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illusion nóż

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illusion nóż
    "wróżyli 5 minut ja wolałbym tu bawić cała dekadę trochę kropiło lecz czuje ze będzie tu lało niebawem nie planowałem niczego to wszystko zadziało się nagle Tytus mi wysłał te pierwszą fakturę w kopercie ja"
  • Panasewicz Tępy nóż
    "Szósta rano jestem sam Znowu krew na rękach mam Twarzą spływa zimny pot Drogę przebiegł czarny kot O mój Boże co za noc Zimny mnie otula koc Mordowałem wszystkich w krąg Mam przed sobą setki rąk Teraz"
  • Left Hand Solution Illusion
    "The words left scars After they had silenced To see something grow Only to die away The illusion of you Always so intense Your abscence of emotion The illusion of you Together with your kisses"
  • Benny Benassi ft. Sandy Illusion
    "wanna be your illusion, be your illusion To make you happy tonight, Enjoy this trip with me I wanna be your emotion, be your emotion Why don't you turn off the light, Imagine how we could be leavin"
  • Buck-Tick Illusion
    "Omoide no merigorando meguru toki mo tawamure Ikusen no shizuku motome au dakedo...subete illusion Kuruoshiku museru hodo tada koishitakute Kizuzuketa suki tooru kata o tsuyoku dakishimete mo Tozasareta"
  • No Innocent Victim Illusion
    "Living for yourself has been the only way you know You pride yourself in thinking that you have complete control Your destiny in your own hands An illusion that you keep What control do you have Over"
  • Benassi Bros Illusion
    "I wanna be your illusion, be your illusionTo make you happy tonightEnjoy this trip with meI wanna be your emotion, be your emotionWhy don't you turn off the lights?Imagine how we could be livingSometimes"
  • Deadly Signs Illusion
    "Verdorbene Zeichen, berall in diesem Land. Die Schlange der Illusion, hlt dich in seinem Bann. Der Grnder der Weishaupt, der war von grund auf schlecht. Durch seine Logengrndung, bist du heut ein Knecht. Du"
  • Vnv Nation Illusion
    "I know it's hard to tell how mixed up you feel Hoping what you need is behind every door Each time you get hurt, I don't want you to change Because everyone has hopes, you're human after all The feeling"
  • Circulatory System Illusion
    "shall we dust off the maps? or has illusion transformed us? ceilings aren't high, top floor breathe carefully begin to climb did you never think you'd open your eyes up to find the pieces in place? don't"
  • Uriah Heep Illusion
    "In a forest known as heartbreakIn a clearing in the wood`Cross a pathway called confusionToward the garden of delightYou`ll reach the river of desireAnd meekly try to cross itWhile the valley of love keeps"
  • Q Strange Illusion
    "Hi I'm just a regular guy It's just an illusion I made from the outside Inside I got a sick mind When the mask goes on just prepare to die (2x) Strange thoughts my mind begins to scatter Recover from depression"
  • Fly To The Sky Illusion
    "That feeling of your fragrance that is left inside me It passes in my nose to my heart I have now begun to see you in front of my eyes I touch you who can't be grabbed My love doesn't know how to end yet It"
  • Destiny's Child Illusion
    "Searching for a destiny thats mine Theres another place, another time Touching many hearts along the way yeah Hoping that I'll never have to say ( Boy I love you but I gotta let you go) Everday in"
  • Westernhagen Illusion
    "Ist die Welt verloren Gott Revolution bin ich wirklich wahr bin ich nur Projektion ist das alles Zufall habe ich die Wahl soll ich mich zum Narren machen wenn man mich bezahlt Ich will es wissen Ich will"
  • H.O.T. Illusion
    "Dopeman, Dopeman smoke till you try will let you so highDopeman, Dopeman, what you want is ni ga whatyou never gonna get(x4)ta si dor ah gar soo eop neun na eui si gan keu sok eh moen chweo it seot teon"
  • Trail Of Tears Illusion
    "I thought I saw you, out in the crowd So many faces, but it was you that I picked out I see the rainfall, outside my window at night I lie between hell and heaven I lie between right or wrong If I were"
  • Alastis Illusion
    "you're still wavering but your heart is strong; sharp and gleaming the blade seduces you your fingers are trembling, your heart races you feel well... A picture, a dream, you appear I disappear Sublime"
  • Ashbury Heights Illusion
    "Give me egocentric deception Grant me disconnected perception Give me automatic redemption Grant me your divine intervention I wanna come inside I wanna come all over you Sanctify my corpus conventions Execute"
  • Krassimir Avramov Illusion
    "Give me, give me your time Show me, show me youre mine Give me, give me your time Show me, show me youre mine All I want is your touch Baby, I need you so much! Show me all Ive never seen Wrong, it feels"

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