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imany ou will never know

  • You Will Never Know - Imany
    "It breaks my heart 'couse I know you're the one for me Don't you feel sad, there never was a story, obviously it'll never be, oh and You would never know I would never show What I feel, what I need from"
  • I Never Will Know - Tanita Tikaram
    "Keep sun in, some faces Keep warm inside I'll take it, I'll make it The days you pride yourself on He won't be eager-making Or make some peace with you Well, I saw it I know it's true It should be Some"
  • You Will Never Know - Hardcore Superstar
    "Little baby don't you give me no lip I'm hard as hell I'm a sexual fix pretty one I'm second to none I'm a love god girl I'm a social mistake Do you have enough wisdom to know what to do Are your senses"
  • All You Will Never Know - Avril Lavigne
    "You're indecisive when it comes to making any plans you're on the fence you give me reasons I never seem to understand, they don't make sense maybe ain't enough for my heart we'll see, ain't off to a great"
  • ...And They Will Never Know - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "On a starry island On the scented sea sands With my lover morning And they will never know and How you came to me and Kissed me passionately and Said don't let it show and And they will never know and We"
  • My Heart Will Never Know - Clay Walker
    "I pour two cups of coffee Put the paper on the table So we can share the morning news Your voice answers our phone when we're not home Friends who call can leave a message here for you Every night I leave"
  • What We Will Never Know - Innerpartysystem
    "Stare into the sun to see my face for once all the weakness shows Too tired to lift the arms that hold onto the stars watch me as I sleep I wanna believe in someone I wanna believe in something I wanna"
  • I don't ou - opm
    "If I could find a way to keep it all for myselfWould it be to my health or would it be for my wealthIf I could find a way to put all in boxStick it underneath the ground and tie it up with locksWould it"
  • Never Know - Pennywise
    "With so much bullshit what can you believe So many lives all divided by greed No way to stop no way to erase what we all cannot face Sometimes the thunder it slowly creeps in makes us all wonder where"
  • Never Know - EMF
    "Oh Mother There's a hole in my side And comfort is only a need of mine And I get lonely At any chance that I might get Your arms can't hold what's going on inside And you'll see just what you want me to"
  • Please and Change - Imany
    "I could say please, please, please … You'll never change, change, change… I could say please, please, please… You'll be the same, same, same… I'm a fire sign You're a water sign I know you and I Will"
  • Will You Know? - Echo Image
    "Here we go again We smoked cigarettes and talked about our friends Some things have changed Still, nothing seems different anyhow The sun is shining; the rain keeps raining at us The moon laughs at all"
  • Heaven Will Know - Modern Talking
    "When I'm down, feeling blue I close my eyes, oh just to be with you I'm a dreamer and you know You're my woman and I'll never go God put an angel here on earth Who gave me more than all I'm worth You're"
  • Never Will I - Edyta Górniak
    "Looking back through my shadowness I was wrapped inside my darkest fears You came like a miracle to me One gentle touch, a moment's glance My stumbling heart learned to dance And all at once I was"
  • You Will Never - Britney Spears
    "YOU WILL NEVER You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't"
  • Some Never Will - Aaron Watson
    "With the world in the palm of his hands Slipping through his fingers just like grains of sand He don't know his hourglass is losing time Till she run out of patience and leaves him far behind Chorus: Some"
  • You Will Never - Lambretta
    "You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't you say that love"
  • You never know - Goldfrapp
    "How long nowHow long nowI love youSteel painted eyesFeels like snowChange my headDays so longYou never know, you never knowYou never knowYou never know, you never knowYou never knowJust how long it will"
  • We'll Never Know - The Draft
    "It's ok it'll be alright ok Just might be better off this way if so and I for one am ready Just might be better off this way We'll never know No, we will never know It might take a while but I can"
  • Never Know Me - Killing Heidi
    ""Holding out for something, Dont let that something be you, Cuz im all about the one thing, Oh and take it the one thing and make it, it all just come true. You might gaze into my eyes, Think youve seen"

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