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is it right

  • Is It Right? - Takida
    "Are you still alive, I thought they'd come for you, I heard that you died and now you come around I use to stare in wall, believe in me you might fall, is it really you alone Is it right, is it wrong,"
  • Get It Right - Make It Pop
    "Get it right or do it all again This time round I'll be better then I used to be, I wanna see If I'm ready for the big time (For the big time) Get it right or do it all again This time round I'll be better"
  • Is It Really Right - Burton Cummings
    "And in a moment's time the youth and the sunlight are all gone You're in a dimly lit room, wonderin' how you're gonna carry on Is it really right, is it really right? Is it really, really feelin' right?"
  • What It Is Right Now - Chamillionaire
    "chamillionaire got con-dom, gun, and seanjohn so run when he come or ya done...dont want none a cup of ice, a snowcone,...and a medium blizzard from dairy queen aint even enough to compete wit da lizard they"
  • Right - DMX
    "THIS...IS...MY...LIFE (Right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they"
  • Right - Santana
    "(Carlos Santana, Orestes Vilato, Greg Walker, Alex Ligertwood, & Chester D. Thompson) Somebody deceived you, Your hearts broken into pieces Right now (I,) I know how you feel I'm with you, here for you I"
  • Right - Dilated Peoples
    "I push my levels to zero without distorting Compression enhances the message I'm recording Live from California, warning night to morning The illest squad this side of Earth is now forming itself into"
  • What's Right Is Right - Taylor Hicks
    "When there's sadness in your eyes, I see it, You can't hide what's weighing on your mind. When there's trouble in your life, I feel it, What's wrong with you is wrong with me, What's Right is Right. When"
  • Is It True - Right Said Fred
    "Twenty five years ago it is still Not quite clear exactly who said What to who, Derek confesses He did tell Joan Is it true about love Is it true about taste Is it true about touch What are we to do Is"
  • So Right It Ain't Right - Chris Brown
    "1. Girl You Know I Got A Problem Witchu, Yeah Cause You Ain't Right, No Girl You Ain't Fair, No You Don't Even Seem To Know How You Be Messin With Me, Hey What Am I S'pose To Do When All I Wanna"
  • Everything Is Right - Karmin
    "You've been thinking, nothing happens by mistake If doors are closing, doors will open in their place Still you worry what the future's got in store Now you're older, life is colder than before So you"
  • Time is right - Gorchitza Live Project
    "In the middle of the night I can feel you by my side Is it wrong or is it right Who is ready to decide? And if you hear my sad song Well it doesn't stop So share my tears to the last drop And if you hear"
  • Feeling Is Right - Head East
    "Mmmmm yeah You don't really care about the good life I don't think alot about the bad You come from a world of beautiful people I seen the ones that've been had We may be different in the lives that we"
  • Heart Is Right - Carlene Carter
    "(Carlene Carter/Howie Epstein) Love lifts me up When I'm down at heart And fills me with a hope that we can start To change the way we feel With just a glimpse Of something real Every night We hold on"
  • Feelin' Is Right - Samantha Mumba
    "I Know That You Want Me But Maybe you're Shy You'll Never Know If You don't Even Try it's now or never You Know It All I Need Is A Sign Boy You Know The Feelin Is Right Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy You Know The"
  • Wrong Is Right - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Two wrongs are right that's so incredibly right It's just these thoughts and opinions of these Polarized millions reflected in one phrase It's so practical Every arsonist (arse that is) smoking Every"
  • What Is Right - Screeching Weasel
    "gotta learn soon that things never last cause i'm a punk rock christian with a bug up my ass gotta know now if it's all worth a fight cause if there's really a god then what else is right ? what is"
  • Who is right - P.O.D.
    "I'm just a locked out brother coming straight from S.D. Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority. Taught to love one another, all races. All types of colors, different skin, different faces. Can you"
  • What is right - In Control
    "Sixteen years old sucked down the wrong path didn't have the opportunity to avoid it, followed behind his friends mistake of a lifetime, one that he will never forget he took alife now should we take his"
  • Get It Right - The Ark
    "Joy is the place that keeps me in pace with life Throw me a line and I'll reach you out there in time He you call hollow is he who has nothing to hide So bring me alive 'cause I've started to feel the"

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