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isn't isn' something

  • Isn - Tony Bennett
    "Isn't it romantic Music in the air A dream that can be heard Isn't it romantic Moving shadows write the only magic word I hear the music playing in the trees above While all the world is saying you"
  • Texas Isn - Ugly Americans
    "Without your love I might move to Oklahoma Without your love I might pack my bags and go Without your love I might as well be living in a coma Without your love I might move to Oklahoma Texas isn't big"
  • This Isn - B2K
    "when your eyes I see what you mean to me when you calling out my name Boy you know that I want you by my side so why do you feel this way? Can't you see...... that I want you in..... my life so if you"
  • Something Isn't Something - Ariel Pink
    "If I told you that something was wrong and you know And you ask me what is wrong I don't know But if something isn't something is nothing? Well if something isn't something is it nothing? Now I've written"
  • Isn't There Something - Sweetsalt
    "Sitting here alone Wondering why these specters seem so real So far away from home But home is where my heart feels so diseased Isn't there something Isn't there something more Isn't there something"
  • Something Isn't Happening - Latin Quarter
    "His eyes are dry, his skin's like nicotine In lines that stretch to spell where youth has been This epitaph in smoke has wreathed the door You sense how much this air's been breathed before Something"
  • Something Isn't Right - Tom Wehrle
    "Something tells me by the way you're acting You've done this once before You should see this like I hear it Cause your actions don't match your words You play it to be dumb More than anyone I tried"
  • Isn't It Something - Drist
    "Isn't it something else you feel, Lost but you never hoped to find You've given me someone else to be, Fully uncapable, you're right Even if all was meant to be, I'm never becoming what you want Isn't"
  • Something Isn't Right - Oingo Boingo
    "Once in a lifetime something happens no one understands Turns the whole world inside out, turns water into blazing sand Who in the world who ever guess that something wasn't right Who can explain when"
  • Isn't He Something - Lord Finesse
    "Once again it's the man with the flavor It's Lord Finesse so run and tell your neighbors So stop sleeping and check out the style I'm freaking I stomp opponents and give hoes the silent treatment Forget"
  • Something Isn't Right Here - The Juliana Theory
    "Cause Something isn't right here. You've gone and left me on the ground. Something isn't right in this world called confusion. You gave it all away before you could lose it. Something isn't right here"
  • Something Isn't Right Here - Juliana Theory
    "by brett detar, joshua kosker, and chad alan Something isn't right here. You've gone and left me on the ground. Something isn't right in this world called confusion. You gave it all away before you could"
  • Never Isn't Something For Everyone - ForDireLifeSake
    "Never isn't something for everyone You lost your touch. Hiding behind transparent lines. Afraid to fail, so safe in security. I remember what you always told me. Never isn't something for everyone."
  • Isn?t This A Lovely Day - Diana Krall
    "The weather is fright'ning The thunder and lightning Seem to be having their way But as far as I'm concerned, it's a lovely day The turn in the weather Will keep us together So I can honestly say That"
  • This isn't the first song - Templars
    "They always say there 's a change insight But the kids on the street still turn to crime A nation at war , they round us up and send us to fight And if we refuse we 're locked away to do time Obviously"
  • Isn't this great - The Buzzhorn
    "Isn`t this great? Built it all up to watch everything wash away Oh I want to be one in your world how the f**k do I rate? Oh now it`s funny how a friend cam so clearly deteriorate Well isn`t this great"
  • Hell Isn't Good - South Park
    "Little Boy at Peace What is this place, Beyond the stars? Open up your eyes What are these things You're moving toward? Head so full of wonder! Worries in the past! Could it be that you are free at last? NOOOO!!! Little"
  • Isn't It Nice - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Sylvester) Isn't it nice to be someone Someone you've dreamed that you are Isn't it such a nice feeling The feeling you've wished upon a star You have slipped down a rainbow Discovered"
  • Isn't It Love - Andrew Peterson
    "Lost my luggage in Kalamazoo same way I tend to lose my conscience, too another day in these dirty old blues, and Id on't seem to mind. this is a thing that counfounds me, You can find me; You surround"
  • Isn't It Good - Shea Seger
    "Well I just got home Finally I'm alone It's been a crazy day All this non-stop rushin around And even in this little bitty town Everybody's got something to say I throw my stuff on the floor And"

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