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  • Mystify - Chenoa
    "All my life i've been searchin',for what I feel inside your love is a mystery,seek and we will find I know there's an answer,so show me a clue each step on my journey brings me closer to you. Cause you"
  • Mystify - Raven-Symon
    "Alright, mystify Mystify (yeah you mystify) With your eyes (oh yeah now with your eyes) Play the part (gotta play the part. play the part) Take your time (take your time) Mystify Give a little look with"
  • Mystify - Raven
    "Alright...Mystify...Mystify yeah your mystifyWith your eyes(oh yeah now with ya eyes)Play the part( gotta play the part,play the part)Take your timeMystifyGive a little look with some attitude make them"
  • Mystify - Paradise Lost
    "faced with shame, i accept a will that that's long departed phased with games, i resent a world i once regarded but now it seems the changes must be made... celebrate! terrify me don't mystify your"
  • Mystify - INXS
    "All veils and misty Streets of blue Almond looks That chill divine Some silken moment Goes on forever And we're leaving broken hearts behind Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me I need perfection Some"
  • Sunday - The Cardigans
    "Oh do you knowWhere to go, where to go, ohSomething on your mindWanna leave me behind, wanna leave me behindYou're spinning me aroundMy feet are off the groundI don't know where I standDo you have to hold"
  • Sunday - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Oh do you know ( Where to go, where to go ) Something on your mind (Wanna leave me behind, wanna leave me behind) You're spinning me around My feet are off the ground I dunno know where I stand Do you"
  • Sunday - The Cranberries
    "Oh do you know Where to go Where to go Something on your mind Wanna leave me behind Wanna leave me behind You're spinning me around My feet are off the ground I don't know where I stand Do you have to"
  • Mystified - Rocco DeLuca And The Burden
    "I get dragged by my hands I don't want this to end Can you tell from my face I want you to do it again You mystify me You mystify me I'm all tangled up in black again When my eyes hit the ground That"
  • Sincere - Music Man
    "Quartet: How can there be any sin in sincere Where is the good in goodbye? Your apprehensions confuse me dear Puzzle and mystify (Mystify) Tell me what can be fair in farewell, dear While one single"
  • Spell - Shades Apart
    "what left to discover by now ie seen it all live the same day over and over the world become so small slipping by the second deeper into gray until i look into your eyes until you say my name - never the"
  • Heaven... Can Take Your Lies - The Damned
    "When you're hit by hunger You just don't feel right It's pulling you under Your head's in a vice You light a blue paper From the power of one Look in the mirror See what you have done Heaven can take"
  • What If We - Chiara
    "Words of wisdom, prophets and quotes; Wise men talking, tales from the old. I reach for the stars, Wherever they are. In darkness we're lost, fading away. What if we could be free? Mystify our wisdom"
  • Summer fever - Donna Summer
    "Winds may come and the winds may flowbut there's no wind can cool me of my fever, summer feversummer feverTime of love, time of yeartemperature's rising, our bodies near in fever, summer feversummer feverA"
  • Mystification - Manilla Road
    "Through the winds of time A poet found The Key To The Elder Rhyme Some call the song mystic With tales of gore And terror in the night His words, no more, Have kept me mystified An art revealed to no"
  • You - Gloria Estefan
    "You, simply said Are the best thing in my life Endless source of happiness I could never have designed Unsurpassed, glorified The center of my universe I want so much to express But i can't find the words My"
  • Convulsion - Skinny Puppy
    "heavens trash fixation turning mass direction having a relationship without guilt mass direction off and away hazy circles round the eyes so long how long hate disease heavens thrash its a vacant scathing"
  • Tisza's Child - Aesma Daeva
    "Daughters, sons, river deaths: Faces pale like moons And hands, bright stars Fair children cradle water graves Vast river, spirits, can you hear us pray? Arise, hear my lullaby How I wreck my broken love Upon"
  • So Mystifying - The Kinks
    "You know you're so mystifying You know you're so mystifying Well, help me, baby, get a message through You leave my mouth wide open with the things that you do First you say you love me, then you"
  • Scars (feat. Ryan Tedder) - Alesso
    "I think scars are beautiful I think black is white I'm stuck between the hell I'm in and where we live You say this could kill you Your words collect a night We are the beautiful mystify I can't fly So"

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