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if the world falls to pieces at least i'll be with you

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if the world falls to pieces at least i'll be with you

  • At Least - Kelly Price
    "Oh, hmm oh yeah, hmm, hmm, hmm I'm on my way back to Atlanta About to start a new life Cause' I can't take it here It seems like the more we fight The more pressure I'm in this lonely house Sitting high"
  • At Least We'd Have Today - Estradasphere
    "Soon, we'll know if we are gonna make it through If in this world, the one for me is you My time in this world is fleeting all the while Soon, we'll seperate the sorrow from the pain Tomorrow's nice,"
  • Pieces - Pressure 4-5
    "Take me right now Up your arm, right next to your ear So I can whisper So what if I now forgive you So what if you're not the one I have to rise above you And we must be moving on Take me down there Share"
  • Pieces - Natalie
    "Chyea Natalie Rob G Pickin' up the pieces of my life You know what I'm sayin' It's going from good to bad and bad to worse And now I got you so mad it hurts Here's some advice, check it To find"
  • At Least - Pea Sized
    "Some give you water, some give you wine. The ones you love might say goodbye. Nothing's forever and I don't know why. At least we can cry the whole night long. Babies are born and old people die."
  • Pieces - Hil St Soul
    "You beat up my heart and you pick at my brain tearing me to pieces You wear out my soul, and you naw at the bone of my contention Everything that I do ain't never good enough for you And everything that"
  • Pieces - Sevendust
    "Walk that crooked line, I see you try to beat the one step Into the middle of the circle, Try and try you ask me to answer, All the time I gave you a reason, (Why?) You want me to show you, (Why?) Ask"
  • Pieces - Anthrax
    "The sun is shining off his face again Another day to reflect, I hope you understand Looking for the sign that's let's me know That you're fine That you finally just found your way back home Feel you"
  • At Least It Was - Emiliana Torrini
    "I thought I saw you on the train I hid behind some men I had never seen you look so good I'm glad you're doing well I went out for a walk today To think of things unsaid Of course I found I'd said too"
  • At least i'm honest - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "I'd tell you a lie if I told you thatI wouldn't tell you the truthI'd stand in the way of a runaway trainIf it came towards youWell maybe not if there wasI'm a coward I have to confessBut at least I'm"
  • At Least A Chance - Viper
    "Four billion faces Are searching for their dreams Fighting for a better way Despite how hard it seems Oh! Do you remember Those words from long ago That inspired us to progress To make our future grow Life"
  • Empire Falls - Chris Thile
    "Chris Thile Miscellaneous Empire Falls I envy the quiet lives that for all I know don't exist Outside of a lazy book that won a Pulitzer Prize I picked up 'cause you said it opened up your eyes. I'm wired"
  • Girl Least Likely To - Morrissey
    "How many times have I been around ? Recycled papers paving the ground Well, she lives for the written word And people come second, or possibly third And there is no style, but I say "well done" To"
  • Be Gentle With Me - The Boy Least Likely To
    "Staring up into the solar system, All the stars are fixed up in the sky. I just want to sparkle for a moment Before I just fizzle out and die. I'm happy because I'm stupid. Scared of spiders, scared of"
  • Pieces - Exit 159
    "I watch you. I see you fall down on your face again. And you just lay there. It's all the same, It's all the same. But you're scaring me. I can barely see. Stop scaring me to pieces. And I can't live like"
  • Pieces - Allison Iraheta
    "(*Daniel James, Leah Haywood, Shelly Pieken) Maybe I'll need you, maybe I wont Well someday I want to, but right now I don't Is it so hard to understand I'm just a girl without a plan You hold on too tight We'll"
  • Pieces - Ascension Theory
    "Looking back My life in pieces Every triumph Every defeat Final mission To build a new world Away from danger A new beginning Free from sorrow Mission failure At my command A thousand lives Trapped in"
  • Pieces - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Don't cry, don't cry, precious eyes Even if you fall from sorrow, keep watching the truth Stay just the way you are I'm sorry to make that beautiful smile I love so much blur Even if I pray, the flow of"
  • World Falls Apart - D.O.A.
    "world falls apart, falls apart there's a mean streak in the air it's a hearttlessness that's being taught you read and hear about it and the safety net that's being dropped there's an old man rotting in"
  • My World Falls Down - Poor Old Lu
    "Arguably the most popular Lu song - at least in concert. 'My World Falls Down' was always a slight notch up in the 'distortion' department than most of our stuff, but still fit very well. The beauty of"

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