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i,m gonna take my heart

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i,m gonna take my heart

  • Take My Heart - Phil Joel
    "Today's another day Let's forget about yesterday Tomorrow's another way To distract us from now So here we are The day is young What will be? What will become? I'm gonna let You decide I'll be me and"
  • Take My Heart - Me And My
    "How can people say That I have everything How can people think That my life is complete Without you I have nothing at all I wish I could go on without you But this road is so long They can take my house They"
  • Gonna Take It - John Butler Trio
    "Smile your lovely smile And tell me of tomorrows for a while And hold my hand And tell me, tell me, tell me you understand 'Cos I know your name And there ain't no one else I'd trust now with this shame So,"
  • You Gonna Break My Heart - Doro
    "Well you've watched the sun set on the seven seas dined in the company of killers and queens you think there isn't much that you haven't done you've tasted everything that can turn you on but there's an"
  • You Take My Heart - Young Deenay
    "Tell me what you want and Ill do it for you If the sky is grey Im gonna paint it blue If its starts to rain Im gonna make it shine Ill do what I gotta do just to make you mine Cause everytime you leave"
  • Take My Heart And Run - Bonfire
    "Tears fall like rain, can't you see them They keep me from closing my eyes Wounds always heal, Though they're bleeding Sometimes we just need to cry Don't tell me you're leaving, Don't call it destiny Desperate"
  • I\'m Gonna Change Everything - Kitty Wells
    "I'm gonna start with the hall take the pictures off the wall and burn 'em Move the chairs around take the window curtains down and burn 'em Everything I see reminds me you were here Yeah I'm gonna change"
  • Take My Heart - Triumph
    "Take my heart I lay it out before you in my song I play my part And hope against all hope You play along Take my heart Take this magic from my mind Take my heart Take the dreams you always Hoped to find CHORUS: Take"
  • Take My Heart - Chris Isaak
    "Take my heart (take my heart) There's no telling what this love can bring. This romance (this romance) I got a felling could bring everything. Don't be shy, Lift that chin and let me look at you (oh baby) What"
  • Take My Heart - Al Martino
    "Take my heart it's yours forever Tell me yours is mine alone Since we met I cans't forget you Love like this I've never known Every single beat tells a sad refrain Won't you please believe me Darling"
  • Take my heart - Band Ohne Namen
    "Take my Heart when you go 'Cause I don't need it anymore Take my heart when you go away I never thought that you'll leave And I take me But you've broken my believes I never thought that my life Could"
  • Take My Heart - Phil Wickham
    "Inside you shine amidst this broken daylight take this darkness that i might see your goodness my eyes are on the sky show me what you hold you are the light of my soul chorus: you have been the beauty"
  • Take My Heart - Birdy
    "Fallen so far Said you'd watch over my heart Your love was so real Too late to forget how you made me feel Tell me what I was supposed to believe Held me so close I could hardly breathe And now I can't"
  • Take My Heart - SoKo
    "You can take my heart for a walk on the beach You can take my heart for a little trip You can take my heart very close to your heart You can take my heart forever if you like But not every heart belongs"
  • Take My Heart - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "You say you're finished with love That you'll never love again as long as you live But believe me, you'll love me again If for once you find it in your heart to forgive Take my Heart I can undo all the"
  • Take My Heart - Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)
    "Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) No.1 Take My Heart Music & lyrics: g. gross, c. capek I never thought that you'd leave And not take me But you've broken my belief I never thought that my life Could just fade"
  • Take my heart - Corey Hart
    "Take me to the top againTake me to the high road shining'Cause you know I never seen the world like thatYou take me to the top againYou take me where it's slow and easy'Cause you know I never dream inside"
  • Take My Heart - Lisa Stansfield
    "Trust me when I say I've been waiting for this day Just look me in the eye and know that I want it this way Got a feeling of anticipation burning inside of me And I never felt so alive I'm shaking inside And"
  • Take My Heart - Code Red
    "I'm in love with a girl and she's you And I know this time that it's true So unique, so complete Unlike any love there's been And the loneliness I felt has gone Cos I know you care, and I swear I won't"
  • What's It Gonna Take? - Molly Hatchet
    "How many times have I waited for you Hoping that you'll just call And how many times have I wanted to hear Words you don't say at all. You know I try so hard But I can't get through I've got so much for"

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