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ignore the tears and only write down the laughter

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ignore the tears and only write down the laughter

  • Tears & Laughter - Odds
    "in a fluid notion give away your best make a forward motion and in the heat undress nearly forty hours it's a living death if we could only catch our breath when your tears and laughter fall like rain turn"
  • Tears Of Laughter - Diary Of Dreams
    "I would be crying tears of laughter If I could see me smile again I still reach for the stars, but all I touch is my horizon I still believe my eyes, but all I see is my blindness I still reach for the"
  • After The Laughter Comes The Tears - Eddy Arnold
    "You know that after the laughter comes the tears That's what happens when your memory appears I try to act real happy since you said goodbye But sometimes when I least expect I break right down and cry Cause"
  • Half the laughter, twice the tears - Gene Pitney
    "I'm so disgusted with myself Ohh what to do I can't blame nobody else No, no, no I though I'd found someone to take your place I traded true love for a pretty face and got Half the laughter, twice the"
  • Laughter And Forgetting - David Sylvian
    "Running like a horse between the trees The ground beneath my feet Gives me something to hold on to With the reins around my heart Guided by hands that spread life before my very eyes Well every hope falls"
  • State Laughter - Death In June
    "Living in my memory Faint footsteps call It seems Where the shadows wait And the red tears seep From the holes in the wall From the holes in the wall Our distant youth Like flowers bloom State laughter For"
  • Laughter turns to tears - The Hollies
    "Makeup on your shoulder silence in the airTonight those telltale signs are everywhereAs you lay beside her talkin in your dreamsThe game is up and laughter turns to tearsEvery time you phone her with a"
  • Laughter - Josh Rouse
    "Thinkin' so much my crowded head became sore Fell back into the place I was before Reasons long enough to not let show I follow through this once because I said so I think I got it all figured out I think"
  • Laughter - High School Musical 3
    "I never asked you If you thought there was more If it gets better beyond the black and the white Our limited sight and perspective of colour Now i'm hoping there's more I'm hoping I have a photograph Of"
  • Laughter - Des'ree
    "I see your picture solemn on the wall There's no expression no laughter there at all Why are you there watching me, eyes grey and heart of stone Oh I've tried to please you, seems as though I've failed"
  • Laughter - High School Musical Cast
    "I never asked youIf you thought there was moreIf it gets better beyond the black and the whiteOur limited sight and perspective of colourNow i'm hoping there's moreI'm hopingI have a photographOf you in"
  • Laughter - Bruce Cockburn
    "A laugh for the way my life has gone a laugh for the love of a friend a laugh for the fools in the eyes of the world the love that will never end Ha Ha Ha... Let's hear a laugh for the man of the world"
  • After My Laughter Come Tears - Ray Charles
    "1) I laughed the day I saw you leave , I laughed and said Id never grieve but now after my laughter came tears ( after my laughter came tears ) 2) I told my friends , I didnt care , I laughed about a "
  • When I Write The Book - Huey Lewis & The News
    "Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds/Billy Bremner Plangent Visions Music, Ltd. Now I can remember like it was only yesterday Love was young and foolish like a little child at play But oh how lovers change -- I never"
  • Something Like Laughter - Five Iron Frenzy
    "People say they know a girl Who's lost her way, she's always angry No one bothers to ask her What she hears or what she hopes for The air is cold, she lives alone And tires of being her only provider She"
  • Ignore Me - Dredg
  • When I Write The Book - Colin James
    "Well I can remember Like it was only yesterday Love was young and foolish Like a little child at play But oh how love has changed I never knew how easily Now i'm just a shadow Of the boy I used to be Yeah"
  • Write It Down - Sesame Street
    "Maria: I got something to tell you I don't need to sell you The coolest thing I ever found It's fresh and it's neat It's hip on the street To do what we call Write it down Write, write, write Write it"
  • Only tears - Omd
    "Only tears are meant to fall only once and that is all and when you start to lose the fight and nothing else will make it right only hearts are meant to break and when you make that last mistake and everything"
  • Laughter Of The Funeral - The Ancient's Rebirth
    "The sound of cries in agony Awakes my sleeping demon The mood of grief excites me The mood invert my grief to joy The demon makes me laugh a demonic silent laughter My tears are filled with joy cause"

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