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in weake of posejdon

  • Posejdon - owge
    "lubię patrzeć na ciebie kiedy jesteś obok mnie nie nawidzę nas kiedy nie ma cię obok mnie jak wbijam na scenie na scenie to zawsze ogień gasisz me pragnienie chyba jesteś Posejdonem o, o, ogień gasisz"
  • Posejdon - Kizo
    "058 kierunkowy Moje miasto – narkotyk 4 koła napęd, koty Śledzą nas po śladach kłopoty Jak złapią bądź honorowy Wiedza co wydzierane głowy Do orientu powody Towar z komody Sumy większe niż kod pocztowy Fury"
  • Posejdon (ft. Bisz) - Golden
    "Zatopiony w rozmyślaniach, zanużony w swoim losie Dryfuję ciągle na falach, wielkich Atlantów potomek Wokoło szumią pytania, fale skrywają odpowiedź Od wieków są takie same, nie kłamią zimne i słone Chcę"
  • In The Stream Of Commerce - Cave In
    "no matter how many times we paint over these walls the writing still shines through in the stream of commerce we're afloat a thousand washed-up rockers trash the banks. oh no. in the stream of commerce"
  • In Flames - In Flames
    "Behold the heart of mine in flames A top the highest mountain Below the darkest depths In the valley of hate I wander My frost bitten heart is set ablaze, set ablaze Ravage my soul Plunder my mind Branded"
  • In The Absence Of Sacred - Lamb Of God
    "Violence a natural reaction in a society whose advances are limited to its new technology Different only in the current mode of destructive intent Date has replaced real life in this world, no hope for"
  • In the land of forests - Vale Of Tears
    "Its trees that greet you have a warm smell, Its paths hide secrets no one will tell. Its soft branches embrace you gently, The voices that call you sound friendly. Its cool stream is the river of wisdom,"
  • Pull In Case Of Emergency - Heroes of Heartache
    "One step footprints slowly walking with my head down my face fallin like the rain falls fast from the sky lord please help me shed me your light bad things happen to good people you rush with haste take"
  • In Sacrilege - Death In June
    "Solitude is not given It is Earned In this Conspiracy Of Destiny Empty Vessels Of Spermless Love Made of Mud and Mist I was Possessed We Develop, We Delight, We Define and We Decay From within A sacred"
  • In The Name Of I - Path Of No Return
    "I am the incandescent revelation in a darkened world, seen by no one. It's my unspoken words of wisdom that will guide you when you're led astray. I am the virus of a lost mind, the ease for every rotting"
  • In Case Of Future Complication - Anatomy Of A Ghost
    "Rewrite the book Chapter three is empty Pure white and hidden in the shadows One voice moving lips are absent whispers Design for the future Twisting steel frames cells glass walls Observation seating"
  • In Case Of Furture Complication - Anatomy Of A Ghost
    "Rewrite the book chapter three will be empty pure white and hidden in the shadows one voice moving lips are absent whispers design for the future twisting steel frames cells glass walls observation seating"
  • Caught in the act of love - Caught in the act
    "everybody`s been caught in the act everybody`s been caught in the act everybody`s been caught in the act of love I find it hard to believe this has happened to me I`ve fallen again and I`m on my knees I`m"
  • Drenched in fear - In Flames
    "You won'tFind a friendly face in the crowd,It's quite amusing to see how you sufferI refuse, to let you steal my delight,Barely awake - but it strengthens my night rageI've seen you kill many dreams,But"
  • Clad in shadows - In Flames
    "Reach for your razor Cut through the dawn See through your inner wrath Keys shan't open the doors Behold my heart has stopped My lungs are laid in the final rest And still I see and do I feel Yes, but"
  • Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    ""Let's get the message across crazy christan nightmare men don't come here in the house of pain or we will cause you misery and shame when I get you in these arms the partys over..." 6.30 in the"
  • In Praise Of - Arid
    "The time has come To say it clear The time has come For you my dear You can?t be sure of anything It ain?t no use but still you cling You fight it off You fight it brave You try real hard But you?re still"
  • In a Robe of Fire - Of The Wand & The Moon
    "Oath in blood and fire - in silver snow An angel's crimson wings - in moonlit glow This is the one - my black flamed sun The honor and the code - of night abode In a robe of fire - so arcane My black"
  • In the Colours of Night - Of The Wand & The Moon
    "Black gleans the eye And the fire gold In the colours of the night You shall wander You shall wonder Shadows of this token Sadness of this moon Silence of this tomb Darkness of this womb Sadness of this"
  • In Spite Of - Saybia
    "I ain't as beautiful as you I ain't as beautiful as you But in spite of the fact that I ain't noticed in a crowd I know it ain't all bad I know that ain't all bad If I look in the right direction In my"

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