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it's nothing

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it's nothing

  • It's Nothing - Moloko
    "Nothing can stop you Nothing can break you now This is'ness has put you out of business Bought and sold me I'm lonely I will admit I'm lonely Just keep on walking Act like you don't know me Disown me Go"
  • It's Nothing - Kool G Rap
    "Giancana back at y'all niggaz This shit is bigger than killin the President Ignor-Entertainment up in this motherfucker y'all It's nothing! Infrared beams laser the place Two straps, radiate at the"
  • It's Nothing - Ghost Of The Robot
    "Come on quickly catch me You really are the best thing That has happened to me since 1983 Yiu buy into the views Of the hollywood fued Let's kick our feet up Watch the world fall You say its nothing Uninvited"
  • It's Nothing - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Da Brat & R.O.C.) So So Def [1 - JD] For me to flip my dough, ice out the dashboard All you Range Roves, it's nothing So put jams in the tens and pent Leave a millon dollar footprints, shit,"
  • It's nothing - Fat Joe
    "Yeah. Uhh. Joe crack the don! Ton' Sunshine. Terror, uhh Terror squad, its our time! Uhh, yea, hand it ova Uh, yo, uh-huh, what, yea, uh... woo Yea, mami jus like that bend down grab ya ankles, do it"
  • Nothing - Flipper
    "Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing You don't care so you say, 'Cause it's Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing Not to believe is what you believe Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing It's all a dream in the"
  • Nothing - Gary Jules
    "There is no fortune to be made here It's just a town like any other town Sure there must be good things left to say Can't think of one So I won't say Nothing Wears a pretty face and armor She's"
  • Nothing - Angelo Kelly
    "Strike me first hit me down, down to the ground Have me cursed lay them cards hide undergroud Don't you thirst for some light some air a simple sound It will burst the fall will come it won't take long The"
  • Nothing - Holden & Thompson
    "Nothing to hold the falling So how can I survive this sinking feeling Don't you know it's gone too wrong Early warning How could it have come to this We're dyin' tryin' It's a long way down but no one"
  • Nothing - Chicane
    "Of every moment I can't stop movin' on now I leavin' town so, the reason I won't give you I have no memory of everything we've done now If you don't carry me then I might fall Refrain: In your sweet"
  • Nothing - unloco
    "I've got nothing left For you to take away I know you blame me For every time you walked away So what You hate me and everything I seem to do So look back Don't turn away It was my face that you were"
  • Nothing - Norther
    "Every day the pain comes back again The grief that tightens it's grip, day by day Loneliness it haunts me, makes me cry Feels like the world has abandoned me I'm weak, I'm nothing, just a shadow of my"
  • "Nothing" - Alex C. feat Yass
    "Nothing And nothing's where you're at When you ain't got something You'll never get it back It's coming on like a drug The universal power of one But it don't mean nothing If it all comes undone (uh-huh) Fly"
  • Nothing - A
    "Nothing And nothing's where you're at When you ain't got something You'll never get it back It's coming on like a drug The universal power of one But it don't mean nothing If it all comes undone (uh-huh)"
  • Nothing - NIKKA COSTA
    "It's late in the evening And you're breathing with someone else You come home to call me And I ask you what you've been doing with yourself And you say nothing at all You say nothing at all You flight"
  • Nothing - Pain
    "Why are we never satisfied, The Grass is always greener on the other side Fear of never having enough, dreams that turns into rust sometimes it's better to leave things alone the road to success is hard"
  • Nothing - Nica Costa
    "It's late in the evening and you're breathing someone else you come home to call me and i ask you what you've been doing with yourself and you say nothing at all you say nothing at all your flight's"
  • Nothing - Kate Ryan
    "You are nothing without me Damn you I'm falling in a trap You're cool don't know where you at Damn you I know it's all a play You never used to act this way I'm slamming doors Trying to break the"
  • Nothing - Rodney Crowell
    "I know I complain Man, it drives me insane When I can't make a change That I want to see Well it's all in my head But I can't find the thread So I stumble instead Standing up for me(?) I don't feel"
  • Nothing - Heather Nova
    "Nothing The truth comes over me like wine, like summer heat The world it moves too fast I miss my simple past And I can't see for all the things I think I need Brother take me out to where the reef ands where"

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