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it all leads to death


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it all leads to death

  • If It Bleeds It Leads - Since By Man
    "And as the battle burns on in the distance I used to travel, can you feel this resistance? We, the creative corpses have built the new cathedrals,we've constructed the new arenas, we paint the pictures"
  • Leads To Utopia / Old Man's Dream - Old Mans Child
    "A beast swept with passion For one of them who inhaled His shadow Who flung away from the sanity That carried her all the way The sadist has installed demise A laughter leapt from here The cataclysm tides"
  • Leads To Utopia / The Old Man's Dream - Old Man's Child
    "A beast swept with passion For one of them who inhaled His shadow Who flung away from the sanity That carried her all the way The sadist has installed demise A laughter leapt from here The cataclysm tides"
  • Death - Denis Leary
    "I'm sick and tired of my generation getting blamed for the state of the planet. I'm sick of my generation getting called the TV generation. "Well all you guys do is watch TV." What'd you expect!? We watched"
  • Love Leads Nowhere - All About Eve
    "Candles burn in the dead of night Some butterfly ghosts draw closer to the flame I hear their wings humming Turn your back, now the arrows fly When you fall to the floor, no one is there to see I know"
  • Death - Death SS
    "Where am I? I must have slept for a long time I'm feeling very weak I've got a void in my head. I cannot bring to mind anything What do I feel? I can move so hardly. It's so tight here I can't see nothing! How"
  • The Road Leads Down - Chris Whitley
    "Map's a crooked tangle of sin Take eternity to unravel The rarified air is thin Unbreathed down in the rabble It's all wrong It's taken so long To build this road That leads down You're not a silver"
  • My Saviour Leads The Way - Buck Owens
    "I have a safe and sure retreat where I'm alone with God A perfect peace and happiness where sorrow never trod Oh praise his name his holy name salvation full and free Ol' glory to the blessed lamb my Saviour"
  • When Love Leads The Way - Hardline
    "I need to reach out and make you understand I`m just a lonely heart in the palm of your hand Can you feel it baby you take my breath away Each night I hold you girl the world has no time Is love a chance"
  • Every Road Leads Back To You - Bette Midler
    "Old friend, here we are, after all the years and tears and all that we've been through. It feels so good to see you. Lookin' back in time, there've been other friends and other lovers, but no other one"
  • Bitterness Leads Me To My Savior Death - Nightfall
    "The beautiful sun goes down Thinking of the wisdom I'm carrying And the vanity of my crown As a king I've lived so far alone The image of a God I've been hold With my power surrounding my throne But my"
  • Death To Death - Crucified
    "there is blood on the street and tears in their eyes and life moves so fast until you's gone the world is a corpse it hardens with time and so harden the hearts as they draw to the line the"
  • Dogs On Leads - Accept
    "He stares at her, his teeth are bare Blood gets hot, he wants it now, He wants it rare, but something's there That holds him back from the attack Before the kill he feels the thrill Something is there,"
  • Death - Alexzya Passion
    "Alexzya Passion Revolution Death A polished rock is placed at The front of the school The kids look on As they lay it down to Rest in Peace Dancing to a band Never wanted to go Saying he wanted to stay Was"
  • Love leads nowhere - IGI
    "Candles Burn in the Dead of NightSome Butterfly Ghosts Draw Closer to the FlameI Hear Their Wings HummingTurn Your Back, Now the Arrows FlyWhen You Fall to the Floor, no One Is There to SeeI Know the Strangers"
  • Love Leads To Madness - Nazareth
    "Do I feel alright? I'll go anywhere you say you wanna take me Save me, run away-ay-ay, steal away-ay-ay 'Cause I feel alright I'll do anything you say you wanna make me Take me far away-ay-ay, run away-ay-ay We've"
  • Death - Apartment 26
    "I love the sound of your tears I can't listen anymore Are you choking on your words? He never got on his knee If one little push is all it took Maybe one would help to realize You're the edge on which"
  • Death - Luxt
    "Ain't no god. Ain't no heaven. Ain't going anywhere. Only black to these dead eyes. Ain't no hope. Ain't no magic. Ain't no spirit in these bones, That chose me to call it home. Ain't no faith."
  • Death - Skinny Puppy
    "holding his hands dream the whole week radiance hissing rodent speak elective evil once started shot struck home so it goes inches towards flattened back on all fours drawn and racked doesn't mean a"
  • One Thing Leads To Another - Pet Shop Boys
    "(Lowe/Tennant) ------------- They close your eyes, and the doctor says it's too late You wonder why your life passes before you In the dark, you slip into a coma You crash the car, you've gone too far Policemen"

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