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iran maiden

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iran maiden

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iran maiden
  • Iron Maiden The Trooper
    "You'll take my life but I'll take yours too You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through So when you're waiting for the next attack You'd better stand there's no turning back. The Bugle sounds and"
  • Elvenking No Prayer for the Dying (Iron Maiden cover)
    "There are times when I've wondered And times when I've cried When my prayers they were answered At times when I've lied But if you asked me a question Would I tell you truth Now there's something to bet"
  • John Legend Baby, It's Cold Outside (ft. Kelly Clarkson)
    "I really can't stay But baby it's cold outside I've got to go 'way But baby it's cold outside This evening has been Been hoping that you'd drop in So very nice I'll hold your hands they're cold as ice. My"
  • Battle Beast Resurrection by Erection (Powerwolf cover)
    "When purgatory's waiting And the girl immaculate The highest of commandments dictates to copulate No grave is animated, you're buried all alone So let her work a wonder And wake your flesh and bone Resurrection"
  • Ariana Grande Baby It's Cold Outside feat. Mac Miller
    "I really can't stay (But baby, it's cold outside) I've got to go away (But baby, it's cold outside) This evening has been (Been hoping that you'd drop in) So very nice (I'll hold your hands, they're just"
  • Valkenrag Victory or Valhalla
    "And the thirsty snow Drinks from my veins Legs buckle below me Strength leaves my arms As my vision blurs As my hands go numb A promise strikes a spark A prize for warrior’s life A maiden dressed in gold An"
  • Nocny Kochanek Ostatni numer
    "Browar i potłuczone szkło Diabeł i piekło samo zło Wciągnięta płyta jeszcze gra Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica Do domu zaraz trzeba iść W butelkach nie zostało nic Gdzie jest wóda?! Gdzie jest wóda?! Skończył"
  • Kabaret Malina & Chwytak Sadzić Orać Cielność Badać (parodia Cypis "Nie spać Zwiedzać Zapierdalać")
    "Sadzić Orać i od rana Cielność Badać Jutro locha prosić się nam będzie z rana Zasiać, zebrać, bimbru lać do pełnego Jutro w nowych filcach od Armaniego Sadzić Orać i od rana Cielność Badać Jutro locha"
  • Kings Of Leon Around The World
    "My corner, you'll find me every day The boys come out That's where we like to play Gonna tag along, I'll set the way And tried to get high The price you gonna pay Been around the world been around the"
  • Iron Maiden Death or Glory
    "I see the enemy, I know he can’t see me Combat red in tooth and claw Ready now for one more score Took a bullet in my brain Inside I’m the king of pain Outside you will fear my name I ride a blood red"
  • Iron Maiden The Red and the Black
    "The morals of life and the perils of death Take the wrong way out running out of breath Meet my match in the afterlife Suppress the demons that plague the night A tortured mind is a safe place to go But"
  • Iron Maiden Empire Of The Clouds
    "It’s cost me a fortune Track to track .. it’s true … Looking form town to town for you You know you’ve never … You know I’m going get you back Just wait and you’ll see I never going back on my knees I"
  • Iron Maiden Speed Of Light
    "Another time Another place Another Universe and space I took … to see the sights … One way ticket No return … He can’t see Let’s shoot You and me That’s … you will see To unknown galaxy Shadows in the"
  • 101 Decybeli Melancholie (feat. Vixen, Buka, Mam Na Imię Aleksander)
    "Pod morzem … Lewituje w chmurach Trzeźwym okiem chce patrzeć Ale gdy mogę odfruwam Na zielonym dywanie lecę, wierze ze się uda Bo to nie cuda tworzą wiarę Ale wiara tworzy cuda Brachu, potasuj te karty Grajmy"
  • Violetta Crecimos Juntos
    "Crecimos juntos habia todo por hacer Y caminamos habia tanto que aprender Crecimos juntos y sin querer halle tus manos Fuimos creciendo con cada nota de aquel piano Y ahora que? Donde iran los que"
  • Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé Baby It's Cold Outside
    "I really can't stay Baby, it's cold outside I've got to go away Baby, it's cold outside This evening has been Been hoping that you'd drop in So very nice I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice My"
  • Tyrant of Death Ascendancy
    "Marching the funeral ov God I call upon Cains ov this world Walk with me I'll lead the way Ascend... in sectarian rapture I breathe life into the sterile universe Eden's imbecile perimeter My body a bloody-ruby"
  • Amberian Dawn Warning
    ""Oh, why is the forest luminous tonight?" Asked the little maiden from her older sister Lilyrose "Sit here, I will tell you, hear me good, lil' Lau You can't even think of going there! Come, I'll keep"
  • Xandria Little Red Relish
    "Somewhere upon a normal day on a ancient forest way He revealed himself to me and commands "Abandon your believe, I will request no more of thee, cast away your faith and follow me down Take off the maiden"
  • The Hold Steady The Bear and the Maiden Fair
    "(Grupa The Hold Steady nagrała piosenkę na potrzeby trzeciego sezonu serialu "Gra o tron". Utwór nosi tytuł "The Bear and the Maiden Fair") A bear there was A bear up there All black and brown And covered"

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