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infinite air

  • Kingdom Of Infinite Grief - Lord Belial
    "...Ad Infinitum... Vast and dying land Beneath the livid sky Beyond the horizon In the presence of death Signs of great battles Of glorious age is shown Requiem of the moribund Is outcried Mayhem and"
  • Infinite - Assemblage 23
    "Like a grain of sand Swallowed by the desert Like a drop of rain That falls from darkened clouds I am overwhelmed I stand here awed and humbled At the feet of giants Whose shadows stretch for miles Staggering"
  • Infinite - Forbidden
    "Quest for truth never ceases As wisdom brutally teaches Pacing back and forth again, and again Just searching for an end Panic wave chaos showers Sickening stench of man gone sour Laughing at us in our"
  • Infinite - Luxt
    "INFINITE Time ticks by through another sleepless dark. People are breeding, silently feeding on each other's spark. Days fly by through this cold eventless life. Seconds decaying, pulsing and splaying,"
  • Infinite - Łąki Łan
    "I invite you to the soul blackness. You can infuse Flowing wherever Fly tonight high It all comes true And the whole of madness It enters you Weaving wherever Time can go Time We're being together Fly"
  • Infinite - Eminem
    "Oh yeah, this is Eminem baby, back up in that motherfucking ass One time for your mother fucking mind, we represent the 313 You know what I'm saying?, cause they don't know shit about this For the 9-6 "
  • Air - Air
    "I am feeling very warm right nowPlease don't disappearI am spacing out with youYou are the most beautiful entity That I've ever dreamed of At night I will protect you in your dreamsI will be your angelYou"
  • Infinite Shame - PIG
    "My stomach lurches like a radar sweeps Through days and hours and dragging weeks I'm pandered down this primrose path Where I can't cry so I must laugh I once was bitter now I'm shy But now I'm bitten"
  • Infinite War - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Deafening sound Blackens the sky Ashes rain down Puritans die Infinite war Infinite war Infinite war Overlord, bring decibels of revolt Two minutes and counting Kill to remember This war is a knife Which"
  • Infinite Truth - Amadeus
    "We are living on the ashes Of truths that were created And destroyed later By the darkest minds Where're those that Were between the moon and the sun? Before a game involving pieces of the universe Infinite"
  • Infinite Possibilities - Amel Larrieux
    "21 Oh life has just begun Got a temper like a gun Pointing it at everyone That's his game And it helps him to get through the day But a voice inside him says How much longer can I play He's"
  • Infinite Kiss - Sandra
    "Piosenka "Infinite Kiss" będzie pierwszym singlem w Polsce promującym album "Stay in Touch" Sandry. Utwór zostanie udostępniony stacjom radiowym w październiku. Płyta ukaże się 29 października 2012 roku,"
  • Infinite Machine - Power Symphony
    "(D'Orlando / Cecconi) Intro: Live for the moment Past is gone Forever lost Like rain and tears Live for the torment Futile need To know why Time is coming close Infinite lost soul.. I'm perfect imitation"
  • The Infinite - Nuts Can Surf
    "I blow spit bubbles jerk off to porn I wear loose pants the crouch is torn I pick my nose got in grown nails I stick my face in garbage pails Act kinda weird cant grow a beard But your the one that I feared I"
  • Infinite Pain - Her Nightmare
    "See half the story What you want to believe Shadow the facts and wreak havoc Corruption means nothing without empathy Defeating, force feeding, continuing to destroy Limitless gain, infinite pain Our inability"
  • Infinite Down - Zita Swoon
    "Alone In my home I left a party early tonight The crowd was too loud Can't stand their minds and their cheers I can't stand their records in my ears Like a little girl with her mammie's make-up I'm"
  • Infinite Regression - Quantic
    "Here is the painting of a landscape. But the artist who painted that picture says, - Something is missing. What is it? It is I myself who was a part of the landscape I painted. So he mentally takes a step"
  • Infinite Legions - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "Dark meteors Pale demons astride Hurled relentlessly across the night sky Zealots of creation To a theory chained Theyd kill for their faith or die Never to kneel They slaughter all Lords On the souls"
  • Infinite Hands - Arne Babenhauserheide
    "Infinite Hands build a world to be free, the digital space we all know, unlimited use has the code that we write, and freedom's the badge we all show. The stuff runs our servers, our desktops and grids,"
  • Infinite King - Seventh Avenue
    "Everything upon this planet Creatures under the heavens span Evidence for your endless power Part of your masterplan In this gallery of creation The exhibition is just perfect Mankind is taking part in This"

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