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if u and me

  • U And Me - Junior Senior
    "You and me C-c-can't you see It wasn't meant to be Just take my hand And you'll understand Woah! I'm not your man You and me C-c-can't you see It wasn't mean to be Just take my hand And you'll understand Woah!"
  • If U W/ Me - Trina
    "Chorus) If U w/ me girlfriend then wave your hands Slap a nigga wit a hundred just to show your grand Get them niggas f**k all U can I'm gettin' paid just to f**k a man (Verse 1) Im a bad ass bitch"
  • U Would If U Could - Mystikal
    "I had thought i heard u laughin, talkin trash Bitch, whats happenin Start shit but dont take it Pull it out, put it on your ass Some of y'all niggaz still got the game fucked up this year But I ain't gonna"
  • If U Wanna - Kara
    "Yeah! Yeah! Ladies & Gentleman Right now Introducing K-A-R-A Yeah! Do you wanna love Yeah! I know you wanna love Baby Boo Listen! * If you, Soljikhage dangdanghage ajjilhage doogeungeorige Mame deulmyeon"
  • If u luv - Das EFX
    "For the streets, y'all Bang it in the clubs, y'all [ VERSE 1: Skoob ] Aiyo, I kiggedy-came back cause my fans was callin My Lower East Side boriquas to Spanish Harlem My squad is sick, giggedy-got a squad"
  • U - Arrested Development
    "Lonely, Lonely, Oh Woe Is Me Oh Owe is me I say The complex cycle i go through almost everyday To my dismay, I imagine being in this set Me holdin' the 21st letter in the alphabet All my life I've been"
  • U - Usher
    "I wanna know your name I wanna know if you got a man I wanna know I wanna know everything I wanna know your number and If I can then come over I wanna know what you like I wanna know so I could do"
  • U - Kendrick Lamar
    "Loving you is complicated x10 I place blame on you still Place shame on you still Feel like you ain't shit Feel like you don't feel, confidence in yourself Breakin' on marble floors Watchin' anonymous"
  • U & Me - Cappella
    "U and me, U and me (x3) U and me forever U and me, U and me (x3) U and me forever Babe I must say You've got me groovy You keep it going, shake your body with me Now it is time Let's start the"
  • U & Me - Bowling For Soup
    "All I needed was an answer Didn't ask for nothin more She said, 'just leave your jacket at the door' we were locked inside Again it started her we go You can hold my hand but dont go back on me Just"
  • Me & U - Cassie
    "You've been waiting so long I'm here to answer your call I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you I know them other"
  • U & me - Trina
    "You and Me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me We can make it last You and me... It was me and you Trina who shared the hard times Still in love"
  • For U With Love (If U Leave Me) - Katastroof
    "Violence lent you my favorite dictionary came back with ripped out pages stopped by so uninvited wasted good silverware on you you can't trust violence - Below & Above once you felt alive present for"
  • If U Can't Dance - Spice Girls
    "If you can't dance, if you can't dance, if you can't dance, if you can't dance, If you can't dance to this, you can't do nothing for me baby If you can't dance, if you can't dance, if you can't dance,"
  • If u want it - Black Buddafly
    "You're my baby, yes my baby, treat a lady like she wants you to And let your lady treat my baby, like my baby, like she know I got love for you You're my baby, yes my baby, treat a lady like she wants"
  • Die If U Wanna - Outlawz
    "All you fag niggaz gotta move on (get the fuck out the way) I kick up dust for real, nigga fuck this rap shit nigga you wanna see me, see me nigga Nigga I'm the nigga to see Punk ass mutha-fucka Don't"
  • If u were the girl - Monica
    "Lets kick a little something for all dem cars out their that be ballin uh uh uh uh Mo whats up? Chorus If u were the girl would you stay trippin If u were the girl would you deal with long stress heartache"
  • If U Stay Ready (Remix) - Suga Free
    "(DJ Quik) Yes, ha ha, Suga Free and DJ Quik (Suga Free) Hey babe, I know you're fine but ha, open mine up, uhh I got some game in the cut Yo, open mine up Holy mackerdime, I'm tryin to rock wit you both I'm"
  • If U Were My Baby - Ak'Sent
    "(verse 1) Man this is real life you got me higher than a ride on a plane flight my knees like they week from the first site not the first one to aproch tight so i ignored ya but really i adored ya lookin"
  • If I Ain't Got U - Alicia Keys
    "Some people live for the fortune Some people live just for the fame Some people live for the power, yeah Some people live just to play the game Some people think That the physical things Define what's"

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