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into the fire

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into the fire

  • Into Fire - Spock's Beard
    "They rage into the night Cloaked in gowns of thunder And the rising tide Your flesh will start to burn with the hunger Your soul will open wide All the devils that tormented you All the angels that you"
  • Into The Fire - The Subways
    "I watch the days and weeks roll by you stand by in my busy head I look to see what is left a shot at happiness every day theyre coming out one more aspect we can doubt and I know everytime we fight....... into"
  • Into the fire - Venom
    "Sleepless nights,drenched in sweat.A lust for life,endless death.We're dancing in the fire,We're lost in the flame.We're lost in the fire,Nothing stays the same!Into the fire!Into the fire!Day to night,night"
  • Into The Fire - Sarah McLachlan
    "Mother teach me to walk again Milk and honey so intoxicating I'm reunited Into the fire I am the spark Into the fire I yearn for comfort Open the doors that lead on into eden Don't want no cheap disguise I"
  • Into The Fire - Selfmindead
    "I reach out for the eternal flame The fire that cleanses and heals and strenghtens The fire that will forever burn The flame is weak in my heart To weak to maintain The fire is fading out Turning"
  • Into the fire - Dokken
    "You weave your spell Your eyes beckon me Your lips they speak, lies and misery I know it's wrong, but I can't turn away The flames draw near, they're telling me to stay Into the fire) I'm falling (Into"
  • Into The Fire - Firewind
    "-Solo- Here we are again Marchers of the revolution I can't turn up the human Nothing left to burn Witnessing the prosecution Killing ourselves Save me Don't let them take My life from me Help me My"
  • Into the fire - Shiro Sagisu
    "Into the fire I must have no fear Ill fly with an aim so true Dont you despair I must pay the price My strength will live on through you Into the fire Im burning I will give up all I have to give"
  • Into The Fire - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Into The Fire Into The Fire Life - thin as a thread Sometimes you're lucky Sometimes you're better off dead Your first breath is taken and in to the world you are cast You long for tomorrow"
  • Into The Fire - Burning Point
    "Don't ask me no questions, and I tell you no lies Ignorance is a bliss Secrets of my life could light up the sky And bring pain like a Judas' kiss You don't have to know me My actions won't be explained But"
  • Into The Fire - Bruce Springsteen
    "The sky was falling and streaked with blood I heard you calling me then you disappeared into the dust Up the stairs, into the fire Up the stairs, into the fire I need your kiss, but love and duty called"
  • Into The Fire - Deep Purple
    "Take the trouble to decide the things you do Will not be the things that don't appeal to you See the mess your makin' can't you see your fakin' Gonna make it hard for you, you're gonna--into the fire Turn"
  • Into The Fire - Bryan Adams
    "Life - thin as a thread Sometimes you're lucky Sometimes you're better off dead Your first breath is taken and in to the world you are cast You long for tomorrow while living each day as your last"
  • Into The Fire - Adolescents
    "A single shot then silence springs An alarm that blew my whole world apart Infection spread like a hornet sting The mark of Cain on a bullet Shot through a poisoned heart I could feel the taste of bile"
  • Into The Fire - Sabaton
    "Sent from home overseas And into the unknown Barely landed in the jungle Sent on first patrol Sundown darkness falls Dig in for the night Ambushed in the dawn they came The jungle's alive I feel my fire"
  • Into The Fire - James Young
    "Driving in the rain down the highway of life Pedal stuck to the metal on a white knuckle flight Don't know where I'm going but can't seem to slow down It's a drag race to nowhere in a make believe town Lonely"
  • Into The Fire - Thirteen Senses
    "Come on, come on Put your hands into the fire Explain, explain As I turn and meet the power This time, This time Turning white and senses dire Pull up, pull up From one extreme to another From the summer"
  • Into The Fire - W.A.S.P.
    "Give it to me slow Give now to me Scream in my ear Give it loud to me Ooh come feel confusion Its illusion it ain't real Your love your lust Could never feel Their thief in my eyes Oh I come to steal Ooh"
  • Into The Fire - Running Wild
    "Here comes the finale, time to pay your dues A law without mercy, you have to take the truth No worldly powers could force the fate Universal judgement of the highest grade Time's right to find out if"
  • Into The Fire - Savage Grace
    "Too many battles I've seen, my hell never ending So many dreams of good men they never shall dream Life after life has gone by, without ever taking The road to the meaning of what, of what it all means So"

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