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in your samsajm in jo live

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in your samsajm in jo live

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in your samsajm in jo live
  • Goldfrapp Jo
    "Heard a shout of someone calling, Strange and darkness. People lack all feelings Over the city tonight. Hanging by behind the trees of, Blood red mornings. Watching all this waiting for you Dread in my"
  • Chuck Berry Jo Jo Gunne
    "It was in ancient history, four thousand B.C. Back up in the jungle in a coconut tree Hanging on a branch up under the sun Was a meddlesome monkey named Jo Jo Gunne Old Leo the lion came down from the"
  • Janet Jackson Damita jo
    "Sexy Quiet Shy, but down for a good time Taurus sign Like rain, but love the sunshine Makin' headlines Feel I'm too deep define Simple inside But I'm livin' the diva life Damita Jo Do you like"
  • Paula Cole Suwannee Jo
    "Idiot kitty to New York City Living in a kennel and lookin' big and pretty Meet the munch for business lunch But your feet bleed under the table But Suwannee Jo, you're dark and slow You dance with a broom"
  • Belle And Sebastian Mary Jo
    "Mary Jo, living alone Drinking tea, on her own She wants, tell em what you want Mary Jo, living alone Drinking gin the tellys on She wants The night to follow day and back again She doesn't want to sleep Well"
  • Belle & Sebastian Mary Jo
    "Mary jo, sitting alone Drinking tea, she just got home She wants, i don't know what you want Mary jo, living alone Drinking gin with the telly on She wants The night to follow day and back again "
  • Jonny Was Average jo
    "I've been thinkin' how we used to be before Now that I've been sleeping all alone It's kinda funny but I thought I'd miss it more But instead I'm sleeping like a stone Well, I'll be honest cuz it hasn't"
  • Scarlett Johansson Song For Jo
    "Do you remember How we'd fallen asleep On the bathroom floor Wasn't always pretty On the white tiles Cold as the sound Of your daddy's house Awake abandoned Smoke out the window floors From your daddy's"
  • Gary Numan Jo The Waiter
    "Jo the waiter worked for me Serving wine in basement bars Only madmen ever stay, "got no time" If you're mindless please take mine Jo the waiter held me close Behind the door marked 'gentlemen' Just for"
  • Stephen Malkmus Jo Jo's Jacket
    "''"And in a funny way, the shaving of my, uh, head has been a liberation from, uh, a lot of, uh, stupid vanities really. Uh, it has simplified everything for me, it has opened a lot of doors maybe"'' I'm"
  • Ricky Skaggs Sally Jo
    "I got me in bed and covered my head Wish I was dead with Sally Jo Sally Jo, where did you go Sally Jo? Since you have gone my days are turned to night Nothin' goes right Sally Jo Sally Jo, where did you"
  • Githead Live In Your Head
    "Take my advice There's no way to go back Leave regrets You need to face the facts Make a plan Silence is a tool All demands All the ridicule You think I'm being circumspect But really it's about respect Control"
  • Bread Live In Your Love
    "Look At Me Bread (David Gates) I'm driftin' down the street Asking of all I meet Don't you know me from somewhere Hazel eyes and curly hair Have you seen me anywhere Look at me I'm blending into the wall And"
  • The Rembrandts Buddy Jo
    "Buddy crashes through the kitchen-Crazy hair and bloodshot eyes Wishin' there was an cure the state of his demise Blame it on the universe Goodbye Buddy Jo It's late, you know...but you"
  • J.J. Cale Mo Jo
    "(M. Morganfield) I've got my mojo working but it just don't work on you I've got my mojo working but it just don't work on you I done tried it in New York city, now I'm gonna try it out on you I've got"
  • Peter Koelewijn Ik Ben Geen Jo-jo
    "Er is altijd wel iets dat je moet doen En wat je niet bevalt Dan voel je je net een jo-jo Weet je wat ik bedoel? Weet je wat ik bedoel? Sta op en zeg t: Ik ben geen jo-jo Ik ben geen jo-jo Meer dan tien"
  • Rhodes Happy To Live In Your World
    "I don't remember her face Or why I was there I just remember feeling angry Something made me hate her I had to suffocate her My common sense Spoke of no consequence But I want to live I want to live In"
  • Paradise Lost Your Hand In Mine (live)
    "Pay the deadly price Lift the fallen prize Told you soon will die Sin that sails alight Carry ungodly crimes Travelling out of reach Taking the weight of the night upon my back You cannot believe the pain"
  • Jefferey Gaines In Your Eyes (Live, Galore)
    "Love, I get so lost sometimes Days pass, and this emptiness fills my heart When I want to run away, I drive off in my car But whichever way I choose I come back to the place you are And all my instincts,"
  • Jeff Buckley Yeh jo Halka Halka
    "At a glance from the cup-bearer I gulped the whole cup of wine in one draught and thus got intoxicated. odivine mercy pardon my slip from grace as my eagerness for wine drinking pushed me in committing"

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