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  • Icebreaker - Skinny Puppy
    "Passing ghosts heres the host Talk of nothing matters most Urban fracture whats the matter Only I am lost Rip blade doomsday cut string Away they go away Die love Icebreaker Are words misused Enough those"
  • Icebreaker - Velvet Viper
    "Good enough is never enough for youStay your courseIf you want to get throughNo memoriesExplaining loveTake a riskGive what youre gotIcebreaker, shes on her wayIcebreaker, shes on her way to your frozen"
  • Iceberg - Trash Can Sinatras
    "I can see them coming beating paths to my door Come to see me running my natural course - Iceberg At glacial pace - an unusual case Took to the streets, icebreaker sleek Through thaw and freeze, my life's"
  • Eisbrecher - Eisbrecher
    "Wenn der Nebel kommt Wenn dich die Klte beit Wenn der Sirenenschrei die dunkle Nacht zerreit Wenn die Hoffnung stirbt Wenn du den Kampf verlierst Wenn du des Teufels Hauch in deinem Nacken sprst Und es"
  • Wish You Were There - Frenzal Rhomb
    "It's time you went away for good No apologies I think you really should Always demonstrate your self righteous and Boring outlook now if in doubt Wish you were there It's probably not long before"

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