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it's been you right there

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it's been you right there

  • Right There - JC Chasez
    "Talking to me all night long When my song comes on Will ya come out to play to play When you work your body Shake it mami don't hold back Cause I love to watch you play, you play And when we take it"
  • It's Been you - Nat King Cole
    "Baby, Ive been through So many changes In my life time The love that Ive searched for Was right here beside me All the time What I was out there looking for I didnt know I had it all the time The dreams"
  • Should've Been There - Earshot
    "I hope I'm not too late I hope that you're ok I left in a hurry As soon as they told me So I prayed for you Hang on 'till tomorrow Just dont leave me here today I'm coming home to you... (Should've been"
  • Been There - Clint Black
    "Clint Black & Steve Wariner Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night And wonder where you were You need the one and only that can hold you tight And you reach for her, but she's not with you You"
  • Stop Right There - Zoe Girl
    "You have never changed your ways You think that you can own me like a slave And I want to walk away But every time I try you're in my face You say, I could have it all Trust you, you will never let me"
  • Right There - Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 Cent-
    "[~50 Cent] 50, Nicole It's just another one Another number one I'm complex, difficult to understand I don't know if it's me or just make-up of a man I want it in the morning break nearly I want it I rise"
  • I Have Been There - Mark Schultz
    "In a room without a view, a new mother smiles and holds the tiny fingers of her brand new baby girl. Her husband takes her by the hand, so unsure about the future have no money can they make it in this"
  • It's Been You - Anita Baker
    "I had a dream A love dream so tender You were with me old friend We gave in to sweet surrender And I've held it in through October, November No wonder... I never been the same since then I picked up"
  • It's not right - Beanie Sigel
    "feat. Freeway. Chris & Sparks Do even asked me the reason... Yeah I know,you hear freeway everywhere you go before rap you see freeway everywhere you at you can bounce, he move yayo heavy with the crack"
  • I've Been There - Heather Small
    "Performed by Heather Small Written by Heather Small, Steve Booker and Robin Lerner Produced by Peter Vettese Published by BMG Music / Windswept Music (London) Ltd. / Puckalesia Songs / No-Mad No-Man /"
  • I've been there - US5
    "1.Verse: You made your first impression As you squeezed into the door Steeped through the elevator Catch your eyes walk in staring at the floor You didnt even notice me But you were stepping on my"
  • I Been There - KRS-One
    "I talk how I talk when I talk cause I been there I walk how I walk when I walk cause I been there On your own sleepin in the park yeah I been there How we really gonna survive? Let us begin there I'm"
  • Right - DMX
    "THIS...IS...MY...LIFE (Right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whatever which way they"
  • What's That Right There - Kelis
    "What's that right there What's that right there What's this right here (Yea) What's this right here Yea, what's that right there (Oh) This ain't nothin' but a little somethin' that I got Little somethin'"
  • I'll be right there - Jagged Edge
    "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yall Busta Rhymes in the place to be So So Def, Flip Mode, J.D., Jagged Edge, check it We keeps it hot to def you can't deny (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha) Til my people feelin' good,"
  • Right - MAC MILLER
    "it’s been a whole without your face but I saw your picture on the wall the other day too much distance too mych space you need to come back hme and run along i am waiting for the light to change you aks"
  • Right There (ft. Big Sean) - Ariana Grande
    "If you wanna party, if you wanna party) Then put your hands up (Then put your hands up) (If you wanna party, if you wanna party) Then put your hands up (put your hands up) You got it, you got it baby You"
  • (It's Been A) Long Time - Trooper
    "Don't seem like so long ago It's a night dream I said the feeling would grow For a lifetime There were blue skies 'Til it started to rain We were on the right track But we got hit by the train Musta"
  • Right There With You - Anarbor
    "and i know how you feel i'm right there with you but baby won't you come on? i'll show how to have some fun and honey this is gonna hurt but i swear its worth the right and if not its worth the high cause"
  • It's Always Been You - Michelle Branch
    "I missed the bus and thought of you Imagined you sitting next to me Stood in the cold and didn't move Until the bus came finally Oh it's you The light changes when you're in the room Oh it's you Oh it's"

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