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in his touch

  • In His Touch - Titanic
    "Forgive me, dont know where to start, guess weve come to the serious part. I need to find out if theres a chance for us. Dont give me that same old look, you wont win me over. Dont give me that"
  • In His Touch - Celine Dion
    "Forgive me, don't know where to start I guess we've come to the serious part I need to find out, if there's a chance for us Don't give me that same old look, you won't win me over Don't give me that same"
  • His Cold Touch - Wolverine
    "I. Within these walls Alone' afraid' In the dark of the corner he will try to hide his shame' Where it shows to no one Nothing wrong in being scared, it will all fall into place According to his dad 'But"
  • Losing His Touch - Jack Off Jill
    "Hey there cracked God You're, you're looking older You're, you're looking older CRY ON SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOULDERS Pink dried up crippled Christ Try to take your own advice NOW now I'm God Because God never"
  • Touch - Kendall Payne
    "Dont touch me Dont touch me there Dont touch me Dont touch me there 'Cause I am baring and he is staring We are trapped and caged like animals I am small it isnt fitting I am screaming but no ones listening Dont"
  • Touch - Amerie
    "Most people say, they think, huh, well Why don't you get to know me Don't be afraid to touch I know you think I'm a good girl Don't you think a girl like me can be (touched) Don't be afraid to touch I"
  • Touch - Disciple
    "I would do anything to see HimCause I know He is passing byWon't let my situation hinderSo desperate I'm willing to climbAin't gonna let it slow me downI'll fight my way through the crowdAnd then I heard"
  • Keep In Touch - Robert Palmer
    "Johnny's always running around Trying to find certainty. He needs all the world to confirm That he ain't lonely. Mary counts the walls says he tires easily. Johnny thinks the world would be right If it"
  • His Hands - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    "There were a lot of things in his touch Sometimes the slightest whisper could hurt so much I could feel him coming nearer his little noises and such And then my man would lay his hands on me He might"
  • His Voice - Mullmuzzler
    "(Guillory, LaBrie) Nostalgia plays through me Along with the radio A taste, a scene, a sound A touch is not enough If only I Had known his fear So torn and feeling frighened 15 years have passed A sour"
  • His World - Crush 40
    "Beware the time as it moves along, Taking you back, always feeling strong Like the rush of the wind, He moves on and on and on and on and on He's the fire, flame, conflicting pain Untouched, uncrushed,"
  • His-Story - Beenie Man
  • Your Touch - Kutless
    "Staring at a blank wall and all its white washed face Not knowing why I had to choose this way I discern I was wrong in my way Looking for peace in another, another domain And I realize that its true I"
  • Touch 1- Touch All - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • Midas Touch - Saxon
    "See the man in the bookshop See his withered hand He walks very slowly Never stands in crowds Children stand in wonder As he turns and walks away Closely guards the secret Of the fury in his eyes He's"
  • Positive Touch - Journey
    "(Perry/Cain) Emergency breakthrough There's no way to reach you There's somebody else I'll turn to She (she's) has got the positive touch (touch) She's bringing love back to me, yeah, back to me. I"
  • Finishing touch - Lorrie Morgan
    "I've got one more nail to polish a little red ribbon to add to my hair he'll be glad he left work early when he sees what waiting at the top of the stairs silk and satin in his favorite colors "come and"
  • Don't touch - Kelly Osbourne
    "He picked me up around a quarter to nine, I was a little shocked that he was right on time. He was really well mannered as he opened my door, He seemed like the man I've been looking for. He took me"
  • Lucky Touch - B.W. Stevenson
    "I left my home Just searchin' for my dreams Bein' in Mississippi Was my last mile it seems All them dreams don't go around On the wheel of fortune much And they don't come around at all Unless you got"
  • Soft Touch - Everything But The Girl
    "There's a brown shirt swapped for a thin blue tie There's a black truth swapped for a thin blue lie There's a slim man sporting a clean cut dream There's a slim man courting a wide extreme There's a fly-blown"

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