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infinite last romeo

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infinite last romeo
  • Eminem Infinite
    "Oh yeah, this is Eminem baby, back up in that motherfucking ass One time for your mother fucking mind, we represent the 313 You know what I'm saying?, cause they don't know shit about this For the 9-6 "
  • Donna Summer Romeo
    "My baby wears his heart on his sleeves He wears a look on his face that says please please please, love it Everything he wants, love it, everything he wants I just can't hesitate when he wants what he"
  • Lindsay Pagano Romeo
    "Lost in emotion Deep in ur ocean of lies Foolish me, almost didn't see Ur honesty disguise Cuz ur words sputter out in ball of confusion That gives the illusion that u mite be sincere But ur not really"
  • Sublime Romeo
    "I have a secret place inside my mind, where I keep hidden inspiration you will find. And when my petty anger goes to my head, you'll find I'm better off dead. Oh, and I don't hold the key, to find out"
  • Dolly Parton Romeo
    "(Dolly Parton) A cross between a movie star And a hero in a book Romeo comes struttin' in And everybody looks 'Cause he's just got that special thang That everybody needs And everybody wants him But not"
  • Shebang Romeo
    "Uno, dos, tres, quatro! Oh Romeo, where do you have your Juliet now? Oh Romeo, where do you have your girlfriend now? You used to be the one everyone wanted to be (Everybody wanted to be) You used to"
  • Nana Mouskouri Romeo
    "1 I studied Shakespeare when I was at school Thought Romeo was a pet Felt if I met him I'd act like a fool I'd be a poor Juliet Now that I know him I'm not really sure For you're as charming as he Saying"
  • Sunrise Avenue Romeo
    "Cold is the night I see you go Into the night to find your Romeo It's a pity finding someone Won't bring it all to you right now Enter the slowly crying game Enter the fear it's all taken away It's a"
  • Planet Smashers Romeo
    "My girlfriend is a lesbian Not even bi-sexual Am I just a thespian Acting out Romeo? We cruise chicks together We dress in real fake leather But sometimes the weather, It gets to hot. . . We can kiss like"
  • Lucky Dube Romeo
    "I' ve been looking everywhere for you Since the day we met I' ve never been my old self oh hoo You don' t have to beleive in everything I say right now Cause to you I' m just another man Until I prove"
  • Hyper Crush Infinite Youth
    "You know I'm young i got a lot of passion everytime I wake up yeah, I'm rocking crazy fashion when the beat stopd for a second we bring it back and cross my path crazy (?) we own a map baby feather my"
  • Amel Larrieux Infinite Possibilities
    "21 Oh life has just begun Got a temper like a gun Pointing it at everyone That's his game And it helps him to get through the day But a voice inside him says How much longer can I play He's"
  • Power Symphony Infinite Machine
    "(D'Orlando / Cecconi) Intro: Live for the moment Past is gone Forever lost Like rain and tears Live for the torment Futile need To know why Time is coming close Infinite lost soul.. I'm perfect imitation"
  • Zita Swoon Infinite Down
    "Alone In my home I left a party early tonight The crowd was too loud Can't stand their minds and their cheers I can't stand their records in my ears Like a little girl with her mammie's make-up I'm"
  • Quantic Infinite Regression
    "Here is the painting of a landscape. But the artist who painted that picture says, - Something is missing. What is it? It is I myself who was a part of the landscape I painted. So he mentally takes a step"
  • Arne Babenhauserheide Infinite Hands
    "Infinite Hands build a world to be free, the digital space we all know, unlimited use has the code that we write, and freedom's the badge we all show. The stuff runs our servers, our desktops and grids,"
  • Iron Maiden Infinite dreams
    "Infinite dreams I can't deny them Infinity is hard to comprehend I couldn't hear those screams Even in my wildest dreams Suffocation waking in a sweat Scared to fall asleep again Incase the dream"
  • Earthling Infinite M'
    "You said that it's fantastic being telepathic You said you read my mind You said that things are drastic I was looking for a shrine Whilst you were looking for a rock And we were living on the same block With"
  • Kik Tracee Romeo Blues
    "(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux, Rob Grad Music: Gregory Hex, Rob Grad) Slow motion reply of a 9 to 5 Visual infatuation, just caught my eye The last six shooters, shooters been running dry Desperation, telling"
  • Van Halen Romeo Delight
    "I told her "Never in hell, no special reason" Musta lied 'cause I ain't leavin' We're in for a very long night Heard a vicious rumor from your mama's tongue You a desperate woman, need a man with a gun High"

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