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in silence milky wishlake

  • Milky way - Chipz
    "Goin' high high highWith a spaceship in the skyNever down down downThe stars are all aroundGoin' high high highI never even tryTo go down down downI travel by trainBy boat or carI go by plain when it is"
  • Milky Way - Syd Barret
    "What'd you ever say today when you're in the milky way oh tell me please if I met you I told you what to do seems a while since I could smile the way you do... how many times, if I try, if I may,"
  • Milky Ave - Satellite Party
    "Oh when, when I die. I wanna lay down, A nest a island in the sky. Well we'll be taken there, We'll run around naked there. For it's as pretty as Malibu. Twenty-four hour, beats and bars. Hop"
  • Milky Cereal - LL Cool J
    "Ooh yeah Mh Hey yo, man Ain't nothin like a nice bowl of cornflakes in the morning to smooth you out Milky Cereal (Baby) Milky Cereal [2x] [ VERSE 1 ] Mirror, mirror on the wall Who's the baddest female"
  • Milky way - BoA
    "Tell me what you're dreaming bout tonight I never want to let you go The lips that kissed my lashes and your sleepy smile Sinking into the darkest night A breezeless flow in the afterglow You and me together"
  • Milky Teeth - Tindersticks
    "You know I'm a kisser I wanted you for that mouth Hey you know I'm a listener I loved you for what came out It's your mind and your body That makes me feel so dirty And it's my mouth What comes out What"
  • Milky Boy Bourgeois - Stereo Total
    "Und hier kommt Milky Boy Bourgeois Milky Boy Bourgeois Mit seinem Milchgesicht Milky Boy Bourgeois Der Stolz der Mama Milky Boy Bourgeois Ganz der Papa Milky Boy Bourgeois Applaus, Applaus Sieht er nicht"
  • Wonder Milky Bitch - Air
    "This is the story of a country girl Back in town from her country house She came to me with her muddy boots She destroyed all my carpet You know how to do it Wonder milky bitch You never wear cosmetic You"
  • Milky White Way - David Houston
    "I'm gonna walk that milky white way oh Lord some of these days I'm gonna walk that milky white way some of these days I'm gonna walk up and take my stand gonna join the Christan Band I'm gonna walk that"
  • Milky Way Tonight - Crosby & Nash
    "I can really see the Milky Way tonight From the furthest edge of memory, out of sight Will the sky begin to fall? No one knows at all, no one knows I can almost hear the echoes of the past From the voices"
  • Goodbye Milky Way - Enigma
    "(Michael Cretu) Shall I go, shall I stay 107 light years away many times, so many doubts But no reason to talk about Mission is over, mission is done I will miss you, children of the sun But it's time"
  • Silence - Fiction Plane
    "Silence cause I'm vain Silence cause my mother thinks I'm beautiful Silence cause I'm vain Silence cause I'm scared of this passage of time Silence as I breathe Silence as my lungs become a metal box Silence"
  • Silence - Bonnie Pink
    "Silence You smoke in silence Tipling and glazing, high and dry Silence Yes, she's gone Without so much as looking back Silence I knew your end Doesn't matter to me where you go But I want you to know That"
  • Silence - Lara Fabian
    "Silence I've learned so much After these years of despair And nothing intouched With the deepest side of my pain Although I cant say There's nothing there Not even a dream to share Are you familiar? Or"
  • Silence - Sick Of It All
    "So I take that you thought Some things are better left unsaid You chose your inhibitions Over what I should comprehend What could have been done To keep me from going astray Begging for direction But not"
  • Silence - Selena Cross
    "At last I have clarity It took a while, it took a long time But now I can see I learned to let go It was the hardest lesson of all But I gave you my love In silence Silence There would come a time In my"
  • Silence - Gomez
    "I've been caught in a trap I set for myself I don't want to be here when you could be somewhere else So why'd I sit on my hands like a book on a shelf Where only dust is falling? Everyone 'round here lives"
  • Silence - Gil
    "The pain is still here But the silence heals Wish me luck That's all I've got To start a new life after this There was someone But now she's gone Everything keeps turning And everything is still"
  • Silence - Frank
    "I go to your place in the afternoon To take the last drag of the honeymoon I take a deep breath coming up for air A crocodile smile and a silent prayer BRIDGE Maybe I've come too early But I'll"
  • Silence - Slapshot
    "I want to know, what do you believe I want to say but can I speak my mind But you're gonna leave no matter what I say Could you be real for once in your life Silence - is the weapon you use on me Silence"

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