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inside the fire disturbed

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inside the fire disturbed

  • Disturbed - Sugababes
    "(verse 1) wheres the hurt? and what is worth? and wheres the end improve? who am I? I reolised, one and one and make two be prepaired, stop running scared 'cause they are watching you 'cause they are"
  • Disturbed - Beanbag
    "09. Disturbed It's hard to think that one day the world will be on fire. It's hard to know that someday everything will go. It echoes on. It echoes through the walls. Take it all God. Please? Take it"
  • Inside The Fire - Disturbed
    "Ohh Devin, won't go to heaven She's just another lost soul about to be mine again Leave her, we will receive her It is beyond your control, will you ever meet again? Devin, one of eleven Who had been"
  • Disturbed - East West
    "Lies birthed kill innocence. Child's smile turn upsidedown. Silence bears the mark you see, bring an end to what's to come. You don't see what I can see, twisted pictures haunting me, Failure trails so"
  • Disturbed - Darkness (German) - Disturbed
    "Don't turn away I pray you've heard the words I've spoken Dare to believe, over one last time, then I let the darkness cover me Deny everything, slowly walk away to breathe again On my own Carry"
  • Fire Inside - Bob Seger
    "Words and music by Bob Seger There's a hard moon risin' on the streets tonight There's a reckless feeling in your heart as you head out tonight Through the concrete canyons to the midtown lights Where"
  • Pleasantly disturbed - Simple Minds
    "Black lines call out from his face Oh his heart beats staccato pace She says he's not killing time I just don't want him for no friend of mine Meanwhile Susan goes out all alone So many reasons but they're"
  • The Fire Inside - Bon Jovi
    "Silver bullet in the wild blue Crack in the walls I'm coming through Think you can stop me, well take a look in these eyes You can't cage what you can't tame There ain't no rules, this ain't a game There's"
  • Inside The Fire - Mob Rules
    "Make your decision Tear out my soul or let me go You've got my children You took my life don't want me to go What is the reason for that? Why do you want to end my life Sit down and listen why I wanna"
  • The Fire Inside - Bob Seger
    "There's a hard moon risin' on the streets tonight There's a reckless feeling in your heart as you head out tonight Through the concrete canyons to the midtown lights Where the latest neon promises are"
  • Murder The Disturbed - Circle Jerks
    "really queer me sitting here you seem so sincere your daughter flips the burgers as you reach for a second beer mom says grace,she's learned her place the cruelest years are on her face two car garage,a"
  • A Fire Inside - Neolithic
  • Inside - Trevor Morgan
    "Well hello God it's me again Falling down on my knees again I thought I'd finally gotten past myself But I'm right back where I was before And I dont want to be here anymore Cause the fire still burns And"
  • Inside - Sting
    "Inside the doors are sealed to love Inside my heart is sleeping Inside the fingers of my glove Inside the bones of my right hand Inside it's colder than the stars Inside the dogs are weeping Inside the"
  • Inside - Lady Violet
    "And we can live in a beautiful world Hide away under peaceful skies We can survive on time and a word Feel the nights passing by Inside and outside... Is it your alluring way Could you always drown the"
  • Inside - Kills Gravity
    "I live in the bright light, Walking in the dark midnight, Skin pale from the streetlight, Kill time nothing to do Inside looking outside, Clawing at the door shut tight, You can't run and you can't hide, White"
  • Inside - Gravity Kills
    "I live in the bright light Walking in the dark midnight Skin pale from the street light Kill time nothing to do Inside looking outside Clawing at the door shut tight You can't run and you can't hide White"
  • Fire Inside The Man - Savage Garden
    "Woman I need your guiding hand show me the way to the promised land the fever that burns in my heart you're the fire inside the man yes you are. Whenever I feel like just giving up whenever my dreams"
  • Inside - Inside Out
    "I want you to stay with me. To spend every day with me. I want you to be more than just a friend. I want you to let me in. Although you're above me. I want you to love me. I want you to need me. Take my"
  • Fire inside my soul - Ian Mcnabb
    "VERSE 1 Going where the sun is warmer, Going where nobody knows my name Going where the trees are taller, Going where there isn't any pain Going where the days are brighter, Going where the mood is lighter"

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