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infectious grouves

  • Infectious - Venom
    "Flesh and bone Soul to soul Orgies of the dead Left to rot Melting pot Lets infection spread Life - kills - live In = fec = tious - infectious In = fec = tious - infectious Fire and blood Fire in blood Wounded"
  • Infectious - Suburban Legends
    "Was it my cologne that made the fire burn in you? That piece of flash cast in your eyes I feel it coming through Hollywood, rainbow room, you saw me mixing it up One more glass of champagne, it's getting"
  • Infectious - Lagwagon
    "Controlled, consumed Thoughts unattached Each one a failed synapses detached from fact One positive, one negative Desperate, holding on to healthy images Remember witness, wattness, matters, we're"
  • Infectious - Jungle Rot
    "virus seeps into your brain delusions visions to hate lesions internal scars are eating at your skin scars infest your soul and then they kill again time is taking over you pray to god enter a new world of"
  • Infectious - Go Fish
    "Vs. 1 I wonder what people see When they take a look at me Do they see You? No doubt to me that Youre there However when they compare Is there a difference from their point of view Theres a time and a"
  • Infectious - Overkill
    "CHORUS I'm a wartime killer I'm a man I'm a peacetime killer Doin the best I can Bless yourself with a fiery hand Spit on the place you stand Don't make amends for what you do Or move on your demands Imagination"
  • Through Infectious Waters - Draconian
    "This flesh holds me captive and in quest of liberation... As the sheep flock in the dissonance, I tread in dissent. To the piercing light that sears our hearts; To the sickness that plagues our spirits... I"
  • Infectious pyelonephritis by pathogenic bacteriologic proliferation on the renal parenchyma - Lymphatic Phlegm
    "It determinates an inflamatory reaction of the renal pelvis, the renal chalices and principally the interstital tissue of the kidney, with lesion on the tubular system and glomerular lesions.The processes"
  • These Freaks Are Here To Party ++ - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo- (4:08) I'm not here to hurt you I got enough things that already hurt I'm not here to hate you I got much better things to hate I'm not here to fight you I wanna fight then I'll pick"
  • A Legend In His Own Mind - Infectious Grooves
    "-Muir-Siegel-Trujillo-Pleasents- What up ya? Give it to me go Can't make me. Can't break me. And now you know you're the one Can't fake it. Can't take it. And now you know you're the one Can't make"
  • Do What I Tell Ya - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Siegel- You'll do what I tell ya! And I watch you sweat. Then I'll watch you shake And then you beg. And then you scream "I'll do what you tell me!" You'll do what I tell ya! That is right, Punk! See,"
  • Don't Stop, Spread The Jams! + - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo-Siegel-Pleasants- (4:00) Conversations that no one's supposed to hear My thoughts are hazy, but the weather says it's clear Please don't confuse what was said with what you heard Destroy"
  • Im Gonna Be My King - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo-Dunn I didn't see it-no I didn't hear it I was just trying to Remember all the things I'll never know Well I was walking along-and I'm trying to stay strong-but It's always so hard because"
  • Spric (or Spreck Or Sprick, Whatever. It's Not Listed) - Infectious Grooves
    "Spric it down, spric it down (?) I'm about to go spric low ball on y'all Spric it down, spric it down Spric, in the morning Spric, in the night Spric, make you do it Spric, do it right Spric, can ya"
  • Stop Funkn With My Head - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo-Dunn Hey hey hey somebody's always funk'n with your head No matter where you go you know you just can't stop people from funk'n with your head I was hanging around wasn't making no sound"
  • Three Headed Mind Pollution ++ - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo- (4:24) Three headed mind pollution I made up my mind, do you mind that I really don't mind? I gotta align my mind, but I ain't got the time My mind mind? Yes, it minds. now do you"
  • Turtle Wax Funkaholics Anonymous - Infectious Grooves
    "Trujillo-Muir- (3:30) My my my, your truth is a lie And you help cover it up and you don't even ask why So it goes Funky wunky, the funky junky Funky wunky, ouh won't you hit them with that Nooky nooky,"
  • Violent And Funky - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Siegel-Trujillo-Pleasents- You want funky? We got funky! Who's got funky? We got funky! You said funky Violent & funky! Violent & funky (4x) Sticks and stones may break some bones but a .357 gonna"
  • Violent Funky - Infectious Grooves
    "You want funky? We got funky! Who's got funky? We got funky! You said funky Violent & Funky! Violent & Funky (4x) Sticks and stones may break some bones but a .357 gonna blow your damn head off You"
  • You Lie...And Yo Breath Stank - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Trujillo You lie and yo breath stank you lie and yo breath stank Save your time don't give me that speech And use that time to go brush your teeth A good mouthwash would be a start Cause your breath"

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