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in the swimming club

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in the swimming club

  • Swimming - Pain Teens
    "Swimming, swimming, swimming in those arms whose embrace I knew before only in my dreams is a wonder, wonder, wonder of such beauty that I'm overwhelmed. I'm drowning in ecstasy Sinking into a sea of bliss Drowning"
  • Swimming - Emilie Simon
    "I was swimming across the sky Clouds and angels by my side Then I realized that I was lonely And it wasn't such a good thing I was flying in Paradise In that ocean of dead lights I was looking for your"
  • Swimming - Postmen Flying
    "The endless ocean of high emotions That's what you're dreaming about Unforbidden pleasures, one billion treasure Man, you've got your head in the clouds Swimming in this turmoil you can't avoid Playing"
  • Swimming - Sunset Rubdown
    "Maybe an ocean is found in a lake. Maybe exceptions to this could be made. But Im swimming Lord, just to be saved She always loved him, but not in the way, The way shes supposed to, but she never claimed"
  • Swimming pool - The Submarines
    "Heavy is the mind that can't be told When it's time to let it go Heavy is the heart filled so full with sorrow Worry cant help a single thing but When we're out of our heads At least were out in the open The"
  • Swimming Horses - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Falling in your, falling in your in your arms Fish on a line, learns to live on dry land Thrown back again to drown Kinder with poison Then pushed down the well or a face burnt to hell Feel the cruel"
  • Swimming Time - Nephew
    "Give me some swimming time alone otherwise I'll drown som Big Ben i en modvind Give me some time to take this lane finish for the judge finish the Today Show Give me some swimming time alone hooligans"
  • Swimming Pool - Puffy AmiYumi
    "==English== The kind regard of mid-summer Santa, Drew us close togheter naked, As we splashed around Swimming to the loose rhythm of the samba, naked, as in our dreams, we bathed in the light. Swaying,"
  • Swimming Suit - Tahiti 80
    "It's gonna cause you sorrow It's gonna give you all you need Forget about tomorrow Don't dramatize the things you did It quickly flows to the sea So quickly you won't see So many things to face And you're"
  • Swimming Upstream - Ra
    "The sun disappeared right before my eyes My heart turned and walked away I gave you the keys to an open door And you threw them right back at me Once again I'm alone with a pain in my chest So sad, so"
  • Swimming Pool - Freezepop
    "late at night, the air was cool we snuck into the swimming pool you dove headfirst, i waded in the scent of chlorine upon our skin the stars were bright, the water clear i felt your heat as you swam near i"
  • Stop Swimming - Porcupine Tree
    "This song leaks out onto the pavement It could be a joke, it could be a statement The more that I fake it and pretend I don't care The more you can read in to what isn't there Maybe it's time to stop"
  • Swimming Pool - Camera Obscura
    "My head's been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse What I have inside me it's enough to fill a house Don't get maudlin on me cause I'm not fit for it I'd make you another offer will it do the trick All"
  • Swimming Eyes - Jeniferever
    "A silhouette passing by in front of your eyes. Someone walking through the crowd, That's just her body, it's not her. Just a reflection of a time that's lost. Memories painted as the contours of, Someone"
  • Swimming Ground - Meat Puppets
    "Every thought's a game A pack of chimps I cannot tame You're wondering who to blame Now your ride has come up lame Fortres full of hate Fears and hopes all pound the gate To early, it's too late What is"
  • Swimming Pool - Bananafishbones
    "Somewhere there's a heart and it's angry Somewhere there's a place that I belong Somewhere it's light, somewhere it's black Somewhere there's a place in which I grow strong Is it you way to save my day"
  • Swimming In Champagne - Eric Heatherly
    "Santa Monica Sunset, Bekonates The Sky Rose coloured twilight, the twinkle in here eyes as we touch, the heavens light up. and we both know, we are drying love... it feels like.... Swimming In Champagne"
  • Swimming In Blood - Abscess
    "Smoke filled skies, Bloodshot eyes I'm as high as that glow in the sky Burn, doe and fuckin' fry Gonna fuck shit up and I don't care why Hour's late, War's begun Hit and run, We're having fun Gas mask,"
  • Swimming In December - Galactic Cowboys
    "Another day of winter The sweat is building up It always fails to amaze me The ignorance erupts Sandpaper grinding down Turned my ego to a frown Swimming in December It's snowing in July I'm trying to"
  • Swimming In Sand - Buck-O-Nine
    "He said take me to the sea That is where I want to be He said take me to the sea and let my mother bury me He was just an orphan child Grew up in the Cayman Isles He was just an orphan child that said He"

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