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  • Lurid Impurity - Fleshgrind
    "Lurid Impurity Lusting for the feeling of impurity A feeling I cannot hold back, uncontrollable Wanting, needing, lurid impurity Dreaming of a time when my needs are fulfilled Embracing the feeling of"
  • Embodiment Of Impurity - Pessimist
  • The Victory Of Impurity - Deathspell Omega
    "Since the creation of the holy doctrines, each fragment of life wants to be saved from Death. Some have rebelled agains peace to accomplish new prophecies that will bring chaos. Guided by Satan's hands"
  • Too Much Of Me - Jonah 33
    "When I let myself believe in me I feel my faith become riddled with disease I remember the day You spoke my name, You said come follow me But my stand is weak, I feel ashamed, I say don't bother me Too"
  • Ressurekt - Psyclon Nine
    "Ressurekt nightmare bleeds from my soul dripping down into my eyes embrace the tainted offering body surging with impurity kiss the burning hatred ground into my being without remorse without cause it"
  • Better than you - Catch 22
    "I dont need no stupid reason To go around always treating Everyone with impurity (I'm better than you) Everyone with impurity (I'm better than you) I'm better than you think Take it easy, take it easy,"
  • Crawl Away (Suffer) - Shenandoah
    "Slowly you remember what it was you use to have The things you ran away from will be there to haunt you You You crawl away (You crawl away) And you Will always be the one to Suffer, Suffer"
  • For What The Flesh Holds - Tidfall
    "Release! Release your demons! I am the one, the reviling one Piercing through your skin Cutting your flesh to let evil in Frostbitten steel against soft smooth skin An angel cut open to let evil in Nocturnal"
  • Wolf Power - Ad Hominem
    "Gathered around our prey We're observing our victory This weak human and all his beliefs Is nothing but putrid shreds of flesh We are the wolves The wrath of our ancestors Spilling the blood Of the bastards"
  • Satan Divine - Lord Belial
    "I have passed Through the gates of purgatory Impurity is in this land a holy word Midnight-seances to summon the dead Infernal redeemer I invoke thee Forever darkness, forever hell Forever darkness, forever"
  • The Path To Apoptosis - Scarve
    "Visionary madness - a parasite's morphology Submit all that can serve and plunder with impurity Break what will not bow through nanotech control Nothing shall withstand when human pretence unfolds Proliferating"
  • Behind The Cassock - Undercroft
    "During the mass you're... the truth ! messenger of god's word in the earth ! During the mass you're... the law ! ... the spiritual purity !?! But in the night Behind the cassock The sodomy is released"
  • Corruption Of The Flesh - Crimson Thorn
    "Corruption of the flesh Bound by Satan's, impure mess To live in sin, is to die And in the flesh, don't comply To live is to die to self The relinquished shall rise Impurity, from unbound evil Washed with"
  • Dead Walking Machine - ADAM
    "I need silence, now more than before I need joy, even when I fall Everything I ever loved is dying Don't die on me An everlasting pray for fool to cry Eternity is my impurity Dead Walking Machine (x4) Do"
  • Rape Of A Slave - Arghoslent
    "Come forth you shameless dark cunt Appeal to my mercy for your life I command the helpless dame Bound and shackled in chains In secluded regions Atop mountain heights The mystic starlight The impurity"
  • Embryonic Tri-Clops - Broken Hope
    "Rotting fetus - Blackened uterus - Look close and see, This world's impurity, our fault Pollutions here, sky blackened no longer clear, Atmosphere becoming cancerous, Fetus' growing rancerous, goddamn"
  • Tyranny - Psyclon Nine
    "Tyranny Sanctioning the era of death Force-fed deception Still I hold my doubt At the thought of human rule over earth Understand impending overthrow assaults Rebirth on the pawns within our society The"
  • Supremacy - Sacred Reich
    "I and I alone you I can't condone don't you see what I mean it's all laid out simplisticly you won't even have to think you'll just hear the words I speak What you don't agree where is your morality"
  • DOS - Ayria
    "I'm fighting time They fight for life I'm standing still I'm watching them fall down Impurity that eats at me Awakening the need for sacrifice My weakness is My tolerance And ignorance of other's lives As"
  • And We Shall Purify - Hanzel Und Gretyl
    "Passion plays Demon orbits Deep inside The inner sanctum of supergalactik Cosmic blackness Mesmorized and tranformatik Sanctify Crucify Demonizer Purify Levitate into the astral Place of everlasting"

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