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i wll never know

  • I Wll Follow - Fear Factory
    "I You said you needed me I was looking at myself I was blind, I could not see A boy tries hard to be a man His mother takes him by his hand If he stops to think he starts to cry Oh why If you walkaway,"
  • I never know - Ken Hensley
    "Never knew what time it was Till I saw you hanging around Never knew the time because My head was stuck deep In the ground Times were bad, had to be sad Times were cruel till I met you Hadn?t had a life,"
  • I Never Know - Ala Boratyn
    "Nobody knows just how they can find you you got sand on your face on your feet the desert inside you you dont care if they not far behind they not within your view therez a place to the east in the sun where"
  • Never Know - Ashanti
    "oh, no,no,no, Now here it goes.. this is why i love(love you) this is why i care(i care) i'll never ever leave you(you) promise to be there... Did you get my message there was reply c'mon baby answer all"
  • Never Know - EMF
    "Oh Mother There's a hole in my side And comfort is only a need of mine And I get lonely At any chance that I might get Your arms can't hold what's going on inside And you'll see just what you want me to"
  • Never Know - Cypress Hill
    "You never know I just might die tonight so lets get hight tonight Might try to fight, some mothers cry tonight Cig in my right hand cause you hold tight to life But you ain't a bright man You know I"
  • Never Know - Brittany Kusserow
    "I used to have a dream to unite poor and rich. This was not a part of it, this muggy bayou that bleeds. It's hard to tell your friends from your enemies when all are shouting out for peace but only some"
  • Never Know - Jack Johnson
    "I heard this old story before Where the people keep on killing for their metaphors But don't leave much up to the imagination So I want to give this imagery back But I know it just ain't so easy like"
  • Never know - D-Side
    "You, left with suitcase in hand, unplanned, you knowThat you, should have left me a note, so I'd understandMaybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm rightBut it's at this point you should start to cryCoz if you start"
  • Never Know - Pennywise
    "With so much bullshit what can you believe So many lives all divided by greed No way to stop no way to erase what we all cannot face Sometimes the thunder it slowly creeps in makes us all wonder where"
  • I Never Will Know - Tanita Tikaram
    "Keep sun in, some faces Keep warm inside I'll take it, I'll make it The days you pride yourself on He won't be eager-making Or make some peace with you Well, I saw it I know it's true It should be Some"
  • You'll Never Never Know - Platters
    "(You'll never know) You'll never never know I care You'll never know the torch I bear You'll never know it for I won't show it Oh no, you'll never never know (You'll never know) You'll never never see"
  • I Know I'll Never Leave - The Zutons
    "There's something going on round here, inthis neighbourhood But what it is I'm not quite sure, in this neighbourhood I just can't put my finger on, what makes me bite my nails And later on I'll feel"
  • I Guess I'll Never Know - Clawfinger
    "After all these precious years you chose to just give in why did you leave so many things undone I only scratched the surface of the thoughts you had within and for me your life had just begun Why did"
  • You Never Know - Solid Base
    "You tell me that I am gonna fail but you 4x Never know, never know, never know Never know. You never know Take a chance, think of what you do Ain't no time to play around Make a way for a better"
  • You Never Know - Mario Winans
    "Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh babe, oh baby, oh Why the things seems so different to me? I remember how, it used to be. A hug and a kiss, what happened every day? But now it seems that everything has"
  • You never know - Goldfrapp
    "How long nowHow long nowI love youSteel painted eyesFeels like snowChange my headDays so longYou never know, you never knowYou never knowYou never know, you never knowYou never knowJust how long it will"
  • You'll Never Know - Mindy McCready
    "I bought a new red dress to lift my spirits up And just like you did, honey, it cost me way too much Next time you see me, I'll bet you'll take a second look You'll wonder why I look so good You'll never"
  • I'll Never Know - Elvis Presley
    "How many stars are in the sky, I'll never know What fire lights a firefly, I'll never know What happens to this heart of mine each time you hold my hand Sometimes the things we love the most We never"
  • You'll Never Know - Diana Krall
    "You'll never know just how much I miss you You'll never know just how much I care And if I tried, I still couldn't hide my love for you You ought to know, for haven't I told you so A million or more times? You"

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