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i would do evry thing for love


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i would do evry thing for love

  • I Would for You - Chris LeDoux
    "Darling, I need my freedom I've been my own man so far I never felt so free 'til I got wrapped up in your arms I know the heartaches Love can sometimes put you through Opening up my heart as the last thing"
  • I would do anything for love - Meat Loaf
    "And I would do anything for love,I'd run right into hell and back,I would do anything for love,I'll never lie to you and thats a fact.But I'll never forget the way you feel right now- Oh no - no way -"
  • To Evry Girl To Evry Boy - Johnnie Ray
    "Walkin' My Baby Back Home -Artist: Nat King Cole -peak Billboard position #8 in 1952 -Words and Music by Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert in 1930 -charted in 1931 by Nick Lucas (#8), Ted Weems (also #8), the Charleston -Chasers"
  • Love thing - Jimmy Barnes
    "Went to the doctor to see what he would say Told him I couldn?t sleep, my heart was racked with pain Broke out in a cold sweat lying in my bed My mouth was dry, my fever high had a spinning in my head"
  • What Would I Do - Janna Long
    "I was so lost For what seemed a lifetime My heart was broke inside and bruised But I prayed a prayer and just at the right time You reached for me, as I reached for You Now everything's changed here,"
  • Things I Would Do - B5
    "Yea, B5 These are things I'd do you for you baby First time I stop I get myself a brand new whip an Make sure it's sittin on something, make sure it's a vision Hit the ATM get my pockets swell So I"
  • I would do anything - Kenny Loggins
    "Love, where are we going, And when do we reach the promise on the horizon, Out on the ocean, under a sunset, I was invited to come out and play a while with magic and move a mountain. Has anyone ever captured"
  • Somethin' I Would Do - South Park
    "(SPM) I ain't got the last two sentences to this verse (Grimm) Then just freestyle it (SPM) Alright, I can do that First Verse (SPM): Bring it back, drop the top on the 'Lac Screw put the tap on the"
  • Somethin' I Would Do - South Park Mexican
    "I ain't got the last two sentences to this verse Then just freestyle it Alright, I can do that Bring it back, drop the top on the 'Lac Screw put the tap on the wet Fatback Got the black gat, can't"
  • I Would Do Anything For You - Foster The People
    "Never want to stand upon myself Never want to get in the way... I said it I don’t know what the plan is, but you can share with me, ‘Cause I’ll be a listening ear, to everything you say, I won’t turn"
  • I Would So Normally (Do This Kind Of Thing) - Brettell
    "Ask me why? (why...) I think this is most unusual, how can I even try to explain. Why tonight, I feel like clubbing, to the early hours of the day Cause I would so normally do this kind of thing I would"
  • What Would Love Do Now - Home Grown
    "My Angel Left On Broken Wings A certain cure for suffering and the side affects have torn my world in to A million pieces i cant fix a million questions i cant ask and i blame myself for leaving you alone with"
  • Babe i would do it - Tangarine
    "May the good lord bless and forgive all you've done tome.May you wake up and feel its good, but just not theway for me.And if you wanna share the moments than I'll put itdown this way,you gotta love me"
  • I would do for you - UB40
    "I didn't mean to be so late It's just that I got talking I had a drink with a couple of mates Missed my bus and wound up walking I tried to call and let you know It was busy and I couldn't get through"
  • (I Would) Die For You - Antique
    "Antique Miscellaneous (I Would) Die For You Kathisa kai skeftika Kai eida oti m'agapas Mono esi, mono esi Ola t'alla pseftika Mono i diki sou akgalia Me krata sti zoi 'Cause I would die for you Look into"
  • I would die for you - Garbage
    "I would die for you, I would die for you, I've been dying just to feel you by my side, To know that you're mine. I will cry for you, I will cry for you, I will wash away your pain with all my tears, And"
  • I Would Die For You - MercyMe
    "And I know that I can find You here Cause You promised me You'll always be there Times like these it's hard to see But somehow I have a peaceYou're near And I pray that you will use my life In whatever"
  • There's Not A Thing (I Wouldn't Do For You) - Eddy Arnold
    "I take a trip to the Moon in an old rockin' ship If I could be rewarded with a kiss from your sweet lips Cause there's not a thing I wouldn't do for you There's not a single little thing in this world"
  • Evry Time We Say Goodbyebg - Benny Goodman
    "The Flat Foot Floogey Slim and Slam Words and music by Slim Gaillard, Slam Stewart, and Bud Green, - Peaked at #2 for Slim (Gaillard) and Slam (Stewart) in 1938. - Also peaked at #7 for Benny Goodman"
  • Hardest Thing To Do - Droge Pete
    "For me, you'd swim the sea For you, I would too Ain't much to ask for, ain't much to give but I know ours is a love that could forgive Won't come to that babe, if you could have faith in me just like I"

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