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if wolrd the end

  • End - My Chemical Romance
    "He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb. He's always choking from the stench and the fume. The wedding party all collapsed in the room. So send my resignation to the bride and the groom. Let's go down! This"
  • End - Korn
    "(Mike) Hi thereaah...is it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on yourdodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure whatit is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle"
  • If the World Should End - Bono&The Edge (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark)
    "Don't think about tomorrow We've only got today There's nothing that I want from you Not a word you have to say You are all I need And all I can defend All I need to hold on to If the world should"
  • If This Is The End - Faith Hill
    "Our love's the moon Our love's the Kingdom Come Our love's the flame Our love's his will be done Our love's a jewel Diamond in the rough But you don't want it, you don't want to take If this is the end I"
  • End Of Fallens - Meadows End
    "What is life? Burning hungers to be heeded at any cost? Does it differ? Surface-time from afterlife? The passage between the two vast lands. Guarded by the Fallens hands. Sublime practised supremacy. Gods"
  • Mini Wolrd - Indila
    "Laissez-moi rêver Laissez-moi y croire Laissez-moi dire Qu'on peut changer l'histoire Si c'est vrai qu'on est libre Qu'on peut s'envoler Qu'on me délivre Je sens que je vais étouffer Dans ce mini mini"
  • The End - Bon Jovi
    "So now it's over let the spot light fade I hear the music slowly fade away And now I find it hard to say good-bye So I'll just say good night my friends The end (we'll be together) The end (we'll live"
  • The End - Tom Odell
    "I was 20 days clean yesterday I’ll get a key ring if I make it through to May Can we talk? Is that okay? If you’ve got time I know a place A rose garden in the north side of the park They shut the gates"
  • The End - Angelfish
    "Anyone who's shaken dust Knows that it should fall back Harmless It's over now Things have changed Everything is different And rearranged We never got the way that we should go Tears and heartache, nothing"
  • The End - Hot Water Music
    "If I could just begin To forget where I have been Maybe we wouldn't be here, But I pace within a haze. I keep bumping into days And waiting for them to end. These complicated words are coming down. I've"
  • The End - Leo Sayer
    "he says he doesn't careto the girl with the painted hairand staggers through the angry crowdlike it isn't therefeels like a wall of soundas he crashes downno one stops to look when he hits the ground we're"
  • The End - Red Hot Cinnamon
    ""You are the one You are the only one I'll ever need But we'd just begun Thought we'd stay forever, I believed It was our love Our love that brightened my days Your love had touched me In so many different"
  • The end - Ryan Adams
    "I don't know the sound of my father's voiceI don't even know how he says my nameBut it plays out like a song on a jukebox in a barIn the back of my head till it's weary and mushyAnd in the cotton fields"
  • The end - Imperanon
    "I've never walked this path before, I have never felt so cold.I've always wanted to lose control if I'm forced to believe toOne.Looking through these lost eyes, I yearn to lose myself,Give me Your weakness,"
    "We came in together, but you held me The process walking right through that door, at the entry I can't seem to remember, the lights were so bright And the disco ball blurred in the turn of that night But"
  • The End - My Chemical Romance
    "Now come one come all to this tragie affair wipe off that makeup What's in is despair So throw on the black dress Mix in with the lot You might wake up and notice You're someone you're not If you look"
  • End On End - Rites Of Spring
    "I've had days of end on end Where nothing changed cause nothing began. Restless movement in an empty room, Gathering shadows of a darkened blue. And oh- it feels so strange- when it comes again. Cycles"
  • If - Charon
    "How frail you are? Dreams are hollow if you fall, Can you take this from yourself, Love the race you faced, Yet it's done and you're not here and end of the line stands: 'If I die alone', Won't you bring"
  • If - Scott Walker
    "If a picture paints a thousand words Then why can't I paint you The words would never show The you I've come to know If a face could launch a thousand ships Then where am I to go ? There's no one home,"
  • If - Jane Monheit
    "If a picture paints a thousand words, Then why can't I paint you? The words will never show the you I've come to know. If a face could launch a thousand ships, Then where am I to go? There's no one"

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