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is diving down

  • Diving - Sneaker Pimps
    "Cut the cord and swing the lead Failures fate the one instead The tidemark's rising Blossom falls and clouds the air Powder trails the one in care The tidemark's rising Leaving you became arriving Falling"
  • Diving Away - Capewalk
    "your moon is rising higher reaches up to my chest i fell into your snakepit by demand and request you promised it was heaven in the backyard of your home i surrendered to your happiness not knowing what"
  • Diving Season - Escanaba Firing Line
    "Correction I am drowning these insecurities. The hypnotized are diving down divided seas. Let me focus don't take me away. In my head space silent waves. Around, surround, survived by me. Here laid unclaimed-"
  • Diving - 4 Strings
    "Diving into the blue Tell me your secret I will tell you mine tell me about desire you hide inside there is so much ? should have done I was insecure but now I'm strong Diving whatever it may take I keep"
  • Diving Horses - Death In Vegas
    "There's not a night that passes by when you're not on my mind. Take you over like a river running through. Running through you, Running through you, Running through you. Take you over, let it take you"
  • the night we spent dumpster diving - Once Tasted Life
    "the sun is going down i still see your picture i'm standing on a hill watching out for shooting stars to make my wish questions in my head i don't like to answer i think 'bout what could have been and"
  • The Diving Line - Genesis
    ">From a dense forest of tall dark pinewood Mount Ida rises like an island. Within a hidden cave, nymphs had kept a child: Hermaphroditus, son of gods, so afraid of their love. As the dawn creeps up the"
  • Diving By Four Strings - Frou Frou
    "Tell me a secret I'll tell you mine Tell me about desires you hide inside There is so much that we should've done I was insecure, but now I'm strong Diving. Whatever it may take I keep on trying. Diving"
  • Diving - Demether
    "Whisper with the waves Never to be found Separated from the stars Crimson dyed sky With its endless love Calling me... Diving through the ocean`s cold Darkness covering my soul In this silence of my own Water"
  • Diving - Kristin Hersh
    "In your most mental mental stateWhen you leave the groundTake a look aroundLook at meSunbleached, like I'm freeIndependent as a leechDivingA bat flying upstreamI wasn't lookingBut I found somethingDon't"
  • Diving in the deep end - Natalie Imbruglia
    "Why should it be someone like me could make the same mistakes again haven't I learned people get hurt when they go diving in the deep end in the deep end in the deep end in the deep end thought I was smart"
  • Diving Deep - Nylon Beat
    "The lagoon on moon light Increased by the blue night We're diving deep Hear the whale calling While we are to fall in We're diving deep The reef makes it shadows As two floating lovers Make love"
  • Diving up - Milla Jovovich
    "We're releasedLike fireworksStreaking out in great bright linesDiving upInto the skyReach out and crush us nightReceive usReceive us with honor-breathe out hereWe're released like fireworks-Weeks go by"
  • Night Diving - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    "kyou mo kanjousen no saki wo megutte maiyo kodoku ga iku NAITO DAIBAA yoru no machi wo samayou bourei boku wa iku shiroi RAIN togiretogirete mirai wa mienai furi fuyu no jidai ni furidashite tsumoru hiai"
  • Cliff Diving - Plus 44
    "Hey silly girl, I think I got a thing for you From late nights spent driving in this stolen car The years we wasted living in this desert town Haven't broken us so far Hot afternoons we climbed onto the"
  • The World Is Upside-Down - Hand Me Down Buick
    "The knives against her back Will catch up eventually Keep running your the one You wanted me to be Who you know, there the least of your worries Who you know, means nothing at all All these games"
  • Crashing Down - Beth Hart
    "Crashing Down Hell is on to me This desert wants a She Black fire becomes the road Diving down the dark Gold inside my hear Black fire begins to blow I'm crashing down There's no one for"
  • Crashing Down - EMMI
    "I am diving up this mountain I am climbing to the bottom of this sea I'm wearing shades when it is midnight I'm walking backwards and my eyes, they are closed And now that all four walls come crashing"
  • Coming Down Is Calming Down - Underoath
    "Facing forwards, sinking in thin air Help me to learn to breath again I know Ive lost my way So show me There are demons inside my head I always let them win I have to learn to suffocate them The lost"
  • Down Below - Down Below
    "Can you see me now You're the reason why I'm bleeding Yeah Can you see me now You were all I ever needed And I know"

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