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idziem6 do kina
  • The Lovers Chodź ze mną do kina
    "z tą kobietą chciałbym szaleć dzień i noc mam na nią apetyt jak mało kto lecz jestem wstydliwy czasem tchu mi brak ale dziś podejdę i zapytam tak: choć ze mną do kina za nóżkę cię potrzymam potem do parku usiądziesz"
  • Sesame Street Kin Folk
    "spoken: Ernie: And now, we'd like to do a song about our roots. Bert: Ernie, we're gonna sing about trees? Ernie: No, Bert. By roots I mean family. Or, as we say here in the country, kin folk. Bert:"
  • Kartky Kochałem Cię (feat. Kina, Igrekzet)
    "opowiem jaki był plan zanim nie zostałaś suką najchętniej wyszeptam ci wszystko na ucho ty powiedz jak mogłaś to robić i chować extasy pod łóżkiem jak mogłem tego nie widzieć nie widzieć, patrząc w twe"
  • Krzysztof Kreft W Niemym Kinie
    "1. Tak, to ja, swoją rolę gram jak w czarno-białym filmie Tak, to dziś zakończy się znów nie happy-end'em Wiem, że Ty odejdziesz znów i stracę wszystko Powtarzam ten akt, próbuję na wspak wierzyć, że"
  • A Thorn For Every Heart Next Of Kin
    "Forgive. Remember the things I promised you. Forgotten to love, you know its true. I tumble then fall for you. The truth now lies in angry eyes. This time I'll pay the price. Pay the price to rise. These"
  • La The Darkman Wu-Blood Kin
    "Chorus: Ghostface Young Gods when you killed them guns you kill sons Can't get into the pen for murder one I rather be rich, lay back and spark that shit Killed now son of being hit by a bullet Verse"
  • Brathanki W kinie w Lublinie kochaj mnie
    "O świcie i o zmroku O świcie i o zmroku W południe, w nocy o świcie W Skarżysku i w Sanoku W Skarżysku i w Sanoku Ty mnie pokochaj nad życie W berecie, w czapce, chustce W berecie, w czapce, chustce"
  • Baez Joan A Stranger In My Place (3:07) (Kenny Rogers - Kin
    "Baez Joan Come From The Shadows A Stranger In My Place (3:07) (Kenny Rogers - Kin I see the town Where we were born, I see the place We were raised, I see all the things you wanted That I never gave. I"
  • Kina Girl From The Gutter
    "For all the things you said I'd never do For all the things you said that were untrue For all the times you made me feel alone Said I'd never make it on my own (chorus 1) Things are lookin' up for me"
  • Kina Still Here
    "And winter's coming God it's been a whole lotta years Time is moving faster it seems I can feel it Life is changed But I'm still here Had many lovers and been in love at least two times Couldn't seem"
  • Kina Loser
    "Ooh' Poor you Life is like shooting in the dark Oh, never had a fair shot You was angry heard you was less Could never mount to much So your head is high But inside, your spirit's low Poor you Blame"
  • Kina U Don't Know
    "Look at me I've become unpredictable U don't know what I'll do next I know it fucks with you cause U know me Easy to please By your side perfectly kept in line Well, I'm tired (I) underestimate"
  • Kina Have A Cry
    "Feelin' kinda low Oh, and that's not the worst part I just got a home, yeah Gettin' old and still wanna be a star Yeah, I'm feelin' low But don't come run to my rescue Please don't come to preach Don't"
  • Kina Stop
    "Ooh'yeah Finally got my shot What I've been dreaming Seems could finally come around, right But can't help feel time run out Just one push we wiped out Cause, oh, here we go, yeah Hell, I can see"
  • Kina Give And Take
    "Oh' This is no way to live Holdin on to the times called better We gotta fight everyday But still not wanting to say, "Let's end" And it's me you say that Never does the things you want me to do And"
  • Kina Insanity
    "No pressure, lesser each day Ain't gotta take it And no catch up, set my own pace Can't even feel the fear now Closer to the end now do what I feel, yeah Feels closer grip almost gone I'm feeling looser So"
  • Kina Grannis People
    "Swarms of people they move in every direction Some eyes they wander while others are just glued to their feet And how I wonder what goes on behind those eyes, There are lives, growing older and they're"
  • Kina Grannis Walk On
    "there's nothing more to say when its over could wait another day, but there's no more so please stop coming back to the matter let it be it will be better untie that little string on your finger and let"
  • Kina Grannis Too Soon
    "Sometimes it's hard to look you in the eye The mess I've created it stands idly by And I don't expect the dishes to do themselves But that sure would be nice Cause I am moving circles, falling back My"
  • Mase Do What Playas Do
    "Uhh (uhh) Wanna blow? (wanna blow? ) pretty tone (pretty tone) Suave house (suave house) eightball (eightball) tony draper (draper) All out (all out), murder (murder) Harlem world (harlem world), problem"

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