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it is love whitesnake

  • Whitesnake - David Coverdale
    "(Coverdale/Moody) In the shadows of the dark night, You need a woman by your side.. She'll help you make it in the cold light and keep you warm an' satisfied If you want somemore lovin' Drive you out"
  • Is this love - Whitesnake
    "I should have known better Than to let you go alone It's times like these I can't make it on my own Wasted days, and sleepless nights An' I can't wait to see you again I find I spend my time Waiting"
  • Looking For Love - Whitesnake
    "Im tired of waiting An closing my eyes Im asking myself Why is it all my horizons Are so far away. I look in the mirror Dont like what I see, In my reflection A stranger is staring at me, Looking"
  • Guilty Of Love - Whitesnake
    "I believe my love for you Is a love that will last forever And I'm here to testify I'm a prisoner of your heart Baby,don't you believe When I tell you I love you That I really mean it Don't you walk away Don't"
  • Love To Keep You Warm - Whitesnake
    "If you want love, You gotta be cool And if you deny it, Then baby youre a fool. Im telling you now, Dont you hide it away. Because you need to keep you warm both night and day. I could come home"
  • Keep On Giving Me Love - Whitesnake
    "Oh, you told me you were burned by holy water, And the priest forgot the words He was trying to say. It seems your best friend Is your own reflection, And no promise of love Is gonna make you wanna"
  • Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) - Whitesnake
    "(David Coverdale, Micky Moody) You got the smile of a Mona-Lisa, Know it all an' giving nothing away You make the sins of a vestal virgin, Look nothing more that a roll in the hay So lie down, I think"
  • Love is a temple - Love is a temple
    "Well I love your little smile, every time makes me wild Im just a believer, I believe in you and me here were walking hand in hand in a bernadotte land words sure come easy, carried by the breeze in"
  • Is It Love - Mr. Mister
    "I say I love you, I hold you near me You say I scare you, well that's your fear I know the message my heart is sending But you don't read it, you keep me guessing Is it love, is it love you're after Is"
  • Is It Love - Celia
    "I just open my heart and I let you insade I just hope you’re the guy Who could make me burn and fly (burn and fly) I’ll just open my heart and Ilet you inside ‘Cause you’re the guy who burned inside Is"
  • It is love - Jill Scott
    "They say I'm crazy the way you got me open, baby ooh They say I'm buggin' the way I'm top sweatin' your lovin', ooh They all sit and wonder why this feelin I can not hide It ain't a question of pride,"
  • Is it love - Amy Diamond
    "I've gone from real cold onto hot I put my money on a long... shot I'm from a little to alot I think of sun pulled on a gold... pot I'm feeling good about myself And you do something to do with But I'm"
  • Is It Love? - Todd Thibaud
    "once was not enough but twice i nearly died / fate was in my cup and i drank it down / now inside of this i can't believe my eyes no one's at the door but i heard a sound / and oh it leads me on / is"
  • Is It Love - Trademark
    "Just another broken heart I miss you just another last good bye I kiss you I know I know I know I know I know you're gone Just another rainy day in heaven Just another stupid thing that happened I've tried"
  • Is It Love - Banaroo
    "Is it Love is it really love you want from me Is it Love we can be together you and me We could be so fine together tell me this could be forever Baby youre the one who makes me feel so free We can share"
  • Is It Love - Play
    "Got an angel at my bedside Watching over me tonight Smiling from a photograph And everythings just right Been dreaming of you before And now it's true My heart is beating just for you Baby I wanna know "
  • Is it love - 2 Play
    "Got an angel at my bedsideWatching over me tonightSmiling from a photographAnd everythings just rightBeen dreaming of you beforeAnd now it's trueMy heart is beating just for youBaby i wanna know Is it"
  • Is it love - Bosson
    "Chorus: Is it love, is it love that I feel Is this the love people talk about Is it love, is it love that I feel Is this the love that we used to dream about Is it love... I'm standing alone, in a bright"
  • Is It Love ? - Blue System
    "You must be joking when you're telling this lies You must be fooling - only your alibies Why are you so unfair to me ? You must be cheating if you play with my heart ................................ that"
  • Is It Love - Blue System
    "You must be joking when you're telling this lies You must be fooling - only your alibies Why are you so unfair to me ? You must be cheating if you play with my heart Oh, you are think that you breaking"

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