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im not going anywhere

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im not going anywhere

  • Anywhere - Page 44
    "Looked into your eyes and didn't see anything, The only person that you love is yourself, Well you and me were just not going anywhere, Your best bet is to by yourself, 'Cause Im not sure its over Something"
  • Anywhere - Keaton Simons
    "Anywhere Yeah, wear those shoes You know They go with that skirt You know You take so long to get your hair just right Put your coat on Then you turn to me and you say Do you think Im ready? You think"
  • Not Going Anywhere - Keren Ann
    "This is why I always wonder I'm a pond full of regrets I always try to not remember rather than forget This is why I always whisper When vagabonds are passing by I tend to keep myself away from their"
  • Not Going Anywhere - Tilt
    "I'm not going anywhere; I have way too much to lose Even though I'm killing myself, It's no indication I won't come through Don't go making plans to fill my absence Even though I've been gone too long I"
  • I'm Not Going Anywhere - Subb
    "Aggravation; source of failure Simplify your choice of words, take me closer to... Perfection, take me as far as you can go Callin' out Say you're near Say you'll stay Don't you fear; i'm not going"
  • I'm Not Going Anywhere - Agent 51
    "My mind is flyin' round, still pulsing from the sound, oh yeah Forgot to lock the gate, close the book and seal my fate, oh yeah Gotta get back to that one place within my mind Inject the vein and count"
  • You're Not Going Anywhere - Brad Sucks
    "drunk and losing ground broken up and down the only way i've found to shake your body free i've got what it takes to help you make mistakes to put you through a phase that's harder than it seems i'm"
  • Anywhere - The Presets
    "Deeper, I know you want it deeper, You know you want it deeper, I think we're going deeper, I know you want it Faster, I know you want it faster, I know you want it faster, These days we're moving faster, I"
  • Im going home - Tanita Tikaram
    "When the phone calls - I blew itI'm going home - I blew itYou know, so, well where I'm goingSo long - leave me aloneThe times change - I don't believe thatThe times changeI'm deceived by the humMakes all"
  • Im Going Back - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "Atlanta Rhythm Section Miscellaneous Im Going Back Name I'M GOING BACK Interpret Atlanta Rhythem Section (ARS) Jahr 1989 Schreib"r Buie/Hammond Standing here listening to a distant train while a plane"
  • Im going to spain - Fall
    "Ive sold my car, thrown in my job, Im 34 years oldI think its time I saw the world, and not australiaIve sold my car thrown in my job Im 34 years oldI think its time I saw the world coz I hate the cold"
  • Anywhere Anyone - Dntel
    "I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. How can you love me if you don't love yourself? I love you. (I love you.) How can you love me if you don't love yourself? I love you. (I love you.) How"
  • Anywhere Is - Enya
    "I walk the maze of moments But everywhere I turn to Begins a new beginning But never finds a finish I walk to the horizon And there I find another It all seems so surprising And then I find that I know "
  • Anywhere - Empires
    "I touch your silver shirt without you in it Looks like you've been hurt I'm told to stay here Police all gather around They want to know where I've been You could be anywhere, by design I forgot you"
  • Anywhere - Mustard, Nick Jonas
    "what’s better than the time being dark skies never scare me fallin I’ll be right behind ya it’s still me like the very first time something had to be this hard something that I really want you something"
  • Anywhere - Beth Orton
    "Paint what you know, not what you seeHope blinds reason, thankfullyKnow how it is when something fitsThere's just a question of being itI'd do anything to see you smile againAnd I'd go anywhere so as not"
  • Anywhere - CETI
    "Well, my life the road of dreamer Child of the moon with bright eyes too late for waiting have no time Head for days if they gonna come Tried all the ways But my whole wisdom fades anywhere Lord"
  • Anywhere - Second Class
    "when i close my eyes i think of you and what we might have been it makes me never want to fall asleep or dream of you again no matter what i do or how real it seems to be it breaks my heart when i wake"
  • Anywhere - Stroke 9
    "Everyday something new comes my way And helps me get through the past Anyway, I can't say how long I've been away But I feel at home at last I'm aware there's something around me Saving me, protecting"
  • Anywhere - Anthony Hamilton
    "Good evening ladies, and gentlemenwelcome to the uptown soundWUPT FM.i'm your host for this evening, Rich niceAnd we'll be listening to the soulful soundsof the dynamic Anthony Hamilton featuring Terry"

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