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into the light ic mc

  • Ic ic - J-Kwon
    "I-I-I-I-I-I see some hoes.. In herrrre.. Ayo TrackBoyz.. Its cool if I bring my other cats From St. Louis on this one? Come on.. Girl as you came through the door, you heard it before Errbody in this"
  • Presidential MC - Method Man
    "(feat. Raekwon, RZA) Yeah, uh, heheheh (That's Shadowboxing!) Yo... It's that Blackout, spazzed out, G-String divas Leave you assed out, passed out, it's cold Pack your heat up, blow your back"
  • Mc Cassery - Lloyd
    "Kind friends take warning by my sad tale As I lay here in Strangeways Gaol My thoughts, my feelings, no tongue can tell As I am listening to the prison bell. When I was seventeen year of age Into the army"
  • Into The Light - Therapy?
    "Im so sick Of shaking My head side to side Like a sick, sick dog Waiting to die And what I see I find So hard to believe And then I breathe Into the light Into the light Into the light Into the light Poisoned"
  • Into the light - DJ Tomcraft
    "Foreign affair to know where and when you are nearing the sun into the light please come living enjoy little girl and boy find out the things you need you like you like what you like into the light you"
  • Into the Light - Keane
    "Lonely, why so lonely? Why are you hiding all the time? Don't you realise time is passing? Down through the river bed into the tide To be washed aside Tired now, why so tired now? Have you forgotten how"
  • Into The Light - Odyssey
    "I feel alone when you're not here I'm standing in the darkness I won't complain about my pain But now it really hurts me Give me a sign, will you be mine Please take away those shadows Take me tonight"
  • Into The Light - Warhead
    "the butterfly moves 'round and 'round around the fire that burns so bright the attraction he can't resist the mystic sight is draging it into the light you've got no wings but you're my butterfly so full"
  • Into The Light - Alice Peacock
    "Into the Light by Alice Peacock (from the album Alice Peacock) i'm not asking for perfection i only ask that you try 'cause you keep looking for answers outside yourself when you've had them the whole"
  • Into The Light - Prince
    "From out of the darkness, before there was time There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that's deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light too bright to behold Is"
  • Into The Light - Masterplan
    "Send me a message in case you understand Be sincere about it - this is for real You feel this aversion to life Fear and loathing, the weight of the world It will all fade away Now we climb up to a place Where"
  • Into The Light - Edenbridge
    "when the lake of despair is so serene when the tempest in your heart's breaking in still there is no horizon here through troubled waters I swim the saving sheet-anchor will appear before I'm drowning"
  • Into The Light - Edenbrigde
    "when the lake of despair is so serene when the tempest in your heart's breaking in still there is no horizon here through troubled waters I swim the saving sheet-anchor will appear before I'm drowning"
  • Into the Light - Kenziner
    "Step into the light... (1) I hear the voice call from another day I close my eyes slow, is this her home? I reach my heart out for another sign The cabdles blow out, we're all alone I've counted all"
  • Into The Light - Abraxas
    "Sometimes when I close my eyes I see faded days A young man full of hopes and dreams a better life to live '' Time for me to go has come I'm standing at the point of no return There's no way out I'm"
  • Into The Light - Papa Roach
    "This is a warning My final warning This is a warning My final warning MY Head Full Of wreckage A Mouth full of lies My mind is in the gutter I feel like i wanna die Im the king of nothing with a broken"
  • Into The Light - Nightingale
    "The dawn replace the night It brings me shelter from the darkness And let me live another day. I hear the night birds sing Their final encore to the moonlight The morning sun is on the rise. In the safety"
  • Into The Light - Shadow Project
    "I'm calling out perversion In this city of glass My hammer knows it has me Spitting no Look at the light Bringing hope of diversion Someone said is gets dark Someone said it gets darker When I lift up"
  • Into The Light - Eden's Bridge
    "There's a distant voice, an awakening cry For a land in darkest night And it calls you now to shed the past And move into the light Let your heart be clean as you search for Him And seek for what is right For"
  • Into the Light - Narcoze
    "Looking for better days You feel something new and then you know you're not the same anymore So you try to hear the angel's song You've been trying to lie to yourself You're scared to live your life Tied"

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