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in my face od fluschy

  • God Od - Meat Beat Manifesto
    "It's genocide, can't you see? A genocide in the first degree You know it's a mad, a mad mad world Don't give damn if you don't believe me! I've seen the light, and I like what I've seen These creaturs"
  • Face - World War Four
    "Been a long time coming crawling up from the gutter It was just this morning I saw you watch me suffer. Beneath this neat facade down beneath the remains I lay covered in hurt you denied any blame But"
  • Face - Staple
    "You're so perfect at running my life. I'm sure you're perfect at yours too. Do you think that I lived my life right the times that I thought I could trust you? I thought you were a friend of mine. Friends"
  • Face - Wilshire
    "They say I'm the life of the party I've got all the lines I can make them laugh till they cry I'm like a jester in a court A funny man of sorts I can put on a good show Chorus: Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea Do"
  • Face - Aerosmith
  • Face - Dizzee Rascal
    "Yo, Let's Talk About Over-Excited Brehs On The Road, Who Brake All Street Honourary Codes, Can't Get A Real Name For Themselves, Living Off Reflected Glory, Living Off Face Said He Knows Slimzee ,Maxwell,"
  • Face - Bell X1
    "How I know Go bow end send mend bend pretend Shut your face again Bleed seed need read breath on my knees How I choose to breath Lie cry learn grow slow false start How I build my wall Hate wait"
  • Face - Damien Rice
    "How I know Go bow end send mend bend pretend Shut your face again Bleed seed need read breath on my knees How I choose to breath Lie cry learn grow slow fall stall How I build my wall Hate wait bait kiss"
  • Face - Beck
    "Large lips in the motion Trying to keep blaming on As I say reason I'm late on Find you turning Laughing and smiling Running over sometimes Feel like you leave me behind Now you don't have to mind it Find"
  • Face - Riverside - Volte
    "I have spent all my previous life Waiting for something else to start Now I see that I have felt so numb To everything that passed me by Need to go land on my own two feet Need to change my life this"
  • Face - NRG
    "I will throw all my hypocrisy away I promise myself this and I stop right here But I lose my courage by all the stares of the people In sadness, in happiness I cry and laugh This is me but people are laughing"
  • In My Face - Xzibit
    "(Intro) Oooooh...do re mi (Xzibit) Fa so la ti do yeah I'm doin' vocals Intimate Turn the music up, yeah c'mon! {beat starts...} Yeah! c'mon in, yeah"
  • The art od losing - Rise Against
    "I'm not fucking blind to the way that you talk around the truth not just what you say but what you do played this tug of war way too fucking long like every time again I've lost you've won you took advantage"
  • Radiation In My Face - Lodgic
    "Help Me! 'Cuz it's hurting me, It's hurting me This radiation. (Chorus) Radiation, blowing in my face, Blowing in my face, Blowing in my face, I was messin' around one day, And it started blowing in"
  • Sand In My Face - 10CC
    "I looked in the mirror (What did you see looking at you) I saw a nine stone weakling (What will you do) Dynamic tension waiting for you Dynamic tension make a man out of you I opened my magazine (What"
  • Smoke in my face - J Church
    "I don't drink everything, She won't stop at anything, She won't wait for me, I don't smoke anything, I don't mind living at her place, I don't mind her smoke in my face She helped me move out of Hollywood,"
  • Up In My Face - Z-RO
    "(*Talks*)Don't these niggas know we murder niggas for real man? (*Sings*)Fucking around with Z-Ro nigga ya dead wrong (dead wrong) dead wrong (dead wrong) (*Talks*)Know I'm saying, when I walk in the motherfuckin"
  • Face To Face - Alpha Blondy
    "Face to face with my life Face to face with my destiny Face to face with my life Face to face with my destiny I better stop fooling myself And deal with today's reality My life is a flash in the ageless"
  • Face To Face - Frank Duval
    "Movement surrounds me - mysteries. Movement surrounds me. Face face to face With a stranger in myself And his grip on my soul. Face face to face With the force he occupies All my thoughts and my whole"
  • Face To Face - Foreigner
    "We never talk to one another We just disagree I'm the one who runs for cover And you turn your back on me They say nothing's gonna last forever But some things are worth fighting for Yeah, well love could"

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