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ignite let it bur

  • Ignite - Michael Mind Project
    "I can hear it when you breath I can see it in your starry eyes People of another kind leavin' everything behind Setting fire to the skies Like runaways in the night Were walking on a different road I will"
  • Ignite - Living Sacrifice
    "Flicker Inside I've Seen The End My Friend Cannot Continue In This Life Abide In the Promises Told Abide In The Promises Proven Abide In The Promises Told, Abide In Fan the Spark Of Hope All Is Not Lost"
  • Ignite (feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri) - K-391 & Alan Walker
    "fireflies a million little pieces feeds the dying light and breathes me back to life in your eyes I see something to believe in your hands are like a flame in brings the sweetest pain let the darkness"
  • Bury It - SYMFOBIA
    "Bury it bury it deep bury it bury it to underground of your mind let it die because world is so full of all and you have to Bury it Underneath windows shine against our faces whispering us what"
  • Ignite (Worlds 2016) - Zedd
    "There's a fire that burns inside It's an instinct that never lies The target's tattooed between our eyes Stand and fight Under the lights On the high stage A part of your life it can take away Just like"
  • Let it burn - Ignite
    "I'm thinking it through I'm thinking of you Try to remind myself to move The nightmare unfolds Should have never let her go Alone in this empty room Let it burn I'm thinking of you I'm thinking it through"
  • Bury Me - Noah Kahan
    "I never found a heart I couldn't break For you I hoped my parts would rearrange You'd see a change You'd see a change Oh, I don't know 'Cause honey now this house feels like a grave And now I cannot help"
  • Bury Me - Shenandoah
    "Look away don't talk to me like you know me stay away don't look back because you've done this once again Bury me Face first in your heart Bury Me I dont need you anymore Bury me I've had enough"
  • Ignite - Damned
    "Twilight comes and the mood's complete Gonna hit the street grab some of that night time beat My heart is beat beat beating like a drum The night is in my veins we're gonna have some fun tonight Light"
  • Ignite - The Damned
    "twilight comes and the mood's complete gonna hit the street grab some of that night time beat my heart is beat beat beating ,like a drum the night is in my veins we're gonna,have some fun tonight chorus"
  • Bury My Lovely - October Project
    "Cover the mirror Hide in your dreams Forget what they told you Forget what it means A picture worth a thousand lies The mem'ry and the mirror Nothing but what came before Nothing but a closing door *pre-chorus* A"
  • Bury The Shovel - Clay Walker
    "(Chuck Jones/Chris Arms) Got a long list of things to do It begins and ends with gettin' over you I can't quit 'til I'm through I get up with the sun and go down with the moon Pain and tears Can't be all"
  • Bury Me Alive - Insane Clown Posse
    "I don't give a fuck right Dead face with the eyes white Intimidate you with my eye sight I try and hide from the average every day we start from static Live with the maggots, masses with the black magic"
  • Bury My Bones - Pure Love
    "I'm so sick of singing about hate It's never gonna make a change It breaks me down bit by bit Keep me steadily feeling sick So carve the name into the stone Where we go we can still call it home And comfortable"
  • Bury me alive - Twiztid
    "I dont give a fuck, right! Dead face with the eyes white. Intimidate you with my eyesight. Im trying to hide from the average. Everyday we startin static. Livin with the maggots. Masters of the black magic."
  • Bury me not - Johnny Cash
    "Recitation: Lord, I've never lived where churches grow I loved creation better as it stood That day you finished it so long ago And looked upon your work and called it good I know that others find you"
  • Bury Me (6 Feet Under) - Alexandra Burke
    "(*Hitesh Ceon, Kim Ofstad, Andrea Martin, Hermansen / *Prod. by ELEMENT) Six feet under is where I'll be Six feet under is where I'll be Six feet under is where I'll be Love bury me Is there a doctor"
  • Rescue Me Or Bury Me - Steve Vai
    "Summer nights such lonely times This memory does bleed I need you in my life again Fantasies release me From the bondage of my fate The days pass like the falling rain Your eyes reflect like mirrors The"
  • We Bury The Hatchet - Garth Brooks
    "Hey, all the neighbors lights Came on last night Just like they do every time We have a little fight It's gettin' to the point We can't get along We're always fightin' bout the things That should be dead"
  • Bury Me A G - Tupac
    "Thug Life Thinkin' back reminiscing on my teens a young G getten' paid over dope fiends fuckin' off cash that I make nigga, what's tha sense of workin hard if you never get tp play i'm hustlen' stayin'"

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