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if u wanna came

  • If U Wanna - Kara
    "Yeah! Yeah! Ladies & Gentleman Right now Introducing K-A-R-A Yeah! Do you wanna love Yeah! I know you wanna love Baby Boo Listen! * If you, Soljikhage dangdanghage ajjilhage doogeungeorige Mame deulmyeon"
  • Die If U Wanna - Outlawz
    "All you fag niggaz gotta move on (get the fuck out the way) I kick up dust for real, nigga fuck this rap shit nigga you wanna see me, see me nigga Nigga I'm the nigga to see Punk ass mutha-fucka Don't"
  • U Don't Wanna Be Broke - Bad Azz
    "Check it, brrrrrow! That was personal! It's real with this I came here right now to put a little hope in the hearts, and the minds of those have-nots You don't wanna be broke, you wanna be rich and famous"
  • U Know U Wanna - 3rd Edge
    "U know u wanna Come on yeah, Ah yeah, oh yeah Girl I wanna b your lover Anytime, anywhere u discover Girl I feel ya, I aint tryin 2 b clever Coz if u aint doin me right girl, ur doin me wrong Girl im"
  • U Don't Wanna - Juvenile
    "What's up Playboy? You know how we do this, Hot Boy$ and Big Tymers Two rolex on our wrist, And every car we ride in got TV's I know you love this here First Verse : You can call me the Baby Don of"
  • U Don't Wanna B.D.S. - De La Soul
    "Hahahahahahahahaha! HA! Check it out! It's Bumpy Knuckles baby, also known as Freddie Foxxx That's right, and I came to check my niggaz De La Soul See y'all niggaz don't really wanna bust dat shit huh Yaknahmsayin?"
  • U Would If U Could - Mystikal
    "I had thought i heard u laughin, talkin trash Bitch, whats happenin Start shit but dont take it Pull it out, put it on your ass Some of y'all niggaz still got the game fucked up this year But I ain't gonna"
  • If U Ever - Sinead O'Connor
    "The memories u bring Make my eyes both sting I can't help that pain that's tearing At my throat and my chest Where everything is kept When I start remembering How the clothes that u wore Made my"
  • If U Ever - Sinead O' Connor
    "The memories u bring Make my eyes both sting I can't help the pain that's tearing At my throat and my chest Where everything is kept When I start remembering How the clothes that u wore Made my heart so"
  • I Wanna Be With U (No Mix) - Mandy Moore
    "I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you Your breath on my face your warm, gentle kiss I taste the truth, I taste the truth We know what I came here for So I won't ask for more "
  • If u luv - Das EFX
    "For the streets, y'all Bang it in the clubs, y'all [ VERSE 1: Skoob ] Aiyo, I kiggedy-came back cause my fans was callin My Lower East Side boriquas to Spanish Harlem My squad is sick, giggedy-got a squad"
  • Wanna Love U Girl - Thicke
    "(feat. Pharrell) Shes the kind of girl u wanna marry The kind of girl u walk the whole earth 4 Put her on your back and just carry Her attitude is hotter than the earths core When shes around nothing"
  • Wanna Love U Girl - Robin Thicke
    "(feat. Pharrell Williams) She's The Kind Of Girl You Wanna Marry The Kind Of Girl You Walk The Whole Earth For Put Her On Your Back And Just Carry Her Attitude Is Hotter Than The Earths Core When She's"
  • U wanna touch me - Nivea
    "(feat. Rasheeda)Nivea(Nivea)Akon(Akon)Konvict(Konvict)Radio Killa Remix.I See You Windin And Grindin Up On That Pole And I See You Lookin At Me You. And I Already Kno U Wanna Touch Me(Touch Me).I Already"
  • U Make Me Wanna - Jadakiss
    "(feat. Mariah Carey) Let's go, uh huh.. K-i-s-s- me... Uh and i just wanna make... Love, love, love ... Ya, i love it when u say... K-i-s-s me... Uh and i just wanna make... Love, love, love... A yo.."
  • Know U Wanna Rock - 3rd Edge
    "Come on yeah, Ahh-ye.. yeah, oh yeah Girl I wanna be your lover Anytime, anywhere you discover Girl I feel ya, I aint tryin' to be clever Cause if you ain t doin' me right girl, your doin' me wrong Girl"
  • U Make Me Wanna - Blue
    "You know you make me wanna. You know you make me wanna. To start it off I know you know me To come to think of it, it was only last week. That I had a dream about us, oh. That's why I am here, I'm writing"
  • I Wanna Luv U - Nasty Boy Klick
    "If I tell you that I love you And I put my trust in you If I say that every minute All I do is think of you Will you do the same for me (yea) Are you really down for me (you know I'm down girl) Let me"
  • U Wanna Be Me - Nas
    "Uhh, oooooooooooooh baby, baby Keep it thug, and keep yo' heat, na nah nah nah nah Now slowly, thinkin of all the things that oppose me I think of kings who died and rappers out to dethrone me For they"
  • U Wanna Know Something - Esham
    "You wanna know somethin' that makes me sick When people be constantly talkin' 'bout stupid shit Shit like who made rap up I don't give a fuck as long as I get my cut I'm sendin' out no special thanks And"

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