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indulge in kygo -best of mix 2015

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indulge in kygo -best of mix 2015

  • Indulge Me - Olive
    "My latest little mood A darker shade of blue Still I draw closer to you My pretty little dress Begins to look a mess Infatuation come through Enlighten me with you Look at things the way you do Indulge"
  • Indulge in Frenzy - Asphyx
    "A deadly perfection, skilled to kill Draining the blood of the ones who resist Our only aim is crushing The damned must be wiped off the earth Ruling by aggression, abstract vicious world Our means"
  • Indulge In Self Mutilation - Visceral Bleeding
    "Exposing frenzy of self hatred sickened by, pure disgust My raging inner haunting me, torment, The voices speaking clearly, chanting, telling me to end this life Disfigure this abomination Deform this"
  • Heroes (Eurowizja 2015) - Mans Zelmerlow
    "Don't tell the gods I left a mess I can't undo what has been done Let's run for cover What if I'm the only hero left You better fire off your gun Once and forever He said go dry your eyes And live your"
  • Rhythm Inside (Eurowizja 2015) - Loïc Nottet
    "Listen to the sound of thunder Rolling in the soul down under Far beneath the skin, it rumbles Step to the step of the drum that rolls inside Be you enemy or lover We are put here to discover The heart"
  • Playing With Numbers (Eurowizja 2015) - Molly Sterling
    "Do I owe you something I think I do They tied our hands But I cut through In the arms of the potion They found our truth And I made a girl Abandoned youth and Made the mess in your vision and See a debt"
  • Still In Love With You (Eurowizja 2015) - Electro Velvet
    "Well, don’t get on the wrong train Don’t fly in an old plane Don’t go out in the pouring rain You might get wet I’d be upset You’re bound to get sneezes Or nasty diseases Take good care when I’m not there I’m"
  • Black Smoke (Eurowizja 2015) - Ann Sophie
    "When you look at me, you know you're hard to read. Because the face I see is not the one I know And when you call me baby, what's that supposed to mean I don't know who you are, how long can we pretend See"
  • 2015 - Hey
    "Upalnie jak tej zimy jeszcze nie było To pierwszy rok gdy wzięcia nie miała śmierć Odchodzić kiedy wszystko zdaje się śpiewać Bez spazmów, szlochu, marszu - kto by tak chciał? Czy to natury akt terroru"
  • Sacrifice (Rough Mix) - Cannibal Corpse
    "Put her on the altar, tie her down secure She will soon die, her soul is still pure Her body is trembling it's filled with fear She'll lose the life which she holds dear The dagger is ready to do it's"
  • A Million Voices (Eurowizja 2015) - Polina Gagarina
    "We are the worlds people Different yet we're the same We believe We believe in a dream Praying for peace and healing I hope we can start again We believe We believe in a dream So if you ever feel love"
    "I wanna see you hands up all for You, you, you And I don’t care if you black or white I want you too! Make the world from your fantasy So the smile will be remedy I wanna see you hands up all for You,"
  • I Am Yours (Eurowizja 2015) - The Makemakes
    "Anytime that you’re thinking of me That you might want me I’ll come on over Don’t you know Anytime, anyplace I am yours You’re a lesson that I love learning So any time that you’ve got a yearning Don’t"
  • Wars For Nothing (Eurowizja 2015) - Boggie
    "Do you know our Earth is a mess All the wars for nothing, it never ends Everybody deserves a chance All the souls, all the souls, can you hear them cry? That you live in peace does not mean It’s okey"
  • Kids in Love (ft. The Night Game) - Kygo
    "this is our last goodbye don’t come to find me So hard to see you cry please, somebody blind me Cause I can feel it I’m still logging onto every word my heart is beating and I’m sorry that I left you hurt We"
  • I'm in Love (ft. James Vincent Mcmorrow) - Kygo
    "I'm in Love /30x Not enough I see you waiting Your hands are up Your body is shaking That’s hard look I know you’re faking I know you lie I’ve seen you lying For 4 months in front of me And now we’re"
  • Mix Up, Mix Up - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Yeah Well it's not easy, it's not easy Speak the truth, come on speak It ever cause it what it will He who hide the wrong he did Surely did the wrong thing still Get in the"
  • Mix Up, Mix Up - Bob Marley
    "Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, yeah! Well, it's not easy, It's not easy Speak the truth, come on, speak. Eh, now! It ever cause it what it will: He who hide the wrong he did Surely did the wrong thing still. Get"
  • Love mix - Paul McCartney
    "We got a love mix, a love mix, love mix, love mix. I thought at the time when you walked in my life, what's gonna become of my rainbow? Now with the help of a love and a wife, Im gonna get some of that"
  • Crown Of Glory (Unscarred) (In Fury Mix - Unreleased Alternate Mix) - Virgin Steele
    "Bury Me Beside The Endless Sea, Raise My Ashes To The Wind Remember Things I Conquered In My Time, Quench My Funeral Pyre With Wine Open Your Eyes And See Me, Running Faster, Running Far Open Your Heart"

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