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in this world killing people

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in this world killing people

  • Killing - Dreamaker
    "Two snakes will decide my fate Always near to my chest In the middle of this land In search of a name I'll not be alone I can find her dream If you never lose your hope Leave a chill, fly to fantasy And"
  • Killing Me - Skindred
    ""Boy you know, me ah fe go leave dat town yo you know! Ca' it too hot you know, it too hot man" I'm walking from the bottom and I'm stepping to the top I see these mental cases and it's just like watching"
  • Killing Kit - Scapegoat
    "Weve got our fingers crossed Weve got his very best friends in on the job We the people are the people, and as people we will have our way Were doing away with this sharp, unorthodox, ir-rhythm, Damning"
  • Killing World - Viper
    "I killed a cop baby I have to run away Say you never saw me Say you never knew me at all LiFe is so tough baby My future is a promise You don't have to believe it Never bet a dime on me yeah It's a killing"
  • People - Adrian Belew
    "People fly People flee People clam and say "it wasn't me" People fish People beef People arm to the teeth Yes, you've got people on the tube, Walking on the moon People at the bottom of the sea People"
  • People - King Crimson
    "people fly people flee people clam and say "it wasn't me" people fish people beef people arm to teeth yes, you've got people on the tube walking on the moon people at the bottom of the sea people"
  • People - Level 42
    "I'm forever struck by the people in this town and the way they go about their world have they given up all the fun they used to have in adolescent xanadu everything is too much time and trouble they must"
  • People - Awolnation
    "Thank you For listening again Or for the first time Or for the last time We share this moment And i am greatful for this I was born to rage For my fathers pain With my brothers style For my mothers rain We"
  • Killing - New Model Army
    "It was summer when they finally came, the law of forceand line upon line of machine upon machine, back into the greenwood, closer to the heart of things we go - beneath the wires stretched against the"
  • People - Looptroop
    "Chorus (x2):We speak for those who can't speak cause they're afraid/write for those that can't write their own names/stand up for those who's sitting in a cage/and all my people that are suffering today/"
  • People - Dan Hill
    "Now there are people That fall - into my life Each one can change my world So slightly And everyone so different Yet so much the same Each and everyone so deep Inside me Chorus: I love I hate I live I"
  • People - Killah Priest
    "(People) Is the world we live in Full of innocent, Yasa's word, we the victims (6 billion people) To the suburban area Filled with doctors and lawyers Cops and judges, we all suffer from paranoia (6 billion"
  • The Killing Field - Psycho Realm
    "THE KILLING FIELDS (G.Gonzalez, J.Gonzalez,C.Vargas, R.Alfaro) (Jacken) Street theater's a dramatic depiction of non fiction Showing the co-exsistence of harmony and friction We document our situation Pro-abolition"
  • Killing Time - Pennywise
    "On my tv, violent actions race across my screen A world of hate staring at the rise in murder rate I can't believe what we've become Is all hope lost to everyone? A bettered wife waits for us to hear Her"
  • Killing Time - Triumph
    "He's got no place to go. She sits in an empty bedroom Playing the radio. Every day they're regretting All the things never tried; Every day they're dyin' Just a little bit more inside. All the lonely"
  • Killing Goodness - Amorphis
    "There's no existing misery that just fades away faint hearted mindless tracks through the wicked world the world of today and all the people wait too long makes them hate too much foolishness fills this"
  • Killing Tool - Cataract
    "Bright headlines used as a calming injection. In the mirror of lies I see the reflection Of buried thoughts and stolen freedom The absorbed struggle of the human race This killing tool in this reign of"
  • Killing Technology - Voivod
    "Thinking about another project How the hell are they gonna make it Anyway nobody's gonna object Even if they make shit Now you better get wise Lasers passing through the sky For me there's no alternative This"
  • Killing Machine - Aiden
    ""Fuck me? Fuck you, fuck you and this whole city and everyone in it." Carved your name into my skin, in candlelight. Sew it up with hate. Carve, a message in my arm, in candlelight. Sew it up with hate. Found"
  • Killing Floor - Naked Aggression
    "There's this group around that calls themselves prolife Well, instead they should call themselves pro-death Because by taking away our freedom of choice They're are going to force many women who don't"

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