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into the blue

  • Into The Blue - The Mission
    "Mumbo jumbo, listen to the whispers of madness We have climbed mountains of dust We have seen gold gather rust Hocus pocus the stampede of my heart We have sailed on the stars through the air We have flown"
  • Into The Blue - Moby
    "All alone, I open my eyes Wild ride Hold your fire I'm not about to die Keep back Let in some air I dare lie down To stare at the sky {Refrain:} I am wide open Reaching forever I fly into the blue I"
  • Into The Blue - Sunrise Avenue
    "Here we are deep in the darkness Wearing midnight air You close your eyes and feel my breath Embracing through your hair By the bed, the silver moon on you Makes me fade away into the blue It's you and"
  • Into The Blue - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous Into The Blue I see and i hear I realize There is nothing to fear And Something so new I arrive out of the darkness Into the blue I know and i understand Seen face to face And"
  • Into The Blue - Thea Gilmore
    "Across the room This crowded, lonely room I see you standing bright, youre on fire Across the sky This busy city sky Theres one star alight Its you My God, Im sorry, Im falling into the blue, yeah"
  • Into the Blue - Artension
    "Born on the wings of a dream into the morning they fly there's no place that they'd rather be above the clouds so high Light years are days the bravest of hearts lead the way while loved ones on earth"
  • Into the Blue - Kylie Minogue
    "I drew the smile upon my face I paved the road that would one day leave me lonely No angel's too good to fall from grace If she let's go of whatever keeps her holy But I'm still here holding on so tight To"
  • Into The Blue - Sub-Urban Tribe
    "The colour of grace alters depending on the light reflects my manic state commotion fades all details and shades leaving black and white Blinded by obscurity ears bleed from discolouring silence bare"
  • Into The Blue - Feeder
    "Out of sight into the blue. Stepping on over just to get to you. Got my head turned towards the lights. Catching the rain with open eyes. Been trying to reach you lately. Been trying to reach you lately. Because"
  • Into Deep Blue - Stratovarius
    "Sometimes I just want to lie in your lap And dive into dep blue When the world's too much to bear To get away I dive into deep blue The Ocean of your eyes I sink into the mystery tonight Into deep blue When"
  • Into The Night Of Blue - Ace Of Base
    "Into the night of blue, into the night of blue... Haven't heard your voice for a long long time Still you have me hanging on the line Still thinking 'bout you Haven't seen a smile upon my face And I haven't"
  • Out Of The Blue (Into The Fire) - The The
    "I'm a man without a soul...Honey, yeah I lost it while parading it, in a town full of thieves Y'see I didn't wanna be with any people I know. But god knows, I didn't wanna be alone I thought if I acted"
  • Blue - The Jayhawks
    "Where have all my friends gone They've all disappeared Turned around maybe one day You're all that was there Stood by on believing Stood by on my own Always thought I was someone Turned out I was"
  • Blue - The Rasmus
    "Follow me come on you know me Yeah, into the blue Follow me come on you know me Yeah, Into the blue I'll wake you up when the morning comes A desent cup of coffee with milk, right? I'll dress you up and"
  • Blue - Howard Jones
    "Lay at my side and shut out the world Warm this cold heart and wrap me in love Pour magic into a space made for you Lifetimes of longing are to live through Blue blue blue blue blue blue All of my life"
  • Blue - Danny Saucedo
    "You stroke me down like no-one else before That time I saw you girl across the floor Just one look was all it took Since then I've been so dawn But baby do you wanna be with me Everything you do Everything"
  • Blue - VAST
    "Will you turn my mind away from Everything that I haven't done Hope is falling away from me Hope is falling away from me Lets go down with the ship Lets slip into oblivion Lets go down with the ship Lets"
  • Blue - R.E.M.
    "Yellow circus left the stakes a broken ropes world's useless mug The ties that bind, ha ha I can be bad poet Street poet Shit poet Kind poet too Subway Almost 4AM Halloween night Had enough to drink to"
  • Blue - Bob Schneider
    "I've got a mad proposition Put your heart on the line Take it out of its shell And I'll give you mine We'll ease into space It's something to do Come with me We'll always be blue We can start over It's"
  • Blue - Splendid
    "Night falls, I fall, And where were you? And where were you? Warm skin, Wolf grin... And where were you? I fell into the moon, And it covered you in blue... I fell into the moon Can I make it right? Can"

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