im going to start new chapter ignore the tears and only ride down the laughter and no -

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im going to start new chapter ignore the tears and only ride down the laughter and no

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im going to start new chapter ignore the tears and only ride down the laughter and no

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im going to start new chapter ignore the tears and only ride down the laughter and no
  • Odds Tears & Laughter
    "in a fluid notion give away your best make a forward motion and in the heat undress nearly forty hours it's a living death if we could only catch our breath when your tears and laughter fall like rain turn"
  • Elephant Man Im Going Down
    "Time on my hands since you've been away boy I ain't got no plans no, no, no, no. And the sound of the rain, against my windowpain. Is slowly, slowly driving me insane. Boy, I'm going down I'm going down 'Cause"
  • David Sylvian Laughter And Forgetting
    "Running like a horse between the trees The ground beneath my feet Gives me something to hold on to With the reins around my heart Guided by hands that spread life before my very eyes Well every hope falls"
  • Josh Rouse Laughter
    "Thinkin' so much my crowded head became sore Fell back into the place I was before Reasons long enough to not let show I follow through this once because I said so I think I got it all figured out I think"
  • Des'ree Laughter
    "I see your picture solemn on the wall There's no expression no laughter there at all Why are you there watching me, eyes grey and heart of stone Oh I've tried to please you, seems as though I've failed"
  • Bruce Cockburn Laughter
    "A laugh for the way my life has gone a laugh for the love of a friend a laugh for the fools in the eyes of the world the love that will never end Ha Ha Ha... Let's hear a laugh for the man of the world"
  • Cynic Ridge A New Chapter
    "Why have you always tried to look inside of me? This lack of clarity I'm going blind Something so deep wounds that I keep tell me now, is that what you seek? the way you neglected the way I feel It's"
  • Paul Weller Brand New Start
    "Wild Wood High tide, mid afternoon People fly by, in the traffics boom Knowing, just where you're blowing Getting to where you should be going Don't let them get you down Making you feel guilty about Golden"
  • Gene Pitney Half the laughter, twice the tears
    "I'm so disgusted with myself Ohh what to do I can't blame nobody else No, no, no I though I'd found someone to take your place I traded true love for a pretty face and got Half the laughter, twice the"
  • The Hollies Laughter turns to tears
    "Makeup on your shoulder silence in the airTonight those telltale signs are everywhereAs you lay beside her talkin in your dreamsThe game is up and laughter turns to tearsEvery time you phone her with a"
  • Diary Of Dreams Tears Of Laughter
    "I would be crying tears of laughter If I could see me smile again I still reach for the stars, but all I touch is my horizon I still believe my eyes, but all I see is my blindness I still reach for the"
  • Artrosis The Following Chapter
    "Truth and deceit turned into words Waves into my story Whose sense is understood only by me My game is over Quietly the gilt is off I'll close fire under my eyelids I'll start to write the following chapter /the"
  • Anthony Callea New Chapter
    "I walk these streets alone I see the world around me changing I'm in a dream Faces that I knew Are slowly turning into strangers I've never seen I read each line I turn the page I laugh and cry at this"
  • Utopia Chapter And Verse
    "I got the dictionary in my hand But I can't seem to find the word I'm looking for I've checked every letter, now I'm up to Z There just ain't anymore I've got a million choices in my head If"
  • Eddy Arnold After The Laughter Comes The Tears
    "You know that after the laughter comes the tears That's what happens when your memory appears I try to act real happy since you said goodbye But sometimes when I least expect I break right down and cry Cause"
  • Lil Fizz Tears
    "*Chorus* Tears rolling down your face Girl I got the answer let me take them away Why you got them tears rolling down your face Girl I got the answer let me take them away *Verse 1* I remember when"
  • The Game Im Looking
    "(The Game) I'm from Compton where them guns bust, watch Poppa George pop Cats tellin jokes at them car games Seen big face hundreds, handle the rock like Nate Archibald What? This nigga only sixteen And"
  • Psapp Chapter
    "Give me back my album The shapes change though we're always the same Season bleeds on season Somewhere you slip That is the way, that is the way What would I do without you A waste of time after all that"
  • Compton's Most Wanted Final chapter
    "(Ladies and gentlemen There are 7 acknowledged wonders of the world you are about to witness the 8th...) Okay, I may not be a historical feature Or better yet meant to as a big public speaker But when"
  • Tyrese Chapter 126
    "Tyrese spoken voice: (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...) Yeah, I wanna dedicate this song to Africa and 126, let's go (oooooooooooooooh...) I come to you humble and grateful For my freedom Not only freedom physically"

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