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it's not too late

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it's not too late

  • It's Not Too Late - Phil Collins
    "Gently rolling Father time Is calling to him now, And though he hears him He looks out to sea. Somewhere out there lie his dreams A story with no ending And till he finds his answers He won't be going"
  • It's Not Too Late - The Monkees
    "(David Jones) Immortal Music (BMI) Lead Vocal: Davy Jones If I had a penny for every time I thought about you I would be a millionaire I would send you flowers each day And I would show you in every"
  • It's Not Too Late - Neal Morse
    "It's not too late to change your mind The soul will lead you'll follow close behind And your love will leap along It's been asleep for so long The drip becomes a gushing pour You'll know it all at once"
  • It's Not Too Late - Wolfsheim
    "clumsy, always quivering always searching for your things you don't work, but you cannot find a rest 'cause you gave up too soon old man sitting in your trap two lovers passing by don't be ashamed,"
  • It's Not Too Late - Chely Wright
    "The clock is ticking loud as thunder In this silent room The morning comes and I wait to see If it dawns on you That I can't make what little love you give me Be enough And I'm just a tick away from giving"
  • It's Not Too Late - Air Supply
    "(graham russell) I stand alone I'm just a face in the crowd I get lonely if the truth be said Sometimes I want to cry out loud But I try to understand instead I wish I had the strength inside to walk"
  • It's Not Too Late - Beres Hammond
    "ooh Let me be the first to say how good you look tonight, I sure hope that day break will be, no where close in sight, cause I wanna hold you, and touch you for a long, long, long time.... ooh when you"
  • It's Not Too Late - Picture House
    "(BROWNE) Picking up all the pieces Because you never thought that this life Could treat you this rough You say that there's no point in going out again You say this life may have done you wrong But then"
  • It's Not Too Late - Ben Kenney
    "transition's tying up my head in spite of all the things i've said this time has all but come and gone been stationary far too long this operation's not equipped when this foundation starts to slip as"
  • It's Too Late - Derek & The Dominos
    "(Chorus:) It's too late, she's gone. It's too late, my baby's gone. Wish I had told her she was my only one. It's too late, she's gone. It's a woman that cries, So I guess I've gotta hide my eyes. Yes,"
  • It's Too Late - Buddy Holly
    "It's too late - she's gone it's too late - my baby's gone wish I had told her - she was my only one but it's too late - she's gone It's a weak man that cries so I guess I'd best dry my eyes guess"
  • It's Too Late - Roy Orbison
    "(Chuck Willis) It's too late, she's gone It's too late, my baby's gone Wish I had told her she was my only one But it's too late, she's gone It's a weak man that cries So I guess I'd better dry my eyes Guess"
  • It's Too Late - Wild Belle
    "Now that you want me it's too late It's too late for love Or when you got me You don't care It's too late for love I'm tired, so tired of playing ... My mind is made up Uuuuuh uuuh I'm not coming back"
  • It's Too Late - Johnny O'Keefe
    "It's too late, she's go-one It's too la-ate, my-y ba-a-a-aby's go-one Wish i had told her she was my only one But it's too la-ate, she-e's gone 'is a weak man that cri-ies So i gue-ess i-i'd better dry-y"
  • It's too late - Rides Again
    "I don't know where I belong I feel as cold as a burnt out love song Look how we fell out of line Not even heaven can save us this time It's too late Don't go try to be the hero If you can't save yourself Don't"
  • It's Too Late - The Streets
    "She said 'Meet me at the gates at eight 'Leave now, don't be late' She said one day she'd walk away 'Cause I was always late Thought things were okay Didn't care though anyway Say 'Sorry, babe, I had to"
  • It's Too Late - Sondre Lerche
    "Let it go, everyone's bound to know that I've lost you again This time you wound up with someone else Your own will let me down Put your arms around me for the first and last time and say sincerely that"
  • It's Too Late - Nanci Griffith
    "(Nanci Griffith) You pace the pool and talk about it I read my book and think about it You've walked on water as I'm turning the page You say,"What's the intrigue here ... in reading when the sky is clear?" You"
  • It's Too Late - Tanita Tikaram
    "You pace the pool and talk about it I read my book and think about it You've walked on water As I'm turning the page You say, "what's the intrigue here... In reading when the sky is clear? " You are in"
  • It's Too Late - Majority Rule
    "So here I am. Again. Alone. The light is broken. Too hard to see the page. I broke it. I broke it. Too tired to read. Too awake to sleep. All the time. All the time to think. How did I find myself here"

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