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is navy am so a say you open

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is navy am so a say you open

  • Navy Taxi - Kate Nash
    "Rain spat in my face, thanks a lot mate And I lost a tenner on the way Thinking about it, did I spend it last night When I was drunk and I wanted to get more drunk Missed the train, thanks a lot mate I"
  • Open - Demi Lovato
    "Spitting fire back & forth now Times have changed in just a few months Neighbors complaining from the fights & why can't things be the same And maybe I'm just a little bit cautious Of what I'm gonna say When"
  • Open - The Cure
    "I really don't know what I'm doing here I really think I should've gone to bed tonight but... "Just one drink And there're some people to meet you I think that you'll like them I have to say we do And"
  • In The Navy - Village People
    "Where can you find pleasure Search the world for treasure Learn science technology Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true On the land or on the sea Where can you learn to fly Play in sports"
  • If we ran the navy - Olsen Twins
    "If we were the captain you will know what we'd do.We'd make a few changes we'd bend a few rules.If they put us in charge, what a difference we'd make.We'd soon have this crew in tip-top-ship-shape.Chorus:If"
  • Navy Bean - Bonham Tracy
    "A navy bean is bigger than it seems put it on and don't ask what it means Parade around Cellophane is thicker than it seems put it on and don't ask what it means Parade around Shaving cream is thicker"
  • Navy Bean - Tracy Bonham
    "A navy bean is bigger than it seems Put it on, don't ask what it means Parade around Cellophane is thicker than it seems Put it on, don't ask what it means Parade around Parade, whoa Parade, huh"
  • Daddy Was A Navy Man - Kevin Denney
  • Open - Ying Yang Twins
    "oooh ooh ooh ooooooh I got money in my hand Im bout to walk up to her and I aint playin this bitch gonna hear what Im sayin 'cause when Im payin bitch Im the man (Chorus) so bust it open bust it open bust"
  • I'm So Open - Cowboy Junkies
    "Just outside there waiting. Just outside the circle. Waiting for that finger to point your way. Just keep running. Just keep running. New ones quickly burning. Old ones die away. Fires lit to say goodbye"
  • So You Say - the bird and the bee
    "If I ask you to follow me around Button up your mouth I want to be clear with you If I ask you to Drive me here to there You'll do everything but what I need from you You say you will not love me You"
  • Open Happiness - Open Happiness
    "VERSE ONE ahhh..ohhh Well hello is this thing on Is anybody listening A brand new day has begun The first thing that I want do Make sure that you feel it too So Im not the only one CHORUS Cmon lift me"
  • Open - Queensryche
    "(DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton) You're an angel with your wings broken, wearing sandals that I tripped in. You're a holiday already taken, a cocktail that's stirred never shaken. Your heads in overload. You've"
  • Open - Brandy
    "As long as I have known u I never thought of us as more than friends. You came with your advances, but I resisted every one them. Cuz u was such a playa and I didn't think that u would ever change. And"
  • Wide Open - Graham Colton Band
    "i kick back. you could be hurt standing this close, then react. i don't say anything, 'cause no one really knows how it ends or begins or who wrote this story, and i don't mind anymore what you said"
  • Open Road - Barlow Gary
    "Barlow Gary Open Road Open Road My life is extraordinary bare,i fought the fear and chased the pain, My life doesn't need to be explained, I chose to walk this life as one. Sometimes as i live upon"
  • Open Road - Gary Barlow
    "My life, is extraordinary bare I fought the fear and chased the pain My life, doesn't need to be explained I chose to walk the line as one Sometimes, as I live upon my island Cut off from emotion and its"
  • Open Wide - Bubba Sparxxx
    "(feat. Sebastian) Yes sirree (uhh uhh uhh) no he didn't (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) Yeah they did (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) yeah they did.. (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh"
  • Open Season - Headstrong
    "would you expect any less from the people at the top? taking lives in their hands, stringing all the losers up. for the beats, beats that go with losing any war, while the winners write the history books"
  • Open Letter - Caedmon's Call
    "Well, I'm finding the green cleared from my eyes I am young and I am deep within the woods What I'm discovering is far from the land I've heard tell of But I'm not so vain to think that I'm the first The"

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