it's getting late, it's getting close, in my favourite place -

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it's getting late, it's getting close, in my favourite place

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it's getting late, it's getting close, in my favourite place

  • It's Getting Late - Bianco Matt
    "Come on in And close the door Let me take your coat Get comfortable I'll go put some music on Would like a drink? Cigarette? I have to say you're very beautiful this evening Come over here and sit by me I"
  • It's getting late - Matt Bianco
    "Come right in and close the door Let me take your coat, get comfortable I'll go and put some music on Would you like a drink, cigarette? I have to say you're very beautiful this evening Come over here"
  • Getting Late - Floetry
    "Baby Ooo baby baby,baby ooo um baby oh baby [1st Verse (Natalie Talking)] We need to um talk about where We're taking this thing. How far we're gonna let this go. We've been here before. Its getting"
  • It's Getting Dark In Here - Elton John
    "It's getting dark in here Don't want to leave Shadow's falling And I believe Winds picking up Thing's so unclear I'm afraid of my shadow And it's getting dark in here I'm scared of strangers On the street World's"
  • It's Getting Ok Now - 311
    "10. It's Getting Ok Now - (3:04) There will come a time when I no longer am I will take my last breath and on that day I'll be dying At that time will I feel at ease will I dream and be at peace these"
  • It's getting hectic - The Brand New Heavies
    "I set if off by letting you know that I can flow to many beatsSimilar to flu so freelyAnd you can say I'm getting kind of greedyBut so what 'cause I'm supplying the needyWell some MC's go for there it"
  • It's Getting Dark - The Bates
    "It's getting dark again And I'm feelin' good again The night it comforts me like wine And it takes me out again To look for you my friend There where the bright big city lights shine And I wander through"
  • Getting in my way - Dolly Parton
    "I wish I could forget you, but I won't I wish I loved another, but I don't It's just the same, day after day Your memory keeps getting in my way But I'm hoping I will be alright But I don't even sleep"
  • Getting By - Weekend Excursion
    "Caught in the vein headed for the heart of pain memories and tears remain and an old photograph of you and I I know its not much but it gets me by life turns another page but I don't feel lonely cuz I'm"
  • Getting There - Amanda Stott
    "Love's alive in the city I feel it deep down Soon I'll be sitting pretty I'm gonna break new ground The road ahead don't scare me Cause the future's mine to hold So why change me Cause you don't know what"
  • Getting Evil - Damnation
    "Well stop encroaching & Give it on a motion to me Cause night has fallen & I am feeling so wild & free Drink up, the Ramones are blaring Right here without a care in the world October so pass it on"
  • Getting Better - Bob Schneider
    "Well I'm driving downtown in my big red cadilac sipping on ice wine, mixing it with similac feeling the amazing flow of centuries in the afterglow setting my stereo for nothing but the big beats windows"
  • Getting hungry - Beach Boys
    "I wake up in the mornin' just to work all through the dayThat sun can get so hot that you can sweat your strength awayAnd ooooohhhhhhhh come the night time~CHORUS~Gettin' hungryHungry for my kind o' womanI'm"
  • Getting Married - Nas
    "Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo It was difficult for me to find a chick I want This ain't no sucka for love shit This ain't no Huxtable kisses and hug shit, first night we fuck shit And"
  • It's getting late in the evening - Talk Talk
    "Everybody's laughing Crimson sky Set the sails our hearts are open Don't cry I believe release is in your smile The tide shall turn to shelter us from storm The seas of charity shall overflow And bathe"
  • Getting Over Me - Kids In The Way
    "This is me getting over you, getting over me The line is breaking, the sun is sinking There's nothing I can do to get back to you There's nothing I can say As the stars lead the way To a place where memories"
  • It's Getting Harder - Ten Years After
    "(Alvin Lee) It's getting harder, babe, to love you, It's getting harder all the while. And if you want me, tell me; all you have to do is smile. It's been a long time since I've seen you, Looking straight"
  • It's Getting Personal - Invertigo
    "I know it's not easy for you and it's only spelt one way but there's one part of 'no' I don't understand that's the part you didn't say now you made it all seem less, like a movie you sleep through when"
  • It's Getting Old - Goldspot
    "It's getting old, isn't it? To love everyone else More than you love yourself It's an excuse, isn't it? To be the tragic one Strung out on Paxil pills In the meantime It's the same old dance You danced"
  • Favourite - D-Side
    "Goodbyes are so sad, so blue Girl my life won't be the same without you No one else could love you, in the way I do It anybody hurts you I'll break in two I tell you The favourite won't win Not in every"

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