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  • Anno Sathani - Alghazanth
    "Alghazanth Miscellaneous Anno Sathani The sons of adam, the daughters of eve All have bent down to the dust onto their knees Anticipating the final asbsolution The sweet, liberating execution The"
  • Learn Chinese - Jin
    "Yeah I'm chinese, and what? (Another preview of Jin album) Yeah you know who this is, Jin, and let me just tell you this The days of the pork fried rice and the chicken wings comin to ur house by me is"
  • Whore Monger - Sage Francis
    "(verse) my popularitys on the ri-ise.my self-image is somewhat sinking my heads expanding in size but my stomachs shrinking it all evens out in the end thats what I'm thinking sing the cashregister raps"

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