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imany dont be so

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imany dont be so

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imany dont be so
  • Blood on the dance floor Ima Monster
    "LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO! O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Can't Stop The Tickles They Call Me Dr. Giggles its off off offf off the chizzle fo shizzle dizzle im banging with the b-o-t-o dizzle with wiffles cuz i dribble like"
  • Mya Dont Be Afraid
    "(Chorus) Don't be afraid to look in my eyes I'll catch you if you fall in love Don't be afraid of holdin' me tight 'cause I know what you're thinkin' of Don't be afraid just say that you're mine I'll catch"
  • Faith Evans Dont Be Afraid
    "Baby don't be afraid of Afraid of my love Since we've been together baby It hasn't been too long But I slowly feel myself Falling love again And I want to give you more of what I have inside But"
  • The Police Dont Stand So Close
    "Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy she wants him so badly knows what she wants to be inside her there's longing this girl's an open page book marking she's so close now this girl is half his"
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders Dont Take It So Hard
    "Good Thing Paul Revere & The Raiders ssshhh, ahh Seems this worlds gotch you down Your feelin bad vibrations frown Well, open your eyes girl, look at me Im gonna show you how it ought to be Were gonna"
  • Aerosmith Dont Stop
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Dont Stop AEROSMITH Don't Stop Transcribed by Mike Heasley Remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk? And now they got the"
  • Butch Walker Dont Move
    "written by Butch Walker Good morning sunlight As I get used to you It's all gonna be all right I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say what's on your mind I finally think I've found"
  • Our Lady Peace Dont Stop
    "Can't get out of bed Straighten up my head I swear this is goodbye I feel like lying here I feel like dying here And only you can save me tonight I felt this earth spin and crash The end of the world"
  • Eva Dahlgren Dont Push
    "Don't pick on me I'm no one Don't pick on me It's no use Don't pick on me I'm nothing Don't pick on me I cannot lose Ain't worth trying I just lie me a truth Don't pick on me I'm no good Don't pick on"
  • Benny Goodman Dont Be That Way
    "Evry Time We Say Goodbye Benny Goodman Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter From Seven Lively Arts Evry time we say goodbye I die a little. Evry time we say goodbye I wonder why a little, Why the gods above"
  • Mike Jones Dont Work U Dont Eat
    "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine No if's and's or but's, bottom line That's why I'm on a mission, to keep the paper flipping I got's to get a house, before I start wood"
  • America Dont let me be lonely
    "Here we are again Two lovers lost in a maze So many roads we could go down So many ways we could go wrong You think we should part Both go our own separate ways Oh, girl why cant (oo) we work it out Cant"
  • Joe Dont Wanna Be A Player
    "Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be.. 1 Don't wanna be a player no more I think I found someone I could live my life for"
  • Doja Cat Say So (Why dont you say so?)
    "Day to night to morning Keep with me in the moment I’d let you had I known it Why don’t you say so? didn’t even notice no punches there to roll whit you got to keep me focused you want it, say so? didn’t"
  • Ashanti Dont Let Them
    "Ashanti Miscellaneous Dont Let Them Chorus:Say that you want me(yeah)say that you'll never leave me(yeah)you gotta tell me you need me,and dont let them take your love away.2x Verse:Some say that i am"
  • Macy Gray Dont Come Around
    "i have finally faced it the well is dry and we're not gonna make it out of this war alive he brings me close and says to me lets make this a happy ending and try to stay friends but you see if this love"
  • Beatles Dont Ever Change
    "(Goffin/King) You never wear a stitch of lace Your powder's never on your face You're always wearing jeans except on Sunday So please don't ever change Now don't you ever change I kinda like you just"
  • Catch Dont Wait Up
    "She came from a little Southern town dressed in pretty hand-me-downs And wiht a tougue like bitter wine cut through a thousand dreams of mine My sentimental education reading out of desperation Paled in"
  • Fabolous Baby Dont Go
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Attila Girls dont lie
    "SIKE! EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY is false Just like your actions Fill your mouth up with a filthy waste Breathe it in Oh yeah, here we go So how does it feel when the tables are turned? Take a moment breathe"

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