) Guns and clips,"
  • Life's Not Promised - Smokie Norful
    "Life is not promised to anyone There'll be a way I've got somethin' I wanna say I need to ask you some things about what life has offered you The ice, the cars, those things It really don't mean a thing What"
  • The Promised Land - Lillian Axe
    "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And every moment I'm awake I pray the Lord my soul to take. Now as I walk down this winding road, I need you to lighten the load. Hey,"
  • Tomorrows Not Promised To You - T-Bone
    "It's 3 in the morning I'm awaken by the sound of the doorbell Thoughts going through my mind Pitch black, my eyes are blind So I'm getting up to see whats happening I'm hearing voices so I'm creeping slowly Just"
  • The Promised Future Aeons - Dimmu Borgir
    "Erotic and dreamlike still in its mortal disguise A passionate ritual in the ruined gardens theatre The painted angels - Shadowed high above Once they gathered to worship at the picture of me Like a whisper"
  • Promised Tide - Toploader
    "Album: MAGIC HOTEL (2002) I can't believe what I have seen She is the one, though she don't know A girl that I know from a dream And I must find out where she's to go I get the feeling that we met before"
  • Promised Land - Silent Force
    "I have but, only one thing to say Not in the place that I wish to stay I knew from the time that I seen her face Nothing was said as I felt her embrace Ripped apart piece by piece away Emotion will hide"
  • Future - Jackie Boyz
    "Would you believe me if I told you That I can see into the future I'm not the type to feed you lies I will tell you the truth Fate has brought me to you Oh right. I'm your future I came from a thousand"
  • Promised Land - Edan
    "At the dungeon of brain pain I came With the cellulite plot from the megawatt mainframe With a suit made of electricity... With a suit made of electricity I ran through the Great Wall of China, convincingly That"
  • In The Future - Sparks
    "(Ron Mael) It's winter, it's raining You're tired, she's fainting You're bitter, she's brooding But don't be disenchanted 'Causs you can barley stand it The sweep and the grandeur The scope and the laughter The"
  • Will Not Bring Us Together - Jackopierce
    ""I am what I am and I am what I plan And the world that has gathered around me It seems quite grand In this world of motion mining I lay back on my fists But then I reach around your long black gown And"
  • The Promised Land - Artch
    "I feel a tremendous power affecting my body and soul It is the power rock'n roll It's in my veins, my blood's on fire It's able to satisfy all my desires (CHORUS) Come take my hand, come to the promised"
  • The Promised Land - Final Fantasy Series
    "Now here I stand Oh, in the morning sunshine, Dreaming only of the promised land. Somewhere, they say, beyond the great horizon, Lies a beautiful island. Everyone says he longs at heart for Shangri-La, But"
  • The Promised Land - Lyriel
    "Ahead I see the shoes Well-worn from all the land Gentle ones and kind As well as bleak and baleful ones We've seen Our journey through decades The auras of the world Are always suffusing our heads Faces"
  • The Future - Diddy
    "I can't hear you! I like it when you say my name ("The Fu-The Fu-The-Future-ture-ture-ture-ture...") Y'all gon' love me Feelin it's about to get ugly Inject this dose of the future Tap them veins, grab"
  • The Future - Joe Budden
    "How y'all feelin out there? maybe y'all ain't hear me... I said how is everybody feelin out there!?!? y'all aight? I'm feelin... Dub B is sooo soulfulllllll nah mean.. this is what you call mood muzik"
  • Promised Land - The Style Council
    "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Brothers, sisters, one day we'll all be free From fighting; violence; people crying in the street When the angels from above Fall down and spread their wings like doves We'll"
  • Promised Land - The Game
    "Sometimes I wonder Man, how long is it gon' be for my people to come out Man we strugglin, it's hard sometimes, but Tomorrow's better than yesterday, uhh (The Game) I was, born in the slums, struggled"
  • Together - Downset
    "I'm a let you know, check it Drop your guard, this time I come in peace healing bad blood, seeking foregivness and love, mad hyped to squash all beef and toy fuss, you rather turn your back but I'm asking"

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