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in my dreams i can feel you

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in my dreams i can feel you

  • In My Dreams - Dreams
    "Puff Daddy: Ashley (Ashley...) Melissa (Melissa...) Diana (Diana...) Holly (Holly...) Dream (Dream...) Bad Boy baby, let's go! Don't know what I've got to do To get through to you You aren't trying way"
  • Can you feel it - Dead Can Dance
    "It's not the way you look It's not the way you walk It's not even the colour of your money That brings you my respect It's not the way you talk It's not the tales you tell You watch and speak loud on words"
  • In My Dreams - Pat Benatar
    "I have been here in this lonely place Longer than I care to think or say Hopin' with a little luck Maybe I'd find someone like you I have watched you nearly every morning Gettin' your coffee, stretchin',"
  • In My Dreams - Groove Coverage
    "Song name is in fact 'Far away from home'. Im loving living every single day but sometimes I feel so I hope to find a little peace of mind and I just want to know chorus and who can hear those tiny"
  • I Can Feel It - DMX
    "Man Sometimes, sometimes you just know, you just know, that's all I can feel it comin' in the air tonight, oh lord I've been waitin for this moment for all my life oh lord, oh lord The best of"
  • I Can Feel - Mott The Hoople
    "(Ian Hunter) Well I know this life is real If I close my eyes I see All around mw worlds of a million ways But still I feel The truth is here in me It does not matter what you see For my face is living"
  • Dreams - Gavin DeGraw
    "Spending all my money on phone cards Waiting for my ship to come in, in from that ocean Come home to this sea, harboring in me I don't believe in four-leaf clovers All the luck they're supposed to bring I've"
  • Dreams - Dua Lipa
    "Last night, my fantasies become oh-so true You said you wanted me as much as I want you If I said it hadn't crossed my mind Then, oh baby, I'll be lying It just got complicated, I don't know what to do Can"
  • Dreams - Buckcherry
    "I can't stay with you now Cause I am so ashamed Didn't mean to let you down And tears run down my face Are you still in love with me I need to know right now 'Cause I'm still in love with you I want"
  • Dreams - Gabrielle
    "Move a step closer you know that I want you I can tell by your eyes that you want me too Just a question of time I knew we'd be together And that you'd be mine I want you here forever Do you hear what"
  • Dreams - Diana DeGarmo
    "Dreams are just dreams When it's dark inside your head And all it takes is a little help from you You know it's true That dreams are for real When you see what I see And you feel it too We took the longest"
  • Dreams - Aimee Mann
    "Dreams Dreams can come true Look at me babe if I'm with you You know you gotta have hope You know you've got to be strong Move a step closer You know that i want you I can tell by your eyes That you"
  • Dreams - Tie-Dye Quartet
    "Childhood dreams of the way that things should be Fooled me that there would be a prince out there for me But fairy tales don't always come true And I find myself in love with you You are not the kind"
  • Dreams - Boyz II Men
    "Here I am again , wondering if you're ok can't stop this troubled heart 'coz we're apart.. miles away phone pressed up to my ear, wish you were here, holding me a face to go with your sweet voice would"
  • Dreams - Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz
    "(Chorus 2x) Hey lover am I the only one Or are you selling your baby a dream (Am I who you thinkin' of who you thinkin' of) Hey lover boy am I the only one Or are you selling your baby a dream (Am"
  • Dreams - Cat Power
    "Dream, dream, dream, dream Dream, dream, dream, dream When I feel blue in the night I want you to hold me tight Whenever I want you All I have to do is dream I can make you mine Taste your lips of wine Anytime"
  • Dreams - Hey
    "There is something in her eyes, And I think it's fear Why don't you tell me little girl, Why are you so afraid Last night my father Came to my room alone, He was stark naked Very quiet closed the"
  • Can You Feel It - Warren G
    "LBC D-E-F-G I'm H-I off J's bellin in a T-shirt and blue jeans well few dreams ever come true well some do, so nigga say (I'm from the beach too) Long Beach City G's Funkin and its a pity who many we's"
  • I Can Feel You - Anastacia
    "Yeah Tell me what have you done to me, oh How come your eyes feel like your hands on me? (Am I under some magic spell?) Oh, did you put a hex on my body (I'm aroused though, boy can't you tell?) I can't"
  • I Can Feel You - Jump Little Children
    "Born to the red rising sun A silver ring and a bottle of rum The lonesome coup is nothing new I'll toast it anyway just for fun. How could we know about this? She gave that little ring a twist She swelled"

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